❤[GMMTV] Love at First Hate (?) : Mook Worranit/ Son Yuke


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Another Mook lakorn airing soon, that girl is on a roll. It's been awhile since I've watched a lakorn with Son. I might keep an eye out for this one.


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Anyone watch Ep.1? They're moving pretty fast! The scandal is already out.

I wish they'd added subs. :( I'm hoping that they will in the future. Mook's acting improves a wee bit with each lakorn. She still has a long way to go though. I'm liking Son so far!


Just staring into those eyes, warms my heart. ♡
I watch the first ep last night and thought it was okay.
i want the ending ost at first i thought it was son singing but i dont think it is after listening to it again.
The lyrics for mooks song is nice but her singing isnt that great


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Okay so they are adding subs! Just not right away I guess.

I was hoping that Carissa’s character was genuinely being nice. Since she has a male interest now, I hope she becomes a better person.


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Awww... I was hoping to see this thread to be filled with lots of comments and spoilers and reviews and fangirllings and all that jazz. Huhuhu...

I am enjoying the lakorn so much!

I mean I like both pranang'ek characters sooo much!

Though the pra'ek seems unrealistic to me. He's such a perv for a doctor! Whether it's just teasing or not, if I were Kluay I'd file a sexual harassment lawsuit against that man for misguiding her hands to down south and for suggesting innuendo! He may have a handsome face, awesome physiques, a doctor, opinions of his own... but that's beyond too much.

I am liking the nang'ek so much! The main reason, I kept admiring how she resembles my cousin so much! From her face, to her attitude! So far - she resembles my cousin a lot in everything!

I know this lakorn comes from a famous novel. I hope someone will give/share spoilerssss. This is my first time following a GMM lakorn while it's still airing. A once a week short lakorn is not good at all to follow. If I were to know this earlier I would have forbid and stop myself from watching it now. Too bad, the damage is done.

Hope to see this thread becomes lively.

P/s: Please, to whoever has read the novel, please kindly share the story. Thank you.


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I’m liking this movie. Son’s acting has gotten better. Mook’s acting can use some improvement but she’s getting better as well compared to some of her other films. But I’m enjoying this a lot.


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Mor Pup is pretty perverted though...talking about her “little sister” so openly. Lmao I totally would have slapped him at that point!


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i wanna watch this but somehow GMMTV stop uploading new episodes after ep 3. maybe they will do so after it finish airing.


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Is this airing 1x a wk. It's taking forever