sarNie Elites
hahah scandalous... she's just having fun but if i were her i wouldn't go around kissing just random guys... maybe she knew them idk! but she's drunk i'm pretty sure hahaha.


sarNie Adult
OMG!!! I didnt know she was these kind of person. By doing this she will set up a bad role modle for her fan, especially for the younger kids. I always think she pretty and cute but now it all over. shame on her. About the kissing, she kiss some ugly guy, why not kiss some pek that she playing lakorn with. Hopefully they dont have picture of her that in bed with those guy.


sarNie Adult
oxford is a party town for Poo...ewww...those guys are just not attractive at all. I know there must be some on campus that are decent looking Poo is as pretty as they come but she really has horrible taste in men.

She got the brain I wish someone would do her a huge favor and teach her how to use it. She is living for the moment it seemed, being away from home and all thinking this is her time to be free but she forgot back home she is a star and she is still being watch. She has a lot of growing up to do hopefully she'll be wiser as she gets older.


sarNie Hatchling
I think she's like 19-20.. which is around my age.. and fun is fun! that's what i think.. but i wouldn't go kissing tons of guys in one neither!!! It's her life.. and that's what you give up when you become famous... it's not your life.. it's the entertainments.. and your fans.. which i think sometimes ppl.. thank it too seriously.. celebrity are like us.. human.. and they want to be left. alone... and I think these pictures might have been one of her friends camera.. who decided to post it up on a social networking.. i don't think thai paparazzi will follow her around taking scandalous pic.. well who knows..


Expired Sarnie
Oh man I was behind her all the way with round 1 but this time damn what the heck is this girl thinking. I wonder what her excuse will be this time around
the first time her excuse was that they weren't "real" men, maybe this time her excuse will be that she's now checking if they were real men or not by making out with them. lol
lmao I was just about to say something like you LD to Tina... :lol: and if that doesn't work... she would say she was drunk... but that is far worst than kissing random guys! :lol:


sarNie Oldmaid
this man desperately take advantage of a drunk girl. grabbing Poo while she's drunk and kiss and Poo sure did when along. Yuck! He look so dam old.
i thought that it was a women??


sarNie Elites
hahaha i forgot about joey boy.. thinkin bout that..thats child molestastion a 14-15 yr old with a 30 year old. thats just nasty.. thats whys shes so sexually active.
yeah i agree i dont think alot in the business are virgins like aump, noon, nok usanee, mo, tuk bongkot, ploy
but i think amy klingpratoom, ann thongprasom, aom piyada are still virgins cuz they give out the goodie two shoes look but iono usually those girls that look innocent are freaks in bed.

i don't think any of them are. they have all been in serious relationships or are currently in one. and i think poo is just trashy. what a ho!


sarNie Juvenile
this is getting out of hand
i was very shock when i see this
this is not hollywood where people might ignore it
but it's Thailand she has to face...the people there will make a big fuss
never liked her..as a girl, it will ruin her reputation...she's making out with 2-3 guys..oh my


sarNie Adult
The girl knows how to party, that's for sure. I don't understand why she wasn't aware of the cameras around or why she allow them to take picture when something like this will come back and bite you in the ass.


You're Average Person :)
my gosh, so these are the pictures the girls at spicy was talking about...man and dem guys are ugly too


sarNie Hatchling
never was a fan of her nor ever watch her lakorn, but dang the girl can party :huh: ......is she just plain drunk or stupit...didn't she realize that she a Thai star? I think she just want attention... -_-


sarNie Hatchling
My personal opinion, you can party hard and have without making yourself look like a whore. Thai star or not I don't think any girl should carry herself like that. I know people say don't judge a book by it's cover, but in Poo's casr the cover is just the start of the real deal. I've never liked Poo as an actor just for the simple fact I that don't think she can act. Now this just make me dislike her as a person. If you don't respect yourself at least think of your parents. Her parents lives in Thailand and you know people will be talking.


Mama Noy ♥️
Poo... is just all wrong...! If you're gonna party hard, get shit face, better make sure you're making out with some fine guy! :lol: I say she needs to needs to find some better friends. & she seriously need to clean up her act! tsk tsk...


Staff member
she can party as much as she wants but at least get some DECENT LOOKIN PEOPLE... >_<...
her rep is def gonna fall even more...
i thought it was a girl too.. ? or was it not...?
oh poo poo poo
ur a poop now urself... partypooper....
she has a right to have fun but .... its not acceptable to the thai communittee...


sarNie Adult
She dated JoeyBoy? After him everyone must look like a step up. And you know what they say, alcohol makes someone look better, beer goggles! :D But IA w/everyone else her biggest "crime" is not getting drunk and making out, it's making out w/some ugly people and getting a picture of it.