3 nights a week :: (Sequel) Tik/Aff

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sarNie Granny
It was around 12pm when Pholdee reach the house . He spend two hour searching for his wig around the bush area down at the beach . Then the remaining hours he spend at a local bar drinking coke , with his parent staying over , it’s best he stay sober . His cellular phone had rang nonstop until the battery die out , it was only then that he had some peace . It was from Tong . Lord know what kind of chaos his brother is facing at the house . Pholdee stood 5ft from the main entrance of the house , he adjust his wig and straighten his cloth . By now , everyone should had gone to bed and if he can just sneak in quietly without anyone notice , he tip toe on the porch and slowly turn the door knob . Thank god it was unlock! --- He pause . It can’t be that easily ? He hold his breath and decided to silently goes in from the back door . Once inside he turn to slide the door shut , carefully and slowly . Then like an untrained spy he make his way thru the dark room , bumping into chair and table . He cover his mouth and continue.

The light switch was suddenly turn on and he froze like a deer caught in a headlight . Everyone was in their sleeping gown and pj , all line up from tallest to shortest , it was his mother glaring eye that make him blink like an innocent child.

“Where were you all day ? Why didn‘t you pick up the phone” said his mother while his dad stand sleepily behind her .

Bopa and Linda was beside each other . Pholdee notice their calm feature with a hint of smirk at the corner of their mouth , he glance down at their entwine arm and try not to imagine the two cat in their lover stage . Then there was Tong standing next to their mother and immediately Pholdee was struck with a sick feeling that his brother is in deep water.

“I--I …my phone ran out of battery ?” said Pholdee while lifting his brow in a questionable child like matter , he was almost sure the tomboy was rolling her eye at his gesture.

“Arisoya , baby . I think we should discuss this in the morning” Tik said carefully , even though he could almost see his wife eye popping out at the back of her head at his suggestion.

“Then you go to bed . I want to talk with my boys”

With no other attempt Tik left to his room while the girls return to their sleeping bag in the living room . Arisoya waited till everyone that wasn’t in the meeting leave , then she slide the back door open and went out side , Tong and Pholdee follow their mother .

Arisoya ‘s back was facing the twin . Their mom was about to start a serious interrogation with them . Pholdee could feel the chill up his spine that had nothing to do with the wind . Ah, of course he should be shaking . He had guilt stamp all over his face . Tong on the other hand is white as a ghost !

“Now, tell me the truth . What is going on here ?” she begin as her back was turn , like a middle age diva her hands move up to rise above her hip .

“W-we are here for a vacation mom . Bopa is my new model for my next art project” Tong explain .

“Luckily , I decided to come home this weekend and not next Friday . Peter told us that you been messing around with his daughter but I had doubt and wanted to hear your side of the story . And what happen when I got home ? The maid told me you on a private vacation with Peter’s daughter ?! So, is it true Tong ?”

“What ? No mom . There must be a mistaken . This trip is strictly business and Bopa even brought her girlfriend alone” Tong turn to his brother and said “ Tell her Pholdee !”

Pholdee squeal like a girl scout who had just been caught as he blurted out “ T-t -that right. No girl in their right mind would bring her own girlfriend to have a threesome with Tong ” Pholdee bit his tongue. Shit . Did he just slip that out ? He need to stop thinking about monkey girl and her lover sleeping in the living room together. He turn to his mother and saw the shock express on her face.

“Tong!” cries his mother “You are having threesome with those two young girl! You selfish child. How can your manage to eat two pudding while the other one melt while waiting?”

Tong flushed like a hot bun . Though he haven’t been with a woman before but he had came across some of Pholdee ‘s porn tape when they were in high school . Out of curious he had pop the tape in and came across the threesome scene but back then he immediately told his father about his finding and only to found out some year later it was their parent ‘s tape . Pholdee had came across it while digging for some money in their parent room and had been watching the tape in his own room . Now that old memory is coming back to him and the thought his mom know what a threesome is , he could almost feel his ear was blushing as well .

“No , mom . You miss understood me ! I mean , no girl in their right mind.” Pholdee was swallowing rapidly as he try to explain “Come on , this is Tong . Mr. Conservative . He wouldn’t even step on a ant at gun point”

Arisoya was finding her breath again , she nearly went into a panic attack thinking how sexual carnal her son might had became and she pray it have nothing to do with those porn tape the boys found years ago ! She had told Tik to give the tapes away for years because they are no longer young and now that their boys are growing up it‘s not good parenting if they were to come across it . She curse silently in her head and reminded herself to get back with her husband when she return to bed. “Very well--” she clear her throat , “ Pholdee do you know anything about this ?”

Pholdee shook his head quickly , “N-nothing! What make you think I know ?!”

“Then you are safe . Tong , did she seduce you ?” she waited for her son reply impatiently

“She did not seduce me nor did I seduce her . There nothing between us . I’m serious mom” said Tong

Arisoya stare into her younger son face . Trying desperately to read the truth out of him . Holy Buddha . She isn’t sure anymore if Tong is telling the truth or Bopa ! Early today she had already privately talk to Bopa and the young girl did not denial it .What ever Peter had told Arisoya it was all that had happen . It will be a great lost of one son but gaining a lesbian daughter in law ? She felt as if her head is spinning. Strangely as it is , the guilty party doesn’t look one bit nervous at getting caught in a scandal while on the other hand , Pholdee look as if he a human rocking chair and surely there are no wind to push him!

“I love you Tong but a young girl reputation is on the line. I would have to goes with your Uncle Peter ‘s words . You will marry Bopa when we return home . I will have to call Peter and discuss the wedding” said Arisoya then left the boys .

The twin drop to their knee on the sand once their mother left . Each in their stage of melodrama, Tong was baffle while Pholdee roll himself on the sand and silently scream . What the hell were his mother thinking of letting monkey girl marry Tong ? Ah, the horror ! What should Pholdee do ? He thought about kidnapping the bride on the wedding day and run off into the sunset --- no , he can’t do that . She will kick and scream . The boat will sink half way around the world because obviously she think he an annoying pest ! What to do ! Ah , huh! Sabotage the wedding ! Yes. He will have to convince everyone that the couple zodiacal sign are a mismatch . He had once watch a Chinese series where dead animal are a sign of bad omen , he will need a few dead squirrel -- no , murdering animal are for serial killers he will gather the road kill instead . Pholdee begin to laugh wickedly at his well thought plan , he didn’t even notice his brother had left him and went back into the house . Nor did he notice Bopa was watching from the living room window . She smirked . It pay back time . This is one wedding she can’t wait to have!


sarNie Granny
I keep having evil thought . I serious need to write a fiction that expression these :lol: So , i might only write 2 Ch a week for this fiction and "Queen Ace King"


sarNie Granny
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Arisoya and Tik made a porn tape and their kids found it! LOL
YES! Bopa is getting her revenge.
I think what Pholdee should do is kidnap Tong and put him in a closet and then pretend to be Tong at the wedding so then he will be able to marry Bopa lol.


sarNie Hatchling
I keep having evil thought . I serious need to write a fiction that expression these So , i might only write 2 Ch a week for this fiction and "Queen Ace King"
LOL!!! ok im happy with that. Hahahahahaa!!!!


Staff member
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Arisoya and Tik made a porn tape and their kids found it! LOL
YES! Bopa is getting her revenge.
I think what Pholdee should do is kidnap Tong and put him in a closet and then pretend to be Tong at the wedding so then he will be able to marry Bopa lol.
not so bad of an idea .. i'm just afraid, his parent will be able to catch him .. i'm sure, Bopa will secretly smile inside when she see him taking Tong's place but if i'm in her shoe, i'll be mad as hell if he were to allow the wedding to go on without man-ing up to his doing with her.

i think it'll be cute if Bopa's pregnant and play tricks around with Pholdee with his indecisive mind !!


sarNie Immature
she was absent for a year in here so give her time .. but yes, i'm still waiting too lol
Oh sorry I don't know about it. :nailbiter: I'm having a fan fiction fever so addicted these few days so I find it such a waste if the talented writers didn't finish their fan fictions. But it's alright actually I can wait too since there are many more fan fictions that I haven't read.
But well sarN I hope you can finish this I really adore you muahaha.


Please, you really have to finish this ff. I love it soooo much. I just started reading and finished now. I couldn't stop laughing. SarN, you are a great writer. But the only thing is, as I read, I didn't see TikAff, but I saw Mark as Pholdee and Tong and Best as Bopa and Selina Pearce as Linda. I have no idea how I see them in these roles, but I do. Maybe I'll write a ff with Mark and Best.


Staff member
I wanna finish reading this as well ... i miss mae sarN