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    help on question

    I've read "the bride" by Julie Garwood. Jayme, the n'ek is funny and cute and brave! Alex the p'ek is something else too! Great plot and set back in the historical romance era. Here is my list of favorite author/books: Catherine Coulter: All the sherbrook triology etc... Julie Garwood Sherlee...
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    Cinta Laura--Indonesian Pop Star

    I was bored and was surfing youtube when I came across this cute teenage Indonesian English-Speaking pop star who likes Poo Praiya. What do you all think? Plus, the songs is catchy and cute.
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    Fai Ruk Arsoon (Lakorn Thai)

    Does anyone know where I can watch the old version?
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    Wong Wian Hua Jai (Ch7 Kantana)

    Yeah, another twist to the lakorn. The p'ek turning from sweet to mean sounds good to me. I like that. I thought it was going to be another lakorn with good beginning and sucky plots/predictable plots in the middle and to the end of the lakorn. Please, Please don't let the lakorn drag....
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    Need soundtrack help

    thanks for the recording! I'm still searching, i'll let you know when i find it.
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    Need soundtrack help

    I don't know the title of the lakorn in Thai... but the Pat plays as a rich girl impersonating as an Isan maid with dark features, curly hair and a big mole on her face. She's investigating her future money grubbing fiance (Nat). Here is the video clip from
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    Sane Ranut

    He's a very talented singer and very handsome. He's not a great dancer but he can improve. I think that he is very shy and he isn't very flashy with his clothes. These are images I perceived of him from the April's concert in Long Beach, Ca. In fact, he's performing again tonight at the Hak Heng...
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    help me plz sarnies

    I could only say that one small thing lead to another big thing. First thing first, get him alone and talk one to one. Get down to the real issue...him not able to afford the dinner leading to the break up of friendship. Clearly, he resents that you have more money and he has none--he's...
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    Num Sornram & Noon Woranuch (Mae Ying)!!

    Well, she didn't start liking Num until after her boyfriend died. Someone was hired to kill Noon's b/f and that someone is Noon's father and stepmother.
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    Num Sornram & Noon Woranuch (Mae Ying)!!

    What is the storyline? This lakorn is a remake. The older version was with Sam and Ann Sirium. A very good story and ending, a few kissing/sweet scenes btwn the n'ek and p'ek. As the story line goes... Noon is a princess who was forced to marry another prince but she refused. She was already...
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    Bankruptcy The website above is free. It helps you with all types of legal issues and can help you on what to do about bankruptcy. I heard that once you file bankruptcy it will stay on your personal record forever. Why? because too many people, especially younger adults file for...
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    Be Very Careful!!!

    Hi Everyone, This was an e-mail sent from our IT personel about malicious attacks on PC's. Consider yourself lucky everyday when nothing happens to your PC ... but if you are *_un_*lucky, spyware will leave your computer as good as useless, steal your personal data, banking information...
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    well you know... a while back, she been seen holding hands with the ex-prime minister of Thailand. I'm not surprise that she did sell sex for profit and fame. She even dissed her own family about how bad they treated her before she became famous. Crazy I say...and am pretty sure that she's not...
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    How do u handle controversial around u?

    Been there myself. But lucky for me I was in a study hall with a mixture of all diverse ethnicity. You have the left and the right minded and of course the gays and lesbians. Advice: 1. Speak up, talk to someone, don't bottle it up, talk to that IGNORANT TA. Back up with proof to disabuse her...
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    Aum Patcharapa

    Gorgeous as ever. However, Aump is starting too look her age. She looks older, and if you look real close in her eyes, she looks like she's age significantly.