Actresses you don't consider "pretty"

Discussion in 'Thai' started by Cupid Candy, Nov 1, 2010.

  1. phatman

    phatman POPE's #1 MIA LUANG

    Either way, I think each actress is pretty one way or another. There are very few actresses who I consider not attractive. If we were talking about guys though, I can easily name many who are unattractive in my eyes. Haha. 
    A few names that do come to mind are:
    Margie Rasri
    Pang Ornjira
    Pin Kejmanee
    Mint Natwara
    Janie Tienphosuwan
    Rita Sririta
    Nat Myria - I love her, but she's just...
  2. SonYukView4ever


    Lol. Such an interesting topic.  Responding to the actress who I don't consider "pretty".  The first person comes to mind is also Yaya. She has a RAVE of media favor and crazy media attention but she is no where near pretty!!!  She doesn't come off as pretty or beautiful!!! She doesn't have the attractiveness of a woman.  Despite her "rave", "popularity" or "media promotion" I can never see the prettiness in her.  She is not ugly no doubt but def. not beautiful or pretty. She has really annoying facial expressions out of the newbies!!. Sometimes she looks ok, but never come off as beautiful or pretty.  Even back in the "Duajai Akanee" day I never find her pretty.  Maybe she does have "chemistry" with Nadech so he brings  the "cuteness" out of her but her "cuteness" is getting old!!!  Bottom line, she just doesn't come off beautiful or pretty!  This is my take!! I am not "bringing" her down so sit your A$$ back if you're so heated that I had to speak my truth based on this DAMN TOPIC!!
    Aum hands down is NO where near pretty or sexy! She's overrated for no talents.  She's prob. the Thai version of Kim Kardashian except Kim Kardashian is actually hot, sexy and curvy!!! Aum cannot act period! She doesn't even come off as pretty nor sexy! She uses her mouth to sell "sexiness" which is not even sexy at all!!! She is the most overrated person!
    Margie no matter what doesn't have the "beauty" appearance. When I first saw her in 4HJ I ask myself why she's nang'ek. lol
    Add more laterzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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  3. phatman

    phatman POPE's #1 MIA LUANG

    Mew Lalita - She's a great actress nevertheless.
    Mew Laknara
  4. Penelope

    Penelope sarNie Adult

    I totally agree about Pang and Mint..... Rita is pretty but I don't like her nose.
  5. Penelope

    Penelope sarNie Adult

    LOL.  I don't like the way Yaya dresses on and off screen..... she has poor taste in fashion.  And Margie is too anorexic looking.
    Aum has a great figure but she flaunts her boobs too much.
  6. thai-lakorn-fan-forever

    thai-lakorn-fan-forever sarNie Oldmaid

    Kim, Pancake, Mai Davika, View.  Granted none are hideous or anything but they are at the bottom of my list of beautiful or pretty, or attractive compared to all the other actresses out there.
  7. fun

    fun YGfamily

    Oh how can I forget Mai D. She is so so but I believe Yaya is prettier. I find Yaya's sister super gorgeous. She also has that naturally cute aura where she doesn't even need to baby talk or try to be cute. I find Yaya adorable in still picture but not so much when it is in motion lol

    Heres the list of people who I don't find pretty at first but bc they have won me over, their inner beauty has finally came out of their shell.

    Rita- I thought she looked awkward bc of her nose but I'm super glad she didn't get it fixed. I love love love love her legs.
    Ann T- not pretty but talent and inner beauty transformed my eyesite. She is super gorgeous.
    Chalida- she has become my bias. She went from ugly duckling to omg stunning. My baby grew up so fast.
    Benz- who says you have to be pale white to be pretty. She is BEAUTIFUL!!!
    Yui- if only she could get better roles and better looking pro ek.
    Ning Kullasatree
    Aom P

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  8. TikKenAnnLakornFan

    TikKenAnnLakornFan sarNie Juvenile

    For the sake of this thread: Janie Tienphosuwan, Margie Rasri, Marsha Vadhanapanich, Mew Lalita and Woonsen Virithipa.
  9. queenyeon

    queenyeon sarNie Adult

    Some of the comments are way too harsh lol 
    The only one that come in my mind right now is Pancake, I personally never seen any of her lakorns but judging from what I've seen of the few cuts and pictures of her
    I just don't see her appeal. 
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  10. Bieluvr

    Bieluvr XiaojuXiyou

    I have to say that everyone is pretty in their own way and you don't need to be pretty to be nang'ek. It's just like real life. Just think about it, every person is their own nang'ek and they have their own pra'ek, so in a lakorn I don't mind to see "ugly" people taking on the main character roles. But if you want me to name some then i don't mind, I have some i think are not pretty as well, but I don't mind them.
    My list:
    Janie T
    Anne T-She's never been pretty in my eyes, but she is one great actress probably the best out of all i've seen so far.
  11. spanky

    spanky sarNie Oldmaid

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder
    I think ppl are pretty in a certain way....sometime I don't really see it...I guess these are those who doesn't APPEAL/pretty to me
    Mew L. is ok to me
    Kim - I find her pretty but sometime certain hairstyle she has she looks err...or ok But she does APPEAL to ME
    Margie - I never found her pretty, I guess it depend on her hairstyle (she looks ok) I thought she looked best w/boy w/long hair
    Aom P. - Seen her for a loong time in the ET business and I never found her pretty just ok
    Claudia- No appeal to me at all (few lakorn of hers are really good)
    Cherry & Rita- ok to me now even sometime pretty
    Pancake - Kinda like her because of the singing lakorn w/wier, lost interest in her and don't find her Pretty at all
    Poo - i remember liking kwan in the genie lakorn and was rooting for kwan and POO never appeal to me
    Noi - sometime she pretty and sometime ok
    I think they are all pretty in a sense....just not in this Beholder eye
  12. Penelope

    Penelope sarNie Adult

    Actresses that are pretty to me:
    1)  Kim (obviously)
    2)  Matt Peranee
    3)  Joy Rinalee
    4)  Mai Davika
    5)  Anne Thongprasom
    6)  Aum Patcharapa
    7)  Tanya Tanyares
    8)  Janesuda
    9)  Cherry Khempusorn
  13. kimsaj

    kimsaj sarNie Juvenile

    I 'm surprised u included Kim on ur list since ur her big fan. 555555
    Love ur reply. I believe if we Love a person, we have to accept her strengths, weaknesses, + aspects, - aspects, etc..  we consider them not 'pretty' but BEAUTIFUL. 
    Anyway, Why Can't I find TUKKY's name in here?!  :rofl:
    *love her though*
  14. Sweet_09

    Sweet_09 ♥♥Ann&Kim♥♥

    Yea I put down kimmy because i love her too much to name her everywhere lol! She a gorgeous girl! One of my favorite out of all da new baby in 2010! See i'm all bias hehehe
  15. MrsChum

    MrsChum sarNie Adult

    N'ek that are not pretty to me is Kim. She doesn't seem to be appealing or attractive .
  16. mmgjp314

    mmgjp314 sarNie Adult

    I think none of the actresses, nor the actors are the prettiest or handsomest of all, but since they are pretty and handsome then they would not be in this list.

    I would put Chalida on this list too, because she is pretty and gorgeous but not the prettiest of all, but nah haha She is pretty so yeah haha

    So here are the lists of actresses I think that are NOT pretty or in attractive in my eyes.

    Mint Natwara (I never find this lady pretty, nor attractive. She also looks old for her age, and not to be mean or anything, sometimes she looks like a witch to me. I'm sorry for Natwara's fans out there for offending her but honestly).
    Yaya (She is cute and adorable, but she's not pretty)
    Margie Rasri
    Noon Sirapan (I don't find her pretty much)
    Mai Davika
    Chat Pariyachat
    Aum Pacharapa

    This is it for now haha
  17. AsianFemale

    AsianFemale Mrs. Kim Junsu

    Kim- so ugly she looks like a man.
    Mint n- ugly and she looks like a man also
    Mint c- her voice sounds like a robot can't stand her.
    Marie b- too ugly
    Aum p- trying to hard to be sexy
    Pan face- ugly and can't act
    Yui- ugly looks like a monkey
    Woosen- crossed eye and ugly can't act.
    Pang o- ugly she looks like a gold fish.
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  18. treeyalee

    treeyalee sarNie Egg

    i think everyone of them is pretty in their own way but not a fan of pancake and poo
  19. narkrakdin24^^

    narkrakdin24^^ sarNie Adult

    Edit: I've thought about it and decided to stay outta this one...
  20. coralista

    coralista sarNie Hatchling

    5555555555555555555555555+ this thread is freakin hilarious and entertaining LMAO. It should be renamed as lets nitpick on every little detail about every actress out there only to realize that no one is perfect LOL
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