❤️[ONE31] My Ambulance (The One Enterprise / Nadao Bangkok): Sunny Suwanmethanont / Mai Davika


sarNie Egg
I was never a fan of Sunny until this lakorn. He is sooo dreamy. I like when he plays serious role.. I think he became my new favorite actor. He looks good in scrubs and white coat, Sky is cute too but Sunny is handsome and mysterious.
I just noticed both their names are Sky and Sunny haha like ironically you need a sky for the sun lol


sarNie Egg
I was crying so hard for Tantawan. I felt her pain and confusion. Mai is doing such a great job. I’m still curious about a few things, for example was Peng really in the car that night? Or is he just covering for Tantawan? Because In ep 5, she mentioned remembering the guy choking her or something. But Peng denied it in a suspicious way.

Also this episode, Mai has that mark on her chest, and that kid that passed away from the accident also had that mark on her chest. I wonder how all of this is going to tie in together.

I’m also really annoyed by the Mamy girl. I think that’s her name. Something about her, I can’t take her character seriously. Maybe it’s because she knows Peng is taken, but she’s still not giving up.
I cried on this episode too!.. I also cried when he kissed her and her heart wasnt beating fast for him. I can sense his love for her he just doesn't have the right way to show/express it, my husband is like that


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Can I just say that this lakorn just keeps tugging at my heart with each eps?? I already have so many feels for this lakorn.

I'm definitely enjoying it so far with its superb cast. I do have to admit that Sky is definitely stealing the show <3. I don't know who to ship Mai with~~

On another note, I am curious to know how the story will pan out once Bank's character regains consciousness. Will he forgive Dr. Peng and Chalam for the accident or will he seek revenge? It is a saddening case.


sarNie Egg
I binged watched ep1-6 this morning.. was on this emotional rollercoaster from crying , smiling then crying again

Mai and sky are like puppy love. Mai and sunny would have experienced that when they were younger, he seemed more caring in the flashbacks. The 15 years together + him being a doctor has harden him up and made him too comfortable that his forgotten how to express his love? .. Still I'm rooting for sunny and Mai!

Looking forward to the next ep!


sarNie OldFart
I see why this series is popular. The storyline draws you in from the first episode. This series is emotional and funny. The magic they have going on is like a metaphor, Love in the beginning is like magic but then it dies down as time flies and people change.


sarNie Adult
I stopped watching after Episode 2, but only because I wanna binge watch this once I get a hold of the English subs. (I read that this is only 16 episodes, which means this ends around end of October.)

Hopefully it won't take too long before this gets on Netflix.


sarNie Adult
Im loving this lakorn so much!! This is the only thing I'm watching and I'm super surprised cause the trailer threw me off but I'm love with the series now. I love everyone's acting in here, especially Mai! She comes off cute without being annoying haha.

Oh I don't like the second girl though, Bami. Her acting and voice is annoying haha.
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sarNie Hatchling
So Tantawan confessed that she likes Chalam and they broke up

I am not the only one who thinks Bami acting is annoying lol


sarNie Hatchling
sometimes all I wanna do is to slap Tantawan, she's being childish sometimes, but on the other hand Peng is not really showing his feelings, and the lakorn is turning into love square Tantawan to Peng, Chalam to Tikka, Tikka to Peng, Tantawan to Chalam. Pikka to Peng.


sarNie Egg
Tantawarn really wants Peng to reassure her that he loves her, but I don't think her actions are very reassuring that she loves Peng. Im hurt for him