❤[CH3] MEO Me & You (?) : Ken Phupoom/ Esther Supreeleela

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  1. koojin

    koojin I know you're lookin at Steph's abszzzz

    Oh boy I miss it when Ken was single...I used to love him...but now its just a slight "like". And it does seem like ken and his GF are always together. If he's not with his GF then he's with his GF's brother. LOL.
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  2. Lol Esther appears like such a controlling freak! I slightly liked her when she debuted. But nowadays she seems like an arrogant person. Anyways, she got him wrapped around her fingers. It’s disturbing and sad. He is aging quick too. :( I guess all the best to him? o_O:rolleyes:
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    x0unerthanlater คนไม่รักดี

    Yeah, I used to really like Ken. Out of all the p'eks of his gen. he was my favorite. Now, he barely gets lakorns back to back and it doesn't look like he does much work related to his actor-job. He doesn't hang out with other actors/groups. He has faded in the background. Even though he and Taew both did Nakee, it seems like no one remembers him in it. After he started dating, his popularity that was slowly rising went back down. Not because of the relationship itself but because of how invisible he is now to the fans.
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