❤️ [OneHD] Taley Rissaya: Jes Jespipat, Aom Phiyada, Vill Wannarot, Amy Amika, Tang Saksit


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OMG THIS IS A REMAKE OF TALAY RISSAYA!! WITH BEE AND PONG?? I loved this lakorn!! It was one of my faves. It was so thrilling. Nok Sinjai did a wonderful job and Bee and Pong were so cute!! I'm excited.

So Aom is going to be in the lakorn? Awesome since she is known to adore Vill. I hope she plays Nok Sinjai's character ... so evil! Amy is in here too?? She probably could play the innocent mom. BUT I feel like both of them are too young to play the moms! But they were significant in the lakorn.. so it works I guess haha.

It was so weird cause I was thinking about a remake of this lakorn the other week!


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Not sure if Aom got her nose done or not because if you look closely, the photos looks like it’s been edited in the nose area. Geesh, looks like a lot of theses celebrities are getting PS done and it’s so noticeable.
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I love pong and Bee....they were great. I felt for them in the lakorn. Their height is so compatible too

I don't feel/see vill and jes being comparable...


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I don’t know a Jes????? Who is he??? I love the old version to pieces!!! My ship for Pong and Bee started with this lakorn too LOL :p Vill I can see for the role but who’s Jes????? Lol. Omg couldn’t they use Son???? He’s Vill’s best costar!!!!!!!!!!!!Aom is probably playing the cruel mom aka Nok’s role!!


Extremely in love with Phet Thakrit <3
:O I didnt recognize the title. This was one of my favorites as a kid. Bee was one of the most gorgeous nangeks I've ever seen during that time. I was truly captivated by her beauty.
I rewatched the older verison earlier this year or last year and praek wasnt that significant I think. There wasnt much love development also...
I've always loved the father daughter relationship though. Even though they didnt know the truth, they felt the connection. T_T It was so precious.


I’ve loved the old version so much too. I loved how p’ek was soooooo mean and straight up rude to her. He was a rich boy with an attitude and never bothered about her for being a country girl. He was always dating hiso and was kind of a playboy. But dang, things shifted so drastically and he fell so hard, for her! I was a big Bee/Pong shipper too.lol The ost was amazing too!! And this lakorn was also a tear jerker! I couldn’t help crying bc the mom was so mean to n’ek! I miss these goody two shoe n’ek lol ahahah now a day, all you see is glitz and glam n’ek with super bratty attitude lol

I wish p’ek was someone different that’s all :(


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Amy is playing Vill's Mom. That is a rant from a fan at Pantip saying she wants to see Vill in better and more prominent roles because in here, Vill will be second to Aom. The fan admired Vill for roles like Sudsaipan, Rang Mai Hua Jai Derm, and Kahon. She thinks Vill is old enough to take on stronger roles. She doesn't like seeing Vill being reduced to nothing but victim or nice roles like this one. Like Bangkok with Poo, Vill will be a minor character while Aom carries the show and plot. The fan thinks Vill will have better opportunities as a free lance.

Well, Vill can work with any channel she wants. She's practically free lance but just has a contract with One for guaranteed work. That's a good deal.

I say, Vill better deliver. If this is going to be a sad role, her tears better move me.

I like Jes but he's been everywhere and every One project, it gets tiring. 6 lakorns this year is a lot!