❤️[CH3] Plerng Prang Thien (Good Feeling Production) : Toey Pongsakorn / Nychaa Nuttanicha


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Why are people clapping at ratings in the 2s. Anyhow, it's in the ballpark of HJS. IDK lakorns nowadays aren't getting super good ratings but to see it low in the 2s is still surprising no matter the channel. Like channel 7 used to get 10+ now 5 or 6 is considered good. Overall, lakorns aren't as captivating.
I have been in a lakorn drought lately for channel 7 it is mostly cause my favs are done too dirty and are obviously not the cherished kids over there. For ch3 none of the ones promoted are doing it for me and Matt does not give a shit about her career.


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I just caught the first episode. It was actually really good. I like the cast haha and Nychaa, this is the most excelling role I've seen of her! This is the first lakorn I've seen of the friend in here played by Saimai and I think she's super good. I had to look if she's had main roles before and I couldn't believ she's played in a lead role with Great haha. Her english was good when they were in Paris. Yoghurt, I've always loved her. She's glowing in here! She plays the calm but evil characters really well. I always wished she would be lead in a lakorn some day, but I think her facial features are too strong for people's liking to have a sweet face for a nang aek role, but hey it's 2019 and there's nang aeks that play raeng roles.

Not sure how I feel about Nychaa's character, Kalin. She's very self-absorbed and doesn't care about her image. She does remind me of Matt/Sk storyline lol.. but she's playing it really well and makes me want more backstory of the past. She's a homewrecker but she keeps the story interesting. Pon's role is so so, haha he seems to be the sweet guy who accepts her for who she is. I don't like how he always looks like he has eyeliner though lol, is it makeup or how he looks?

Toey plays these playboys, mischievous types of roles really well. I don't like his character at all but he makes it interesting like Nychaa. This really suits him haha I wanna punch him in the face but at the same time, wanna high five him for being so sneaky and not giving an f lol.
Hum... seeing your review I might check it actually. Tired of uninteresting mary sue flower vase n'ek. I do not condone homewrecker but I like that Nicha challenges herself with a role like this to balance her "pure virgin" image. Interesting. Guess there will be battle of wits btw P'ek and N'ek.


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Matt has been busy going on vacation and bday parties. She forgot about her career. Lol
I have never seen anyone who worked so hard to get to where they are at, then fall within a couple of months to barely existing in lakorn world. Girl wants to leave the industry but couldn't she pick a better way? She seemed happy though...


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I have never seen anyone who worked so hard to get to where they are at, then fall within a couple of months to barely existing in lakorn world. Girl wants to leave the industry but couldn't she pick a better way? She seemed happy though...
Yup. She does look happy.


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Just watched episode 2! I'm liking it a lot haha probably the only lakorn that interests me at the moment.

I like how Nychaa goes back in time, although her past character is killed off already. But at the end of episode 2, she looks like she gets to roam around. How does her hair pin work anyways? It doesn't seem like there's a set way to go back to the past with the hair pin lol. But when she cried on it, it brought her back as an invisible spirit.

Toey is such an ass in here. Omg.. I don't know. I feel like he does like Nychaa but then he does sh*t where he doesn't claim her or break it off with Yoghurt. I feel like he's just using both now. I'm so excited for next episode where both girls punch/slap him haha. I do feel bad for Yoghurt cause she's getting cheated on and the way he treats her is so douchey. He should have never married her and she seems to love him. However, I also think it's her karma in the past for killing Nychaa. Now she has to go through all this heartbreak in this life of trying to win Toey.

And the mom.... wtf? Toey's mom is such a biatch. I thought she was going to beon Yoghurt's side but she literally told Toey to dump Yoghurt cause it's normal for a man to just jump from girl to girl and if she can't handle it, he should just dump her. I was in shock... she even said men don't get as bad of consequences as women so there's no harm done. Such toxic thinking. I actually root for Yoghurt against the mom lol.

Pon and Nychaa are cute. There's a few scenes of them together and they are way better than Toey and Nychaa. However, he is kind of cute with Samai too haha. He's very understanding. I feel like Nychaa doesn't deserve Pon. Especially since he sees how she homewrecks and does all she does to be with Toey. He deserves someone who likes him for him already lol.


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Omg i hate In!!!

Lol @ "i dont know In, never met In", sounds SO familiar!!

Another LOL: comment on the press release showing marriage license and no marriage license with first wife (Janie, her ex husband and Nantida!)
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Ok. So...I'm assuming Lin going back to the past life and meeting Ben as Luis is gonna help her fall in love with present time Ben? Cause from the ending credits I see that Luis has a beard and his hair is spiked to the left side, but present time he has no beard and his hair is spiked to the right side here
@1:27 he has no beard and his hair looks like the modern Ben +
@19:04 that also looks like Ben lol. OMG! I can't wait to see her fall in love with him. Like she Kissed Ben!(peck on the cheek only...but still!!) Not by accident.
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