❤️[Ch3] Pom Ataan (D ONE TV): Masu Junyangdikul/ Preem Ranida/ Namtarn Pichukkana


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i like watch horror drama ... i like masu , namtarn , but i don't like prim a little ...however i will wait watch this drama because i like drama like this


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OMG!!!! My babies!!! I love them together! They were so cute in Chuamong Tong Mon. So happy to see them together again but the plot sounds so creepy and scary. I hope it's like CTM, super natural with a sense of humor. I can deal with something like that. I can't wait for this!


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Man, Thai ppl and their haunted hair themes. 5555

I remember a movie I watched that was about a haunted wig. Apparently the owner was murdered and they took her hair and made a wig with it. So she came back to haunt the salon and whoever wore the wig... I wonder if this'll be similar in plot.


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So Namtarn is playing a n’rai here guys. I’m actually looking forward to seeing her play a n’rai. I thought she was playing a second lead at first. Her role must be quite significant then thankfully.
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Preem and Masu are cute though.


sarNie Adult
Namtarn play as Gaysinee whose the hair that Kawin make it to wig
She commit suicide after she was abused and become spirit on wig from her hair and wait to revenge
Before die, she wrote a letter for her friend cutting hair. Firstly, Monk got this and then give Kawin


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Ok after seeing the video the wig idea is quite disturbing and chilling. I kind of want to watch, but at the time it just gives me such a chilling vibe. I'm not sure if I'll be able to dig this or not.


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Namtarn is really in here?? Why isn’t she in the fitting photos. The original version look creepy.


I was waiting Namatrn pair up with Na or Mark even James Ji but I think I got high expectation and I overlook Ch3 biases, Now I wish the role is worth it and be something different for her but with D one production I would keep low expectations.


She lost weight and I’m sure she did something to her eyes and some other stuff. Her face looked super puffy in the 2019 calendar pics but it has gone down now. She looks much better in these pictures.
Yes she looks different now. Plus much more mature looking! She’s cute though. ;)