❤️[PPTV] Woon Ruk Nak Kaao: Andrew Gregson / Noon Woranuch


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I always wanted these two to pair up since their prime. They were supposed to awhile back since Noon was still with ch7 but pek was change to PorN. Anyways I'm glad they are now. I've seen teaser on Ig. Looks good. This channel have a few lakorn that look catchy lol


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Who is that humpty dumpty in the blue suit lol Andrew is rumored to star with Aump too... he's taking on all ch7's top ladies of the 00's hahahaa
Ooh thanks for that haha. I would love to see Andrew with Aump too. Although I think Andrew's acting has been dry lately but the last lakorn I tried him in was with Matt. I think he'd come off better with Aump LOL. It would be cool to see all 3 in a lakorn together but yeah that's more than unlikely lolol


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Haha yes! @KhoOnxNouxWanxJai thank you so much!

And the production is TV Thunder haha. I just realized that after looking at the poster lolol. So is TV Thunder still doing lakorns for CH.3 at all??

this interview made me laugh hahah.. Andrew and Noon seem to be playful. They've met on the set of Jao Weha and other events before so they seem comfy. I like the PPTV poster haha it's like all old CH.7 stars in the back lmao

Boom plays as the boss of the news station place and she said she is a fan of Noon and wanted to act along her for sometime now but she never had the opportunity cause of the different channel contracts lol
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Yay! I finally get to see Andrew with Noon together. I am loving PPTV pairing line up so far. They are collecting all of my favorites and pairing them up. Very exciting because I prefer acting skills over just a pretty face.


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Omg. I just went through all the PPTV thread and their IG...Wow! I hope they can execute all these lakorns. If they can, Ch.3 ans Ch.7 has competition! It’s sooo exciting to see all of these actors, the ones I grew up watching. So much talent was wasted for some of them due to Ch.3/Ch.7. So excited for Noon and Andrew. Such a good pair.