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  1. xodxo

    xodxo Fifty shades of Mark&Mew. :)

    Haha I think it’s tacky that they threw in KC sub theme in here kind of funny and they used it on a pretty romantic scene too. Noi, are you really that out of idea to repeat a soundtrack from another Lakorn? Haha doesn’t sound original at all! Perhaps a new task for Noi is to start picking out new soundtracks for her next Lakorn! Although she really did amp up a notch with this Lakorn! The editing is good! Makeup is great! Location is pretty!

    Honestly, I’ve loved Noon in her prime but anything of her after her marriage I just couldnt bring myself to watch. It’s not the same but glad to see her former and or new fans are still watching and enjoying her work. She is after all a top veteran actress.
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  2. Mannie

    Mannie sarNie Hatchling

    Haha yeah they threw in some random songs from other lakorns! But I like it, the songs are really good haha and it’s better than hearing the same old OST each time. I’m not too fond of Peters but it’s still pretty good to me! But listening to it in many scenes got tiring so the other songs felt refreshing.

    Noon is very versatile.. hence why I have always followed her work since her first lakorn Porb Phea Fah. I always saw something in her when she took challenging roles and continued to act because she loved it and not only cause she was good at it. I don’t mind if this lakorn doesn’t do well in terms of rating or people complaining about the leads. Noon has proved she is still a great actress taking this role but she to me doesn’t need to prove it. She’s earned her spot, especially with how well she did with Pitsawart recently! Ahhh loved that lakorn and her acting in it haha. I mean she has had showed talent in her prime but for example I felt like Aum P. lost her touch with acting.. and some other actresses compared to their prime. There are some lakorns I skipped from Noon but I have for the most part said I’ve tried every one of her lakorns haha.
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  3. xodxo

    xodxo Fifty shades of Mark&Mew. :)

    @Mannie I see your point. Sometimes, you just pledge loyalty to a certain celebrity after they have touched your heart from a certain character they play and or so on. I used to love Noon a lot in her prime, she was like the best to me! Haha. But after her marriage, that giddy or exciting feeling you’re supposed to have when watching your favorite actor/actress isn’t just there anymore but of course she will always remain a talented actress.

    I’m not watching every episode but reading everyone’s comments and feedback helps to stick along. Haha :) Oh—I think noon and ken have a lot of chemistry, Ken is prob Noons best looking costar since she freelanced. Haha :D

    As for Aum, never thought she was a good actress lol she’s just silly (but she looks like a super nice person) I never considered any of her work promising or worthwhile. Lol
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  4. Mannie

    Mannie sarNie Hatchling

    HAHA I’m getting old. I feel like I’m still holding onto Noon as one of my last and favorite actresses I still admire and hold loyalty to cause a lot of veteran actresses are going MIA, directing, or getting really supporting roles, or I feel they lost touch in acting since they’ve done it for so long. She’s one that consistently stuck with me. But I totally see your point! You feeling that way, I have felt the same way with other actresses. Chompoo used to be my fave!! But somehow I kinda got detached. Same with Aum. That’s funny cause your view of Aum is the same as some of my family members hehe.

    I need to get with the times but I’m starting to admire not any new new generation so far but more like middle-ish(?) generation with Taew and Yaya..and some others lol haha I think it will slowly transition to them being my top faves when the veterans are all senior veterans LMAO
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  5. _mLove_

    _mLove_ sarNie Egg

    The only lakorn I can watch Aum in (over and over again) is the old version of Rak Nakara where Aum and Noon were half sisters. They were both beautiful and young in that version. Other than that, I can't really stand her modern day lakorns. She does play a mean n'rai though.

    And I agree, Ken is Noon's best looking costar. I'm so excited they finally get to work together. I love sophisticated actors with a good/mature story line. Noon, Aum Artichart, Ken, and a few other veteran actors only fits in this category.
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  6. KS_ss86

    KS_ss86 sarNie Egg

    Episode 10 got me.... :facepalm:

    I just love a good pair of pra'nangs and good acting. Thank you Noon & Ken :clap::worship2:
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  7. xodxo

    xodxo Fifty shades of Mark&Mew. :)

    Haha for me Aum really only has two lakorns that are good and decent. Yes, Raknakara and So Sanaeha with Oil. SSH shot Aums sexiness to stardarm lol but out of her 30-40 lakron that she has acted in, only these two are good, so that to me says she’s a pretty bad actress lol but as a person she’s super cute and funny.

    Noon and Kob to me has better quality Lakorn and acting are more realistic, less chaotic and hyper. Aum’s acting is kind of hyper lol >.<

    I was just thinking since Tik J has returned back to acting, producers should start pairing him up with Noon before they all lose interest in acting altogether. Surprised both had never worked together.
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  8. xodxo

    xodxo Fifty shades of Mark&Mew. :)

    Ahah thanks for sharing! Yes, It is time to start tuning in to the newer generation. Haha! Noon was such a good role model growing up but I realized that I share more connection with the younger generation cuz there’s more similarities and things in common! Hehe Plus, they’re more dreamy looking! Lol XD
  9. bun-bun

    bun-bun sarNie Adult

    Wow! Tik and Noon... interesting...
  10. Joy

    Joy sarNie Hatchling

    OMG, these two were my dream couple. I had always wanted to see Tik and Noon in a remake of Silamanee. But then they had to go and ruin it for me by casting Kob and Paul. Now it's too late for this dream of mines. Also after seeing them along side each other in that drama with Aum and Andrew, I didn't feel it anymore. But if these two do get casted together I'll still watch.
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  11. xodxo

    xodxo Fifty shades of Mark&Mew. :)

    Aiya! That’s not good! I never seen any silamanee version but I think Noon and Tik should def work together before they really retire

    Never watch Noon and Aum A either lol I guess I don’t have much access to other channels besides ch3! Lol ch3 is cool for being viewer friendly!! :D
  12. Hongchan

    Hongchan sarNie Egg

    Tik only got young girls these day.. haha. Interesting to see him and noon. To me, noon represent thai beauty bcs she's (probably) not a mixed blood isn't she? Cherry khemupsorn too.
    Not sure why, but i always thought the new gen actresses is full of mixed blood. But to name it as far as i know, mai davika, kim, yaya, matt(new gen too?).. only:confused12:

    Btw, Yada is pregnant!! Just saw a teaser on ig.
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  13. lakornwatcher

    lakornwatcher sarNie Juvenile

    I think Noon is mixed with chinese.
  14. reydevan

    reydevan sarNie Juvenile

    Pls share teaser!
  15. Hongchan

    Hongchan sarNie Egg

  16. eb kaimin

    eb kaimin sarNie Juvenile

    Sub for ep9 not out yet??
  17. preetam

    preetam sarNie Adult

    Noon still got it and her acting is good. Natural, the right sensitivity, she never stop improving, she is showing younger generation what "endearing" and the perfect mixture of innocence and maturity (see how believable she is as a virgin during honeymoon in this drama= great acting) look like
  18. preetam

    preetam sarNie Adult

    About the full thai beauty I am cheering for Maeya Nonthawan. Watching her new lakorn with Art. At first her acting is awkward. She is still green actress but she is improving can definitly emote and show how endearing she can be. I have a fondness for that chocolate beauty who definitly stands out among the sea of caucasian looking promoted ch3 actresses. Still stuck in evening tho.
    The only mixed ch3 actresses I really really care for now are Matt Peeranee and Patricia Good (the latter is too gorgeous).
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  19. Koy123

    Koy123 sarNie Oldmaid

    They’re hardly any pure Thai now a days in the Thai ET. Most are mixed Chinese their race. They said the pure Thais are dark skin ones.
  20. bun-bun

    bun-bun sarNie Adult

    Currently watching episode 11 part 2 with my brain subbing the body language and a bit Thai here and there. Brain deduces that Khem did something stupid again.

    So, did she? Did our fear of her changing back to being dumb after that quick getaway true?

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