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Wow, even if I was having fun and partying, I would not go around kissing just anyone. That is just my opinion. To me, I think these photos are very damaging to her "reputation" or whatever. She does not know how to save herself.
and here we have...party photos round 2...lol

the first set of photos was okay...this one is just incriminating for poo's reputation in Thailand...the first time, poo said they weren't real men (implying the guys in the photos were gay), but she can't use that excuse this time can she?

i don't see anything wrong with her partying and clubbing and if she was only kissing one guy, that's normal and fine; she could be having a fling with him. but 2 or 3 guys...hmm...she sure isn't picky...


she kinda look like awhore..no offense fans..but ive only known her from Dirtiilaundry site the one about her doing the same thing.she lied saying their just friends..okay,shoot iforgot the name but ithink its benefit somthin.she, idunno...ibelieve they should fire her.


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holy s---...she's worst then i thought...she's making herself look so bad...i never really got into her...i thought she's pretty though but she's like another hollywood star...


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She must have been really drunk to be kissing those guys!!! :loool:

Drinking? Bad! I won't be surprise if a sex clip arise with her and some foreign dudes.

Crap I go clubbing and I don't even do that. At first I was siding with Poo, a girl just wants to have fun... but looks like she was having wayyyyy too much fun... She should stop party and get back in control...

I guess she is the Thai version of Paris Hilton... :loool:


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damn these pixs are way dif from the 1st set... shes havin fun but yet shes ruining her rep even more.. >_<...

haha fun... thai paris hilton LMAO..


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Wow she's sure has a lot of dudes in one night. She kisses them all too or something. She's cute and pretty, but she needs to think about her career.


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no one's perfect, but Poo is totally ruining her reputation. She can party and have fun, but look at her... She's kissing different guys and the way she looks... She must be a party animal... This is the second time we saw her party photo leaked.