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  1. D~D

    Sudsapda: February 2018 -The Good Guys

    cr. Sudsapda IG
  2. snsdapple

    ❤️[CH3] Plerng Naka (Mind Work) : Boy Pakorn / Preem Ranida / Aum Atichart

    Rumor about "Plerng Naka" Mind at work new scenario, cast Boy Pakorn @boy_pakorn | Preem Ranida @jpreem and Aum Atichart @atichart9 in lead
  3. D

    New wave of Koo Jin 2017 to watch?

    New wave of Koon Jin that are rising and making big with fans. Four of the couple are from The Cupid Series Boy and Toey J. Cris and Punjan Wawwa and Indy Cheer and Toey Ter and Mew from their movie they have together. Cr to: daradaily
  4. Cosasianfuse

    The Destiny [Boy Pakorn-Toey Jarinporn]

    Note: A pure fanfiction. Prologue: Every night in his dream just makes him shiver , the bright smiling and laughing of her , sometime he thought he is just being a foolish man having a crush on someone who actually just a friend to him….he never thought he can missing someone so bad like...
  5. Cosasianfuse

    Kammathep Hunsa Fiction

    You will find a new plot with the same characters here in this fiction. I hope you enjoy it. THANKS.
  6. Maricon

    8 CH3 Koojins Teaser - LINE Stickers

    CH3 has released a teaser of 8 koojins. Couples are: Nadech-Yaya Boy-Margie Great-Matt James Jirayu-Bella Mario-Taew Pope-Mew Mark-Kimberley James Ma-Mint
  7. Maricon

    ❤️[CH3] Plerng Ruk Plerng Kaen (Broadcast Thai Television): Boy Pakorn/Jui Warrataya

    Thai title: เพลิงรักเพลิงแค้น English translation: ????? (something that goes along with fire, love and revenge) Source: Synopsis (Credits to thaidramatic_update) Urawee and Unthiga are half sister who need to beat each other. They use a pure love from a guy...
  8. D~D

    SUDSAPDA 2016 Cuddly Men

  9. S

    Boy Pakorn, Nong Wanmai (Sudsapda vol 34 no 804 August 2016)

    cr magdee
  10. D

    [CH3] My Hero Series Part1: Matupoom Haeng Huajai (Cholumpi Production) Boy Pakorn/ Chippy Sirin

    Look like everything is confirm in this series so here is their separate thread in each part. It seem like Yam is not in part 1 she be in part 3. So part 1 will be Boy & Chippy Part 1: Synopsis Cr to: krisayaporn for the synopsis: Techut a colonel of special agent have to disguise for being...
  11. S

    Ch3 46th Anniversary, 46 Love Mission

      TEAMS   Team Members pics     cr somrakn
  12. S

    Various stars (Sudsapda Magazine Vol.33 No.793 February 2016)

    cr magazinedee
  13. D

    [CH3] My Hero Veeraburus Sood Tee Ruk Series (Cholumpi Production)

    CH3 is doing a new series call " My Hero วีรบุรุษสุดที่รัก." Here are the cast who going to be in this new series. The company that is doing this series is Cholumpi Production.   When everything is confirm who going to be in which part I will make a separate thread for this series.      Caps of...
  14. S

    CH3 Runway 2016 (BigVic3)

    Ch3 has an event today. Ch3 bigvic3 runway 2016   cr ch3
  15. S

    Boy Pakorn (Lemonade Vol.5 No.102 February 2016)

    cr magazinedee
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    Boy Pakorn (Kraw Khun Toy Vol.2 No.19 February 2016)

    cr magazinedee
  17. S

    Fai Lang Fai (KSKS Vol.36 No.930 December 2015)

  18. S

    Fai Lang Fai (PPBT vol. 42 no. 1919 November 2015)