❤ [CH7] Leh Ruk Bussaba (JSL Global): Michael Pattaradet/Peak Pattarasaya


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What kind of plastic has she got ??? She can't even close her mouth for two seconds it is horrible...


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Lol omg I'm actually enjoying this lakorn...freaking Mike is so cute in this role...what a talent...he can pull off any role. As for peak, Itz weird that so many people have a major issue with her...hehe...I don't mind her. This kind of role is kind of cute for her. She may not be the best thing in the world or anything but not terrible either. they are pretty cute together. Of course there are others who could have been plugged in rather than peak, however, the plot is fun enough and they have some chemistry. Give it a shot people cuz Itz actually quite enjoyable.

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I love that Mike is consistently fit, most actors' bodies fluctuate so much.

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This lakorn got real tiring fast. By episode 5 I was running out of patience. Peak's character was cute at first but her ab baew-ness got old pretty quickly and I was annoyed, I'm not sure if it was all Peak's fault but mostly it was the character. She was kind of desperate at first with her whole plan to catch Phuwadon and I don't like my n'eks too desperate. I didn't like Peak with Mike, typically in lakorns you want the leads to kiss but here I was waving my hands trying to tell them noooo don't kiss or noooo please don't have sex in the river. I love Mike but geez why are the lakorn gods torturing me by making me watch lakorns where he has sex with n'eks I don't particularly want him acting with. Also, why are the leads doing it at such a random time, it was like they got into a misunderstanding, he is mad, she goes to taunt him, he pulls her in for a kiss and then they start stripping each other naked. The leads fell for each other too fast, the n'ek was at the farm for like 2 months and they already slept together while she was in a relationship with her boyfriend for 3 years and he never even got to touch her, like come on.

Din was kind of a dick sometimes. He was super petty in the first episode where he simply decides to fire her out of jealousy when he overhears her praising his brother. He was also immature and a bit unreasonable. Kind of ridiculous that he pranked the n'ek by getting into bed with her naked when she was drunk. He improved throughout the lakorn though, he's lucky that he's hot and funny LOL.

It is ridiculous that Kelly and Jammie have paired up. Even more ridiculous that Kwanrudee is playing his mom. Ch7, Kelly is too old to be playing anything other than fathers or uncles. Also, Jammie is so much prettier than Peak and likeable that I wished she was the n'ek. She looks better with Mike as well. Peak would be better if she gained 10 pounds, she looks like she could break at any second. Also, her style here is so bad. Some of her outfits were questionable.

The lakorn didn't have enough substance, there was barely any plot and they injected a bunch of unnecessary stuff. Phu's drama with his dad needed to be elaborated more. Like everyone hates his dad but it wasn't clearly explained why other than the fact that he's a vengeful dick. Fahsai and Ball's storyline was unnecessary, I didn't care for them one bit and they added nothing. This lakorn could have simply been 14 episodes, I did not need to suffer 2 hours of Din's ex coming into the picture last minute to cause drama only for it to be solved in 2 mins and then Bussaba running away and being angry and then the dads not getting along because of ridiculous BS.
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