Actresses you don't consider "pretty"

Discussion in 'Thai' started by Cupid Candy, Nov 1, 2010.

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    Wow. This is a kinda rude topic.
  2. D~D

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    Everyone is pretty in their own way but I would list the ladies who should NOT be getting the lead role but a supporting role. For me... its:
    • Pancake (for REAL- she's not n'ek material)
    • Cherry (Isn't she old looking to be a n'ek?):risas3:
    • Rita (BEAUTIFUL but acting is horrible):facepalm:
    • Pream (pretty but acting needs a lot of work)
    • Mint C (deserve ONLY 2nd lead)
    • Kim (this girl is NOT n'ek material)
    • Esther (sweet but really not n'ek material)
    • Margie (really, n'ek? I don't think so)
    • Diana F (very pretty but acting is horrible):facepalm:
    • Yaya (cute but can't take her seriously):(
    • Mo (she alrigth)
    • Gypsy (what?):risas3:
    • Jui (what are they thinking):risas3:
    • Bee N (ummmm.... is call I can say)
    • Nat Myria (PLEASE don't act at all):facepalm:
    • Lily P (let me just say this ....:pancarta:)
    • Pang O (like really ???):risas3:

    BTW.. I also want to thank those who respect other people opinion and not argue here on this site. B/C I know for sure that sometime if ur on
    "spicy forum", the people there will attack u like crazy. :)

    Once again
    Thank u

    BTW,I'm not bad mouthing spicy forum, I'm stating the TRUTH!!!!!!!!
    Because of the Forum, my girl decided not to part of both forum. So yay, we LOST a kind, funny, hard worker translator.

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  3. YinGgyTASTIC

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    Edit: no comments . Lol
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    LOL, hey, if someone were to lash out at someone for commenting something rude, they wouldn't even be on thisthread, or start this thread. I don't get why some people would feel offended and lash out at people for disliking their favorite or something when they chose to go on that thread. That is just pathetic. I'm just saying, but I guess i have more to add to my list.
    I have to agree that Kimmy may not be the prettiest out there and sometimes her hairstyle makes her look like a guy and isn't too appealing. Mint C and Yay aren't all that either. Sometimes Yaya comes off looking too dark and her cute kiddish roles are annoying, but when she acts serious, it's watchable. Even though i feel this way about them, I still love them to death because a person would have to love you for your flaws too. :p
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  5. SonYukView4ever


    lol yea, there's flaws in each one! I've seen the worst and the best in each one of them so no doubt why we would see someone uglier than others. lol
    even the guys have flaws, indeed gosh guys have more flaws Lol only Mark doesn't have flaw in my VERY bias opinion. Lmfao!!!! :loool:
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  6. Bieluvr

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    LMAO Daisy, Marky Boy is the best in your eyes and Mine too, well not exactly, but he's up there. :)
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  7. fanny

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    I wouldn't say they are ugly, but probably NOT the most appealing/plain. Not appeal enough to look at because what they did to their old face. Some may look better with new face and some doesn't.
    Remember everyone has the right to entitle their opinion.

    Pancake- flat face acting suck. Same role over n over.
    Pang O- her face look like potato( too oval). Why is she still n'ek?
    Poo P- can she really talk lol. Her mouth always seem like she sucking on something.
    Mint N- I'm glad she's NOT n'ek anymore. I would throw an egg at her face.
    Aum P- she only sells her sexiness not talent. Can not pull off any role that was given.
    Marie- glad She's down grade.
    Namfon P- her voice is annoying
    Pat N- her new face kills herself.
    Min P-tried too hard. Need to relax.
    Ploy- better off to be n'rai. Her face is too stiff too much Botox.
    Donut- she need to stop opening her mouth too wide when she talks.
    Charebelle- Mike Pirat's twin sister. She look a man
    View- look like drag queen after she got a new face.
    Bella-she must have done some black magic to those producer/director for her to get n'ek role.
  8. SonYukView4ever


    what??? is this serious??? Is she a real twin?? Omg. help! o_O
    lol black magic??? on my first read, I thought you meant, she might have slept around..I was almost disheartened or shocked. :(  Bella, she does have glow.  International fans view her a "nang'rai" looking but many Thai fans seem to adore her.  I stopped watching her lakorn with Boy bc cannot stand watching Boy. :/ He has no pra'ek aura. o_O
    but yea, Bella still has chances to prove me in K.chai Putipat.  After watching that series I will carefully evaluate her and see if she's really nang'ek material.  At the moment, I just know she has many fans and lots of random elders/directors/managers seem to "adore" her.  She might be the next "it". Who knows?? lol
  9. p.smilez

    p.smilez SMiLeZ

    About Charabelle, 555 Mike and Charabelle look alike so fanny called her Mike's twin sister lol
    Everyone has their own
  10. SonYukView4ever


    lol okay. that's a relieve. 5555+++ 
    Charabelle isn't pretty in my opinion. she's mediocre but When I followed her on IG she seems rather girly...she's more girly than she looks. lol
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  11. Chalidaluvprin

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    my top 3 beautiful thai actress are
    1. mint chalida wijiwongtong___I stalk her
    2.yaya urassaya___love her face
    3.Kimberly Ann Voltmas__sweety
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  12. D~D

    D~D sarNie Adult

    Some name/ nickname are funny.. Ex. There Mint,Pancake, Egg and Donut.
    Now where is Pizza ??? Lol...
  13. phatman

    phatman POPE's #1 MIA LUANG

    Matt Peeranee
    Poo Praiya
    Nan Chalitha
  14. thatsouthernasianchick

    thatsouthernasianchick sarNie Adult

    UPDATE! Lol!
    -Poo Praiya & Aerin Yuktadatta are tied for first!
    -Matt Peeranee
    -Pancake Khemanit
    -View Wannarot
    -Nan Chalitha
    -Cartoon Inthira
    -Pat Napapa (the current, new look now)---> She used to be cute!
  15. coralista

    coralista sarNie Hatchling

    I dont find Noey, Eye or Mew Nittha to be pretty at all.
  16. thatsouthernasianchick

    thatsouthernasianchick sarNie Adult

    - Eye Kamolned
    - Pin Kejmanee
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    Please do not badmouth other forums here at AsianFuse.  Thank you.
    - Aiko
  18. mintwix

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    Hrmmm. I usually don't come in a certain thread like this one unless I see someone I'm at least somewhat familiar with comments in it. Though this is off-topic, I have to say, suppressing people's rights to make a statement may solve the immediate problems but not long term ones and it definitely won't solve the root of the problems. But I do sympathize. When your "sister" is hurt, you may also feel hurt too. Feelings can also create bias. Btw. A thread where members can comment on the staffs here may also be useful considering past events.
    To be on topic, although this is a Thai section thread, I can't think of a Thai actress who I think is fugly and whatnot right now. I can only say, although Maki Horikita is very popular, she is very plain-looking to me.
  19. fun

    fun YGfamily

    i believe the correct term is attractiveness. which actress you find unattractive. beauty is sujective.
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  20. mintwix

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    If we put it that way, I would have to say Maki is actually pretty by most people's standards (even my own) but it's just that she reminds me of my aunt. LOL ! ! ! 

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