❤️[CH3] Plerng Ruk Plerng Kaen (Broadcast Thai Television): Boy Pakorn/Jui Warrataya


sarNie Oldmaid
Boy looks terrible in the pictures ! PunJan looks great. They should have given the p'ek role to Phet :-*.


sarNie Egg
Actually this is Rita first Time taking a nang rai role in here ! She's just recently withdraw on her other drama to play this drama .


sarNie Juvenile
rita looks really good with punjan, seeing the story synopsis, it seems like this is more focused on the rivalry between jui and rita, kinda like samee tee tra, it'll be interesting to see rita play rai though :)


sarNie Granny
jonny was so handsome in the old version . it's the only revenge lakorn he had that he wasn't sadist and not the one seeking revenge :risas3:


sarNie OldFart
IMG_2397.jpg cr: Uptodays IG
Here's a picture of the actress who played as the half sister in the older version. Someone on IG posted a picture of Yaya looking like this actress. She does look similar to this actress in that one picture. They could play as mother and daughter.


sarNie Adult
She's the step mom of Rerk in Plerng Boon. I think that was his stepmom not mother b/c in one scene she told Rerk's father that she loved him like her own.


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My goodness have I not checked PJ’s ig I would have not known PJ’s playing second and pairing with Rita in here wtheck ???:confused0::confused0:

This is the kind of lakorn that gets you wondering why second leads are wayyyyyy more appealing than “leads” lol ahhahaha :celebrate16::risas3::risas3:

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Lol —Rita haha. Jui/Boy look like they didn’t even want to pose next to the shining couple lol :risas3:


sarNie OldFart
The preview look good. I watch the the old version because of Johnny and Jariya Afone. The storyline has a mature feel to it, but it was kinda boring. This new version has a bit spiced to it. I’ll watch this for Jui and PJ:)


sarNie Juvenile
So I guess Boy is just going to be there for show and this will be a fight between Jui and Rita.
I mean I guess I am down to see Jui fight Rita. Hahahaha. PJ doing his job of being good looking second lead again.


sarNie Juvenile
Saw the trailer on youtube, and I wanna watch this for Rita and Punjan, they are sooooo compatible looking appearance wise. Especially since they're both playing bad in here. I wanna know what the deal is with Punjan's role though, okay so I assume he loves Jui but got seduced by Rita. It seems like he was trying to win her back so why get married with Rita then? And why tie her up along with all those other dramatics with Rita?


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Jui and Rita are half sisters. Jui is dating Punjan. Rita is chasing after Boy’s character if they are sticking to the old storyline.
Ahh, I see. Are Boy and PJ also brothers? Cause that's what I read on sharerice.