❤️[CH3] My Love From the Stars (Broadcast Thai Television) : Nadech Kugimiya / Matt Peranee


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Haven't watched it yet. In the original, the lead guy is supposed to be stiff but not super stiff. I skimmed the MVs and was thinking the guy version here is so smiley lol.
Yeah the main female lead is supposed to be very animated and like sassy whereas the main male lead is supposed to be very calm and doesn’t show much emotion I believe. However these types of roles require acting through the eyes so let’s hope Nadech can pull it off. I haven’t watched the first episode yet. Waiting for the subs.


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Watching the livestream. Matt’s facial expressions are so on point lol especially when she said “noooormal” :thumbup: She’s funny, as expected.

Eye looks great!

Can’t feel the chemistry yet. I agree that Nadech seems a bit more stiff than Soo Hyun. It’s still the 1st ep, tho. I’m enjoying this, so far. :p


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Just watched the first episode tonight without subtitle. I don't understand what they say but I kinda enjoy it more than I thought, which is good. This is my first Matt's lakorn and I quite like her here, she's so funny. So far I like the alien that Nadech portrays better than Kim Soo Hyun. Just because Nadech's character seems to has more empathy and there's a sadness in his eyes because he's stuck in this Earth. Whereas, KSH's character seems to be so stuckup.

Just a few things to complain: Nadech's wig is just so distracting, his misuse of the bath towel (lol, lol lol), and the actress playing the young girl in the past is not really good.

Anyway, so far not bad. Can't wait to watch the next ep.
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also watched the livestream and it's really good for my standard. This is also my first Matt lakorn and I enjoyed her. She did good. The editing, the camera works are good to. Special effects were passable. Nadech being Nadech. I can say his portrayal of Achira in first episode was like that of his role in Likit Ruk. Overall, congrats for a good pilot episode.


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Thanks for all the update , just had time to watch 2 episodes, so far it’s good especially Matt . She shouldn’t have a problem cuz she is good at this role . As for na I need to see more . Btw I wish they didn’t show him wearing a towel to shower lol , who wear them , they could have just shoot the scene just below his waist and we can all imagine ourself lol .
I like all the song but the one I like the most is the third song by none , the winner of the mask line thai


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From one of the scene I saw , Matt will be the first nangek that na will kiss beside ya ..lol if they r following the Korean version they will have that scene and I don’t think they will use camera angle , I don’t see p Mai the director doing that, off course the kiss might not be like the Korean but it would actually be their lip touching lol idk gotta wait and see .
One thing to compare na and the Korean actor , na eyes is more expressive so let’s see how he will use it as the drama go . I don’t have high expectations so I am enjoying it , Matt made me laugh a couple of times.


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I laughed at Matt, she's funny in here. The part when she was in Na's class and fell asleep but over exaggerated her laugh when the class laughed, not sure why I Iaughed but I did. She's actually funny without trying to be one.

Na is surely an Alien because he wore a towel in the shower. When he was moving his head in the shower and his hair all over the place with the towel wrapped around him, I had a good laugh. He is pretty stiff in here trying to be stiff, so it might take a little bit of getting use to.


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So just watched the first episode and all I can say is that I actually really enjoyed it thankfully! I think it was a solid first episode. It was nice and comedic without being crazy over the top. Matt was obviously the perfect choice for the main female lead. Her acting never manages to disappoint me. She really shined in this episode! She’s already managed to make me laugh and almost cry for her in just one episode lol As for Nadech, his acting is okay in this. His character is meant to be very calm and kind of expressionless however I would’ve liked to see him act and express more through his eyes. In some parts of the episode, he was acting well with his eyes and then in some other parts his facial expression and his eyes were just very blank and empty. Hopefully he improves as the episodes go on but overall he was good enough for me!

Chemistry wise, I see potential. Right now in the lakorn, they’re not interested in each other in a romantic way at all yet so I can excuse the fact that they may not have good romantic chemistry. They have good chemistry as co-stars so far but not romantic chemistry is what I’m trying to say if that makes sense lol Once the romantic build up starts happening, I expect to start seeing that romantic chemistry more!


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Watching the lakorn then Watching the bloopers at the end! Nadech and his character are total opposites lmao! And he does seem a bit stiff...other then that 555 enjoying it so far. Matt is gorgeous! ...But it drives me crazy how similar everything is! Especially the condo's lol. Like woah! I still remember the korean ver vividly too.


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Finished episode one, I'll try not to get my hopes up too much but episode one was really good, it's making me all giddy and excited. Oh boy. So far Nadech's bangs and Matt's clothes are not bothering me. The coats look really stylish and they made it possible for me to forget Thailand is hot. Effects and setting were great also, really looked grand in my opinion, it didn't even look like a typical thai drama. It looked so upgraded. Matt's face expressions were really on point, by the way, not over too over the top like I would expect and Nadech was not bad also.