❤️[PPTV] Woon Ruk Nak Kaao: Andrew Gregson / Noon Woranuch


What is this PPTV?! Are they suddenly emerging from their little hideout?! They're giving us all these pairings that we've only been able to dream about!!!


sarNie Egg

A new teaser?? Haha.
This reminds me of Jdrama called Bijo ka Yajuu staring Matshushima Nanako and Fukuyama Masaharu, 2 of my favorites J actors. The english title is Beauty or Beast.
And I think there's a Korean remake of this too. I just don't remember who were the actors.

The way Andrew stand behind Noon, and she pulls out his necktie,is completely the same like the poster of the J drama.
The story happens at the network station. The N'ek is the news reporter of the big station in US. She has high education and high salary. She is scouted to work for station in Japan. So she comes to work with P'ek. They class each other, they have different personalities, and like every lakorn or drama, they come to understand and appreciate each other. Like in almost Jdramas, no romance (maybe a little bit from P'ek part)

I liked the Jdrama and the dynamic of the P'ek and N'ek.
If this is the remake, I hope it will be good. Andrew and Noon look the parts, I don't mind if they add some romance, the kind of adults romance in the work area.


sarNie Adult
It's about time they explore different work environments. I haven't seen one about news anchors. I'm excited
Well, there's "Behind the Newsroom" on Netflix. This was a One31 drama from 5 years ago starring Pock, Willie and Cheribelle.


sarNie Adult


sarNie Adult
Dang Noon looks good! I thought her wardrobe in Game Ruk was good but she looks dazzling here. Her character looks biiishy though haha but maybe the original Andrew is an ass haha can’t wait to see this! I’m surprised they’re airing this first. Isn’t there like 10 other lakorns ready to air for PPTV lmfao


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^ This is actually just their 4th drama that they will air out of that batch they announced last year. Word has it that there are some budget issues with the drama department and it's possible that some of those won't even air or perhaps gets aired in another channel.


sarNie Hatchling
I wondering why noon haven't had a baby yet because she is a little bit old now, she and her husband have a lot of money and why is she keep working like crazy because a lot of her lakorn airing at the same time on different ch. Can someone please tell me what is her answers about the baby?


sarNie Adult
I’m gonna watch the whole episode and get back. I watched half and I like it so far! I think even if Andrew and Noon hate each other, their scenes are pretty entertaining and I feel the chemistry. Doesn’t necessarily have to be romantic but more of they go along really well, acting and look wise! I like what I’m seeing haha.

I didn’t expect the rating to be high at all. What’s PPTV average anyways? I feel like they’re usually low but I could be wrong haha I don’t see this one going high or doing well but I’m appreciating the wardrobe, style, and the set! Wholy the house is sooo petty!!


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PPTV is currently #12 ranked channel in Thailand, just slightly behind GMM25. Average rating for entire week is typically less than 0.2. Drama isn't their selling point though, as they're traditionally more of a sports channel. However, their first 2 dramas since June 2019 appeared to have done way better than this, averaging around 0.3-0.4 during their respective entire runs.



sarNie Adult
Trailer looks good. Will probably start this soon. I was kinda skeptical about this since both are usually in the type of dramas I don't like, now I can finally watch them again.

And damn, they both still look so good for their age.