❤️[CH3] Plerng Prang Thien (Good Feeling Production) : Toey Pongsakorn / Nychaa Nuttanicha


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Think it wont be long for these two to be reunited in another lakorn. Just found out p'wit replied to the fans' comment wanting them to be reunited. And there are also threads in pantip for them to play couple again.
Really!?!? Yayyy!! What genre would you guys like them to play? Lol


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I had a hard time with this lakorn. None of the characters were likeable other than Ben/Louis and sometimes Ti, nor were their actions justifiable. Could barely root for anyone.

The n'ek. She got slightly better throughout the lakorn but nonetheless she was a bitch and I couldn't agree with any of her actions. She's so thick faced and stubborn as she argues that she is not in the wrong. It doesn't matter what your argument is, In is still a married man. Her need to get revenge was dumb because honestly Wongduen didn't do that much to her, idiotic Tiankam begged for her husband, even a statue would get mad. Tiankam is dumb and Kalin is stupid. Couldn't find any reason to root for her character. Ben is too good for her and she should have ended up alone. I really hated the n'ek here. Nycha's acting isn't the strongest but she did okay here. Still needs a bit of work though.

In is your typical asshole. He loves no one but himself and his wife and mistress were better off not fighting over this piece of crap. I really felt bad for Ti. She wouldn't have turned out the way she did if she didn't have such a crappy husband. It's not like she's a bad person or remotely unreasonable. She did her best and was dealt a bad hand. You can't blame her for wanting to hurt Kalin, Kalin was always taunting her and rubbing things in her nose. I'm glad she could be happy again in the end but too bad she loves such an ass.

I hated this lakorn because it made me angry. The plot was fine and all but the n'ek really rubbed me the wrong way.


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Okay since we are social distancing and I started liking Toey I just currently just finished episode 5. Let me say I don’t like his character in here but this is entertaining and a different character for him lol.

Man his character is like the total opposite of him in real life lolz well based off his interviews and stuff. He is such a narcissist in this lakorn.

I do feel like his modern day character actually does like nek more than his past life and he might of actually left his wife this time around since it’s more acceptable.
Anyways, I will get back in here after I finish.