❤️[Ch3] Pom Ataan (D ONE TV): Masu Junyangdikul/ Preem Ranida/ Namtarn Pichukkana


sarNie Egg
Can't say. I mean I liked the first 4 episode. Maybe cause horror/ghost theme lakorn is not my cup of tea unless done right. So far the only complaint is Mintra's attitude towards Kawin. I love Masu and Preem chemistry though. If it was not for that, I think I would have dropped this. I mean I am still behind since I am following the English sub release by Thip.
Thanks. I love this genre, so I'll give it a chance.
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sarNie Hatchling
yeah I thought it was gonna end at episode 9 or 10 but it's getting ridiculous with the ghosts on the street. nonetheless masu is super cute. they make a good looking couple!


Expired Sarnie
An average of 2.4 ouch. I mean the beginning started off with potential (dont all lakorn start out that way lol)

I only got to see segment clips after episode 5 of the other episodes. I whole heartedly blame the poor writings.