The Destiny [Boy Pakorn-Toey Jarinporn]


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Note: A pure fanfiction.


Every night in his dream just makes him shiver , the bright smiling and laughing of her , sometime he thought he is just being a foolish man having a crush on someone who actually just a friend to him….he never thought he can missing someone so bad like this.

Boy waked up from his bed and pouring himself a glass of water. When he learnt that Channel 3 became official about Koojin, his heart skips a beat, he thought he can away from being pair with Margie all time since she already in a relationship but he was wrong again. P’nak his manager, told him that from now on he will get more and more project with Margie. The schedule will be tight.

“Let escape for a while.” He whispered.



sarNie Egg
Chapter One:

Boy looked up at the blue sky one more time before he bid good-bye to his younger brothers.

“ P’Boy , do you really need to do that? ”

He nodded while let out a heavy sigh.

“ I have to go now…, I’ll call you when I arrive.” He smiled.

“ Wait , bro , how about P’nak? ”

“Just shut your mouth, I haven’t agree to film anything yet.”

“But your contract with CH3.”

“I’m your older brother, okay? I know exactly what I am doing. ”

Boy shaking his head a little as he waved goodbye to his two younger brothers one last time.

“I hope I can forget you Toey, and when I come back I will only focus on my work.” Boy whispered to himself before the air plane take off to Japan.

This time Boy intention is to just flee to a place where nobody recognize him, he just want to live a simple life away from the media until his heart is fully recover and be ready to work normally again. He requested for a homestay at Nagoya-Japan with the household of family-run café shop. He sighed and lost in his own thought…a couple of hours has passed before he even know it

“We are just about to touch down at Narita airport in about 10 minutes and we are running on time. The weather around Narita airport is cloudy and we are looking at an easy descent. Thank you for flying with us today”

The captain speech echoed before the plane landing, Boy wake up from his thought and looking out the plane window, yeah, he has arrived.

He inhale deeply the fresh air before exhale it slowly with the force smile on his face.

“ Boy-san!!!” a soft and beautiful man voice calling out his name , He looking for that voice and smile ,two tall men standing next to each other with a huge paper that write his Name and Welcome message (Boy-San welcome to Japan).

“ Konnichiwa , Boy desu!” He bowed slightly to the two handsome men , he actually felt this two men can passed as his annoying younger brothers.

“Konnichiwa , I’m Patrick Poramin Pownsowan. ” He said and bowed to Boy.

“And I’m Alex Poramin Pownsowan ,well known as this man handsome big brother.”

“Don’t lie to Mr.Boy Pakorn, I’m more handsome.” Patrick whispered.

“I think both of you are handsome, no need to argue.”

“Arigato” Both the brothers echoed at the same time. He chuckled, He knew this is going to be fun living and working with this two younger brothers. And maybe another annoying sibling he needs to deal with.

“Okay, let’s go.” Alex took the luggage from Boy and head to his car while Patrick and Boy walking and chatting behind.

“ So Mr.Boy Pakorn. Why are you decided to stay with our family? “

“ Drop the formality man, You guys are like my younger brothers , just call me P’boy. “

“ Krup, P’boy. ” Alex and Patrick echoed.

“You guys sound funny in Thai though.” Boy chuckled as he sipped the water.

“We knew that, my mother always tell us to be less serious when speaking in Thai but we still have the Japanese accent.” Alex said and give Boy a small smile.

“P’Boy , you haven’t answer my question yet.”

“I don’t want to stay in Tokyo, and your family is the only Thai family offered the homestay at Nagoya.”

“My mother will be all over you when you arrive. You are first Thai guest we have.”





sarNie Egg
My heart shivers everytime when I reread your fanfic :icon12: Miss them so much :icon12:
Many thanks Rose for your supporting comment. I actually looking forward to Toey new project , i hope she has a new project soon. I felt like Boy acting shine the best with Toey. I just finish watching Fai Luang Fai , i don't think he has chemistry with Matt. The new drama with Kim , is looking good though.

Rose Tran

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I recently become an admin of Boy&Toey Vietnam Fanpage on FB. May I have your permission to translate all of your fanfic into Vietnamese for the Vietnamese fans? Believe they gonna love your fanfic so muchhh :icon12:

Rose Tran

sarNie Hatchling
Many thanks Rose for your supporting comment. I actually looking forward to Toey new project , i hope she has a new project soon. I felt like Boy acting shine the best with Toey. I just finish watching Fai Luang Fai , i don't think he has chemistry with Matt. The new drama with Kim , is looking good though.
Boy looks tired in Fai Lang Fai :( Poor him, must be so exhausted from overworking :( He received a lot of harsh criticism for this :(


sarNie Egg
I recently become an admin of Boy&Toey Vietnam Fanpage on FB. May I have your permission to translate all of your fanfic into Vietnamese for the Vietnamese fans? Believe they gonna love your fanfic so muchhh :icon12:
It'd be a great honor. Do send me a link of the Vietnamese forum. hehehe...i also want to know the hype of Boy-Toey at Vietnam.


sarNie Egg
Boy looks tired in Fai Lang Fai :( Poor him, must be so exhausted from overworking :( He received a lot of harsh criticism for this :(
He did , i think he didn't try his best there but like you said , he was too exhausted from all those hectic work schedule. I actually don't have any luck for supporting Boy in a lakorn until the Cupid Series though. I try a few times , but the sad thing is that 1st i dont like man with beard , his appearance in his old dramas is just a no-no for me. Lolz...i did ask my sister , if there any drama Boy has a clean appearance and she said it is his style. So i gave up for a while before check his drama with Margie and Mint but those were a flopped for me. I knew he has many good one with Margie but it was so old and there weren't any good sub around.


sarNie Egg
Two other admins just started this page yesterday :icon12: Will be expecting a lot more likes and comments for the next couple weeks. They need another admin to help them with the work so the fans actually calling on me to do it :D They tagged me like viral yesterday so I decided to say yes.
I just like the Page and it look so much fun there. Lolzz....hope they can enjoy the fiction. I think about the plot of Tim/Hunsa and get a good one but Tim personality is so painful to write lolz....


sarNie Egg

Nagano- Japan:

“I just don’t understand, is it really difficult just to tell her your feeling? Are you a man?”

Alex echoed as he feeling so frustrated when he learned the reason Boy come here.

“I want to give myself a lot of time to think about it. She was my friend ex-girlfriend and she just like my sister. I wouldn’t dare to think more than that. What would happen if I confess? How can I face her when we meet again?”

“I’m sorry that is just an excuse. “ Alex stated once again.

“She is your first love?” Patrick sound curious as Boy seems so nervous talking about Toey.

“…..No…I am not a teenager.”

“Then it means you have countless of women before.” Alex playfully said as he chuckled

“Stop teasing me, Okay?.I am stress enough.”

“Look P’Boy , my brother is in his 30s and he has countless girlfriends. ”


“Wait , wait…are you saying Alex is in his 30s?” Boy is shock, he thought Alex is in his late 20s.

“I was born at 1982.”

“Sorry…say again?”


“That made you 35 this year.”



“Why are you so surprise?”

“Sorry…but I was born at 1984. Alex you are my P’ ”

“Seriously?? You look and sound mature. I thought you are older than me.”

“No, I usually not like this I am stress that why I don’t talk a lot. But trust me you look like you are in your late 20s, maybe 28 or 27. Nothing like 35.”

“My brother got his gen from my father.”

“So I should call you P’Alex then.”

“Doesn’t matter, I’m cool as long as you are comfortable.”

“P’Boy , my brother has a lot of dating advices. Feel free to ask him. He is my lecturer in love.”

Boy chuckled, his heart feel a lot better, at least there is someone he can talk to.

“He was in love with his best friend, his friend ex-girlfriend, his classmate, his neighbor, his co-worker. You name it, he had it. “

“Patrick, that not something you should be proud of you brother.” Alex said felt a little bit embarrassed.

“I’m not sure I need your advice now but when I need it. I will ask for help. Thanks man , at least I felt a lot better now…It is good P’Alex…that you share the same experience.”

“From now you can call me P’Al. Close friend or relative always call me Al. ”



“Toey , good luck. P’ and our crew will follow you after we finish our problem here.”

P’Wat said as he wave goodbye. She never travel this far just for film a short commercial. That just feel weird.


Toey has no idea what is going on and most importantly she also has no idea Boy is also in Japan.

She has arrived at the Narita airport and decided to take the bullet train to Nagano immediately. From what the crew has told her, they already prepare a beautiful traditional Japanese house for the filming and she will spend tonight there with the help of the house owner.

Arrived at the train-station she slides her Iphone and call to the number P’Wat has gave her yesterday. An old woman tapped her shoulder when the phone being connected, she quickly turned as she realized the woman might be the house owner.

“ Toey Jarinporn chan? “

The older woman asked and Toey quickly bowed and nodded.

“Yes, I’m Toey . You are the house owner, right? ” The older woman nodded with the warm smiled.

“Kha , You are so lovely.”

Toey return the smiled to the older woman. The conversation has continued on and on before they’ve arrived at the traditional Japanese house. Toey can’t deny since she was born this is the most beautiful Japanese traditional house she has ever seen, very well designed and cozy.

“Come inside, Khun Toey.”

“Oh, sorry. The house is really fantastic.”

“My husband and I have designed this house together. I’m a Thai and he is a Japanese.” She stated and smile proudly.

Toey still can’t take her eyes from the house interior, usually she is not interest in traditional house at all but this house is really impressive.

“Your husband must be really talent.”

She nodded and smiled before look at the painting that hang on the wall. Toey follow her eyes and also stopped at the interesting painting.

“But his life was too short, he passed away shortly after we get married.”

Toey can feel the sadness in Khun Anong tone. The house is very well-designed but too grant with only one person.

“My daughter get married and moved to Tokyo with her husband for her job. Although I loved her but I cannot deny it would be great if she can be here with me. I love her and her father so much “

The younger woman smiled and said softly

“You have me here, Khun Anong. I understand now why the filming crew need your house for the commercial filming , it is a fantastic place full of love that no studio set up can replace it.”

After the conversation, Khun Anong show Toey her bedroom and the young woman quickly freshen herself up while the Khun Anong has ordered Soup TomYum from the neighborhood café shop.

20 minutes later Toey has finish her shower , feeling fresh and cozy.

“I’m going to take a quick shower after that we can take hot Tomyum soup together. 5 minutes later, the delivery man will arrive, can you take it? ”

“Of course, Khun Anong , but I am impress we can have Tomyum soup here.”

“Call me, grand-ma. Yes, actually there is only two Thai family in Nagano my family and Poramin Pownsowan family which is the café shop next door.”

Toey smiled and feeling so comfortable around the older woman.

“ I’m so lucky, grand-ma.”

Once Khun Anong go to the toilet, Toey turned to unpack her backpack but before she can grabbed anything, the bell start to ring. She smile, walked toward the door and opened it.

Boy stood still while Toey frozen at the door. This could not be Toey , she supposed to be in Bangkok , didn’t she?. Yet, she standing here in front him, she looked even more beautiful than the last time he saw her.



sarNie Egg
Chapter 3 : Making Decision.

{I’m even seeing someone as her now. This is totally crazy.}

Boy quickly hand him two big plates of TomYum Soup to the girl in front him before walked back to the café shop, he still couldn’t believe his eyes. She was there standing in front of him just now. Is he dreaming?.

“No, She is not Toey. Boy! You’re crazy!. How can Toey stand in front of you, she supposed to be in Bangkok! ”


“P’Boy , You come back from the delivery? ” Patrick asked

“I think I am going crazy, I even seeing her now.” Boy whispered

“What are you saying?” Alex who just finish shower asking Boy curiously

“I saw her at the house next door when I deliver…”

“Really?” Boy nodded

“I am not sure she is the one you’re talking about but grand-ma next door told me yesterday that Thai company contact her for commercial filming in her house. So maybe the crew from Thai?.”

Boy shocked as he heard it from Patrick. That cannot be true, out of all place in Japan , Tokyo , Kyoto , Yokahama , why they had to film here in Nagano?? It is not even a popular destination. And she happened to be next door.

“Is it what people call destiny?” Patrick grinned but Boy is not in the mood

“It is good , she is coming so you can spend more time with her.”

“But it is the not reason I come here.”

Alex glances at Boy and sighed.

“If you gonna be like this, tomorrow you should flight back to Bangkok but can you avoid her forever?, Fleeing is not a good choice. If you want to be with her or if you don’t want to be with her, you need to be serious about this, man.”

Boy just leave out a heavy sighed without looking at Alex or Patrick.

“If you think she being an Ex-girlfriend of your friend and you cannot pursue her that is wrong.”


“Because you are using your brain and not your heart. Right now, what I know is….you just find all the excuses you can come up with to avoid her.”

“P’Al , I really don’t know what to do..”

Alex placed his hand on the younger man shoulder.

“First , you need to ask yourself why you love her and do you wanna be serious with her?”


“People said that we can love without any reason but to me you need reason to have a lasting love but that reason need to come from your heart and not your brain.”


“I can help you if you wanna be serious with her. I don’t want to help anyone who don’t want to have a serious relationship.”

“P’Boy , you can trust P’Al.”

Boy used to think it is a shame to ask for help in a relationship. But this time he felt different, he felt like this is the last chance for him to be in a serious relationship.

“Thanks Patrick, P’Al. Give me some time to think about it.”

“Uhm..Have a good night.”

Both Alex and Patrick leave to their room only Boy who is still standing at the balcony looking to the house next door. Smell of the Sakura tea distract his wandering mind, Khun Akara hand him one cup of hot tea as he smiling at the younger man.

“It’s late now, why are you still here?”

Khun Akara place his tea cup on the table nearby as he sitting on the chair. Boy sighed and take a seat in front of him.

“You look like you have a lot in your mind.”

Boy force a smile and nodded. He really cannot hide it from the elder.

“Love is always complicate but it can fulfill our life.”

“I wonder how did you taught P’Al to be so”

“Al , is not good in love or I would say he was wrong in love. He pick himself up again and never stop finding his true love. And I am not the one who teach him, his experience is his teacher.”

“I wish I have enough encourage and stop fighting with my own thought.”

“Al has this crush on his friend for 5 years since junior high but he end up walked away from her.”

“Why?” Boy start to felt curious

“Because he thought that they wouldn’t fit together. Al wasn’t an outstanding student, he wasn’t popular, it is ridiculous that he only keep his feeling inside him for 5 years.”

“I couldn’t imagine P’Al wasn’t outstanding and from his look, manner, he should have been very popular in school.”

Khun Akara chuckled at this point.

“It was for love that change how he is and his whole point of view of love.”


“But it was too late, she already gone. ” Boy frowned

“She pa”

“No, they lost connection, I heard she moved oversea.”

Khun Akara sighed and sipped his Sakura tea before he continue.

“It took him two whole years to pick himself up again.”

“I think, it was a big mistake not to speak his mind.”

“From then, he pursue who he think he interest in, he always serious about his girlfriend but I don’t think his true love has appear because those relationship never leads to married.”


“But good thing is that they always part on good term. Every time Al break up, he always told me that they weren’t feel right together anymore.”

“Khun Boy, when death is facing you, somehow you will understand, you have nothing to lose for just being honest with your heart. You only live once, do your best and follow your heart. Who you love and who you are not interest, you knew it better than anyone. Remember Khun Boy, the dead of your own is not scary and painfully as the dead of your love one. “

Boy really need to think over his problem again or else, he will regret likes Al did.



sarNie Egg
Chapter 4: First step

{ Khun Boy, when death is facing you, somehow you will understand, you have nothing to lose for just being honest with your heart. You only live once, do your best and follow your heart. Who you love and who you are not interest, you knew it better than anyone. Remember Khun Boy, the dead of your own is not scary and painfully as the dead of your love one. }

Boy cannot sleep that night, it was a nightmare hunting him. Sweat dripping on his forehead, the young man sit up on the bed with his pale face. Each and every words that he heard in his dream just made him felt shiver and frightened.

He just can’t take it.

“It was just a nightmare. What happened with me?. I never feel frightened like this before.”



Boy sat on the desk while checking the guest reservations for tomorrow. He wasn’t concentrate on his work though, the image of Toey last night is still deep in his mind.

“Khun Boy, you look like you are not sleeping well last night.” Mrs Wanami come in with a cup of coffee.

“Khun Wanami krup please call me Boy krup.”

“Okay Kha. Boy. You should call me auntie then.”

“What are you doing?” She said as she hand the young man the cup of coffee.

“I’m checking foreign guest reservation for tomorrow krup.”

“Don’t work too hard. We don’t have bonus for you.” the older woman joking around, Boy smiled.

Patrick and Alex who just wake up coming out from their room, giving their mother a quick kiss on both cheeks.

“Ohiyo P’Boy Krup” Patrick said as he yawed.

“So tried.”

Alex massage his shoulders as he sit on the chair in front of Boy.

“I’m going to prepare breakfast now. Get ready for breakfast soon okay?”


“So how is thing going? What is your decision? ”

Alex sipped his coffee as he glance to Boy who is avoiding his eyes.

“I think we should go to hiking and camping on the mountain today, the weather look so good.”

Patrick said as he inhaled the fresh air deeply.

“Agree,I had been so tried lately. Better get some fresh air.”

“You wanna go with us Boy?”

When Boy about to give Alex an answer, Alex mom ask them to join the breakfast cutting off the conservation.

Boy still thinks how to face Toey, to avoid the problem. He agree to hike and camp with Patrick and Alex today.

“It is gonna be fun.” Khun Akara said as he sipped his coffee.

“I think we should go and pack now or we will be late.”

The brothers said they rush to finish their breakfast and leave to pack at their room. Boy doesn’t have much to pack, just a few pieces of clothes and some essential.

“Hi , Boy , do you think you can help Patrick pack our tent equipment? I will take a look at the inventories downstairs.”

Boy give the older man a warm smile and he nodded.

“I’m count on you man. See ya.”

With his backpack, Alex rush downstairs but not for the inventories, he has a different purpose.

He is standing in front of Khun Anong house as he pressed the bell.

“Welcome my handsome man. What bring you here today?”

Alex give Khun Anong a warm hug and kiss on her cheek , the older woman leads him inside her beautiful house.

“I miss you a lot grand-ma.”

"Here you are again with those sweet mouth."

“Actually at our home, there is a Thai guy. And surprisingly he is a friend of the lady staying in your house. ”


“Yes, we have plan for hiking today, I would like to know if she want to join us.”

“Let me ask her for you.”

Khun Anong knock on the door of Toey’s room a few times before she open the door and smile brightly at both of them.

“Good morning, grand-ma kha.”

After seeing Toey, Alex can finally understand why Boy adore this little girl, Toey eyes bouncing between Khun Anong and Alex as she is wondering

who Alex is.

“Sowandikrup , I am the owner of ….. I meant the son of the coffee shop owner next door. Boy Pakorn is my friend and my name is Alex Parawin Powasowan. “

“Nice to meet you kha. So last night, the man I saw, was really P’Boy.” Alex nodded

“Krup, we actually planning to go hiking today and it’d great if you can join us, I can show you around.”

Khun Anong give Toey a warm smile as she said

“I knew this little boy and his family since he was born, you can trust him to show you around Nagano. Nobody know Nagano better than this little boy. I hope you have fun with your friend Khun Toey.”

“Thanks grand-ma. I think I’m gonna get pack now. Our filming crew cannot be here until the day after tomorrow and to be honest I really don’t know what to do. I think I’m so lucky meeting P’Alex and P’Boy here “

Alex smile as Khun Anong and him give Toey sometime alone to freshen up and get pack.

“Grand-ma krup. I always feel so good staying in your house. It so beautiful, peaceful and….”

“Don’t try to bribe me…you have such a sweet mouth Khun Al. Do you know that?”

“Just for you grand-ma.”

Khun Anong cannot help but chuckled. He is like a grand-son to her and Patrick as well.

“I’d love to have you to sleepover anytime, and don’t forget to bring your friend and Patrick. I am so lonely living here alone.”

“You promised me already grand-ma. Cannot take your word back.”

Alex giggled as he picky promise with the older woman.

“I’m ready, P’Alex. ” Toey echoed as she hugged Khun Anong.

“Have fun and be safe.”

Toey and Alex waved goodbye to grand-ma and head to the coffee shop.

“P’Alex , you look so young.”

“You can call me P’Al. I’m a few years older than Boy.”

“I’m jealous, you look so young.”

Alex chuckled as they arrived at the coffee shop, he introduce her to his parents and waiting for Boy and Patrick to come downstairs.

“Guys , are you finished?”

“5 minute more bro.” Patrick echoed

“Please wait a little bit Toey, Patrick and Boy is still packing the equipment.”

Toey nodded and smiled to Alex.

Boy and Patrick are bickering and laughing as they bring the equipment down until Boy realized Toey is also going. He cannot help but admit, his heart skip a beat.

“Morning Toey!!” Boy try to act as he was okay but Alex and Patrick catch on , he never this hyper and friendly since he come here.

“Sowandikrup,Khun Toey, I’m Patrick. Nice to meet you.” Patrick bowed slightly.

“Needn’t to be formal here. Just call me Toey.”

“Ok, Toey.”

“You should call her, P’Toey, she is a lot older than you.”

Boy knocked on Patrick head since they are so close now. They prank each other all the time.

“Aw…Sorry…P’Toey krup , let me introduce myself once again , my name is Patrick and I am the younger brother of P’Al , I am 20 years old this year. “

Toey chuckled as Patrick is so adorable with all the introduction and his accent.

“Then you really need to call me P’Toey, I am 27 years old this year.”

“Nice to meet you P’Toey krup.”

“So are you guys ready? It is getting late.”

Alex ask while Khun Akara and his wife came up from behind them, smile brightly to Boy while the young man still locked his eyes with Toey. He inhaled deeply, frozen in her gaze.

“Enjoy your trip, take a lot of photos for us.”

“Don’t worry, dad. Our camera is ready.” Patrick said and playing with the camera.

“Boy, Toey, please take care of this two little boys for me.”

“Mom, i am the oldest and tallest here.” Alex argue back and follow by Patrick.

“Come on, you are still 5 years old in my eyes.” The son can’t help but sighed.

“Don’t worry uncle, auntie. I will take good care of them. We have to go now. ”

Boy said and waved, he took a deep breath while Toey walking near him. It seems like everything had been planned by Alex and mischievous Patrick. Boy is excited and worry at the same time , he wonder how long he can hold this feeling inside but the idea of hiking with Toey just made he grin from ear to ear.

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Some inspiration for you to continue your fanfic :icon12: Keep up your excellent work :D Also we just create @boytoeyvnfc on IG so hope you will follow us :D


sarNie Egg

Chapter 4:

Boy still deep in his own thought but for somehow he form a small smile on his face without the notice from the Toey.

“What are you doing?come faster.” Patrick echoed, Toey nodded and run toward him follow closely by Boy.

It took them 3 hours to arrive on the top of the mountain since they always stop for taking the pictures and landscaping. Patrick and Boy are in charge of setting up their tents while Toey brought out the snack for lunch.

“So tried...and tough.” Boy mumbling.

“We almost done. Come on.” Patrick said and continue setting up the tent, Toey looks at Boy who is struggling with the equipment. Alex noticed it and smiled.

“Don’t worry about Boy, Patrick is good at this, he had been camping with me since he was five. My immature brother is only useful when we go hiking and camping. ” Toey chuckled.

“You have a huge age gap with Patrick but it look like you have a fun relationship.”

“I actually have another younger brother, we part since he was 2 years old. As the first child of my parents, they doted on me a lot, my parents never want another child because they thought they can never give an equal love to the younger one. Until I was 11 years old and understand my parents concern, I bravely told them that if they afraid they cannot love the younger one enough I promise I will love him/her all my life. I begged them to have a younger sibling for me. The first time I visit Thailand with my parent is when Isaac was 2 years old. Police report that he was drown in the river when they found a child corpse. My family was heartbroken and when we return to Japan, my parents never want me to return to Thai again. To me, Patrick was a gift, my parents weren’t plan to have Patrick because of Isaac incident but when Patrick was born, everyone was so happy, he was so lovely and adorable but Patrick never have a chance to visit Thailand since he was born because of Isaac incident.

“That is so sad to hear, P’Al, you are a great brother.”

Alex give Toey a bitter smiled as he looks at Boy and Patrick from afar while sitting under the tree with Toey.

“Patrick is so lucky to have P’Al as his brother.”

“Whoever is your sibling is also very lucky.”

Toey give Alex a warm smile.

“I’m really jealous of P’Al and Patrick, you can enjoy nature and be free.”

“You can enjoy it too if you want. “

“I wish I can”

“No matter how busy you are, you always can take some time off for your love one. You should always spare sometime for your boyfriend or family. Time is really precious.”

“I , sometime don’t understand about relationship.”

“If you don’t want to spend time with that person anymore, I think it is not worth to continue the relationship.”

“Is it not because we are too busy?”

“People will make time for their love one unless love is not there that you find all the excuse.”

Toey take a deep thought and nodded

“P’Al have a point here.”


“To be honest, I don’t want to think about relationship now, to me it is too complicated. I just want to find someone who I can talk to. ”

“You sound sad. If I have one thing to tell myself or others in life, it must be, don’t stop finding true love.”

“No matter how complicated it is?”

Alex give Toey a warm smile

“There is time that your heart want to rest but if we are resting for too long, we can missed someone in life. If you live over 70 years old , you probably meet about 80000 peoples but how many of them we can deeply remember?.”

Toey looks at Al full of admiration.

“Sometime, I don’t understand why do we need to love someone but sometime I get too lonely..”

“I don’t think it is mandatory to find another person in your life to enjoy your life to the fullness. But to be honest, in this big world, it better to hold hand and walk together, it is better to share your happiness and sadness and it even better to love someone the same way you love yourself. ”

Al smile and inhale the fresh air deeply. Toey cannot help but give him a big smile.

“You know what P’Al?, I can sit here and listen to you talking about love all day long.”

“Be my guests.”

“Before talking to you, I don’t know if I want to find love but now I think my mind has change. ”

“Toey!!!Toey , I’m finish!!! Take a look.”

Boy echoed as he point to the two tent in front of one another.

“ Wow, P’Boy , you are good.” Toey praise Boy and Patrick as he finish setting up the tent.

" Thanks. "

They go around for landscaping and photography, Toey and Patrick for somehow find themselves discuss a lot together about photography since it's their hobby .

" so how long will you stay here P’Boy?" Toey question the man next to her

" Hm..i don’t know. "
" That's bad, you should stay here for 1 year at least. Nagano has many things for you to explore”

Patrick said as Al nodded agree with a small smile on his face.
" I will come back here when I have time and if Wanami's family still needs me. "
" All of us are welcome you back anytime. "