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{ HALF OF MY HEART - Tim Pichayatorn / Hunsa }

The Grand Pichaya Hotel

Located in the heart of beautiful Thailand, The Grand Pichaya offers exceptional convenience for the traveler with easy access to Bangkok's key commercial, financial and shopping destinations.

The luxury hotels' 111 rooms cover a range of styles and designs each equipped with the best in personalised technology to make guests stay a unique experience. Welcome to The Grand Pichaya hotel with the handsome, strict managing director Tim Pichayatorn.

The Grand Pichaya Hotel founded in 1970 by Mr.Suwan Pichayatorn.

Over the next 30 years, The Grand Pichaya Hotel has passed down from Mr.Suwan Pichayatorn to his eldest son Tim Pichayatorn. Tim is a very strict guy, most of the time he is harsh with word and if one thing he can tell other people he would say “ HE IS THE RULE “.
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CHAPTER ONE: Secret Mission

At Pichayatorn’s Hotel Group banquet room:

At Pichayatorn’s hotel group banquet room, everyone are preparing for the party of 35th anniversary of Pichayatorn’s group, the managing director Tim Pichayatorn and his mother has arrived and is very busy checking all the setting in the ceremony.

“ Turn on the light but not too bright. Can you get it right?. Are you stupid? I’m sick of it.” Tim said as he ordering the banquet manager. He is getting sick of the people who always making the mistake.

His assistant Chatchapon exchange worried glance with the banquet manager, everyone knew if Tim come, they will be need to be scold so badly.

“ Where is Ton?”

“ Khun. Ton haven’t arrive yet. ”

“ Today is really an important day and he still forget it. I need to teach him a lesson.”

His mother try to calm Tim before they decide to start the ceremony as it already late and everyone start to feel hungry.

1 hour later, Ton finally arrived as he gave his car key to the valet parker. Once he arrive at the dinner table he cannot help felt chill through his bone when he saw his brother’s angry face.

“Sorry…P’ Tim. ”

“Where have you been?” Tim’s voice was angry, deepening with each word.

“P’Tim, the traffic this day is so bad. ” Chatchapon tried to help but

“That is none of your business, Chatchapon!” At this, his assistant bending his face down to avoids Tim’s scary eyes.

“I was busy with my friend and as Khun Chatchapon said the traffic was so bad.”

Tim’s mother finally tried to rescue the bad atmosphere by offers her youngest son the empty seat next to her as she give both her son a huge smile.

“Torn, sit down and let have dinner together. Today is a special day, don’t ruin the mood.”

After finish the dinner and accept the award of the outstanding businessman in hotel industry. Tim and his family finally return back to Pichayatorn’s mansion.

“Pichayatorn’s group is in a serious danger.”

Tim said and left out a heavy sigh. All eyes except Torn who is busy playing with his smart phone turn to him full of concerned.

“I received the news from insider that some investors are betraying me and trying to sell the stocks to outsiders.”

For a few second, Tim glances at Ton who still focus on his smart phone.

“Don’t tell me, you are suspicious me?”

“It is ridiculous, P’. I would sell it anytime if my brother is not a tiger.”

Torn remarked for everyone to know how scary his brother is. Their mother looks at them and sighed.

“P’, don’t look at me like that, I don’t even know how many percentage of stock I have in Pichayatorn group.” Ton try to prove, he doesn’t know anything.

“It is unreasonable Tim, Ton won’t do that. You can suspicious anyone but not Ton. He will never do that.”

“Mom, you never on my side. Have I say anything yet about Ton?”

Tim stated as he start to feel frustrated, all he did is just a glance to Ton. He flee himself to his room as he leave out a heavy sigh.

“Tim! “

“Mom! Don’t care about him. He always like that, always get frustrated no matter what I did.”

Cupid Hut:

“Can you tell us? Boss. Why do we need to do this silly mission? It sound illegal to me.” Jae Lee stated as she glance to her Boss.

Since Cupid Hut has no revenue for four years now, it is the year to start something new and refreshing. Boss come up with new idea of Secret Cupid which means all of his eight cupids will carry out different mission and the first girl to go is Hunsa. Her client is Tim Pichayatorn of Pichayatorn group.

“Hunsa….sa…really know what do.”

“Come on, Sa. Speak slowly okay?. I really don’t know what to do. In Thai language, there is something call grammar and you needs to get it right before you want to go near Khun Tim Pichayatorn. Or else you will be kick out right away from the hotel.”

“This is too difficult for me to do…and I don’t lie to want Tim…”

“Sa!!!!!!!!!” Everyone in the office echoed.

“Karaket, translate!” Karaket sighed before nodded

“This is too difficult for Sa to do and Sa don’t want to lie to Khun Tim.”

Hunsa nodded and smiled at Karaket , in this office nobody can understand her better than this older sister.

“His mother is our client and you needs to do it. She is our first client of this mission. What is so difficult about it?. All you need to do is to find information from Khun Tim, what he like to do, what he looking for in a girl, what kind of person he is and you will go to the Grand Pichaya group as a staff with full support from his mother. Now TELL ME, WHAT IS SO DIFFICULT ABOUT THAT. ”

“Boss, Kha!. ”

“……….” The girls keep silent for a few minutes before Jae Lee speak up.

“You should try to do it for yourself Boss.”

“Our company problems is start with you!...apart from this secret mission , I want to tell you that you need to find a boyfriend within a year.”




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Chapter 2: Your Clumsiness.

Karaket and Hunsa waiting for Tim’s mother at the Café shop as they will discuss for their Secret Cupid plan.

“P’Ket , I ….”

“Susu Sa. You will get full support from Khun Tim’s mother. Don’t worry about anything.”

Hunsa sigh and playing with her drink. 15 minutes later, a middle age woman walking into the café shop. The two girls greet her politely.

“ Sowandikha, ”

“I’m Hunsa Kha. Meet you to nice Kha.”

Tim’s mother is shock because Hunsa alien language. Karaket step in and correct her sentence.

“She meant Nice to meet you ka.”

“Ah…so tomorrow Khun Karaket will go to the hotel right?”

“No Kha , Hunsa will be going Ka. ”

“Khun Hunsa??”

“Kha , I will be charge in Khun Tim case Kha.” Hunsa smile

In charge.” Karaket correct once again.

“Are you sure?”

“Kha , Hunsa can do it Kha.” Karaket stated again.

“Hmm…my eldest son is really a strict person. He is not easy going to anyone. You need to endure a lot if you want to go near him.”

Hunsa start to felt nervous as she noted down what Tim’s mother said.

“Tim like to talk about business and economic. Even though, it is a little embarrassed I am telling you the truth, as a mother. I’m not really understand what is in his mind. ”

“That why I decide to use your service and hopefully, I can find a good match for my son.”

Karaket and Hunsa nodded, both of them felt sorrow in Tim’s mother tone.

Grand Pichaya Hotel Group:

“Sovandikha, Khun Tim.”

Hunsa in Grand Pichaya Hotel uniform greet Tim for the first time but Tim frowned and turn to his assistant.

“Who is her?”

“A new personal assistant intern.”

“You mean my temporary PA when you are going to work at our new Tokyo branch? "

“Krub. Khun Tim.”

Tim look back and forth, up and down at Hunsa and shaking his head.

Chatchapon give a sign for Hunsa to follow him and Tim.

“Khun Tim krub, there will a meeting for stockholder this afternoon krub.”

“I got it. Before lunch I have a meeting with interior design company from Germany right?”

“Krub Khun Tim.”

Tim signed a few documents before his mobile phone ringing.

“At Pattaya branch, there is some problem, I think we need to reschedule the meeting with the interior design.”

“But Khun Tim, their schedule to flight back is after lunch, we cannot reschedule.”

“Then you going to Pattaya first and I will follow after the meeting here.”

“Krub Khun Tim. ”

“The new intern will stay here with me for the meeting.”

Hunsa start to feel nervous, she bite her lips slightly. Chatchapon leave as Tim turn to Hunsa.

“Bring me Supplier Contract to sign.”


Tim felt like his head just being hit by a brick. He need to scold the human resource department so badly for this.

“Khun!..you are not coming here for fun…I hire a PA not a stupid girl.”

“Khun Tim kha , Nusa rryso Kha.”

“Sorry! And not rryso.”

With his sharp eyes, Tim stare at Hunsa, the girl just bend her head down to avoid his stare.

“I want a cup of coffee with no sugar.”

“Kha Khun Tim.”

Hunsa excuse herself to make the coffee as Tim still working with his documents, Tim is always the family son, the only who is his father trust to head the family. After Khun Suwan, Tim’s father passed away, all the pressure has been placed on Tim instead, compare to Ton, Tim is far more responsible and mature.

Not so long after, Hunsa come inside the office with a cup of coffee. She warmly smile as she was about to place the coffee cup on Tim’s desk but

“Khun Tim Kha ! So..rry…Kha.”

Tim look at the coffees strain on his important contract and threw it at Hunsa harshly.

“Do you know how important is this??”

“Ryy…so Kha”

“Cannot even say a proper word, so clumsy, you shouldn’t being born at all.!! ”

A perfectionist as Tim should never place in the same room as Hunsa.

Hunsa’s heart jumped, tears brimming in her eyes as she never feel this frighten before.