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    [Ch3] Kratook Nuad Suer (Broadcast Thai Television)

    Benz will pair up with Nott Worarit. If Pop play twin character not sure the other twin will pair up with, but for sure one is with Sara. I'm sad Benz's n'ek time is slowly fading away. Thai people only like beautiful, young and fresh newbies with no talent to be main lead. It's so sad to see...
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    [Ch3] Sanaeha Sunya Kaen (PolyPlus)

    I didn't watch tawan tor saeng so I can't say that Dome is bad nor improve in this lakorn. However, I must say Dome's acting is very bad in this lakorn. Seems like he try very hard to act natural. The crying scene was ok, but the part where he found out about Tawan from Lydia and he was looking...
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    Mike Pattradetch & Now Tisanart (Koo Sang Koo Som vol. 35 no. 845 April 2014)

    I can't believe he get to be p'ek.
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    Pat Patricia & James Jirayu (Priew vol. 33 no. 716 April 2014)

    Hopefully in the future they have lakorn together. They look so cute together.
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    [Ch3] Cubic (UMA99)

    I am so slow on this lakorn I'm only on episode 7. I still can't get over Bomb's scandal with Focus and his acting is killing the lakorn. I love Mint, but Bomb's acting is really BAD. I think the two new guys, their acting is even way better than Bomb.
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    [Ch3] Sao Bai Mai Tao (Maker Group)

    Totally with you @Fun! I wish she get pair with Nadech, Mark, JamesJi, Jamesma. Someone who is her generation. Not old men lol. Great is not too bad however, he is still a lot older than her. Especially Smart is way too old for her. That's like Mew L with Por N in Wannalee.
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    [Ch3] Kol Kimono (Broadcast Thai)

    Broadcast must really love Ken P a lot. They are pushing him hard. He is so lucky got to pair with A-list actresses and especially this one is with Bird. He better improve his acting skill because I like my Chompoo. Many people said his acting has unproved, but I don't any different feom...
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    [Ch3] Cubic (UMA99)

    I'm not going give any comment because it's only episode 1. However, I like the pace of the lakorn.
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    [Ch3] Kol Kimono (Broadcast Thai)

    I thought Bird was p'ek. If he is not then I don't want to watch Ken P. He may got the height, but I still think he is not good enough in term of acting. My poor Chompoo.
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    [Ch3] Neung Nai Suang (No Problem)

    Aww the picture remind of Janie and Ken. I still remembered everything from Janie and ken's version. Love this lakorn so hope YAYA and JamesJi make this version as good as Janie and Ken. I wonder who will play the little girl.
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    [Ch3] Cubic (UMA99)

    After reading the summary I can't wait to watch this lakorn. I like smart/tough n'ek.
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    [Ch3] Fai Ruk Plerng Kaen (Sonic Boom)

    Yam is pretty, but not n'ek material also Smart is way too old for her that's creepy.
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    [Ch3] Lom Son Ruk (Feel Good)

    I wonder why there's no picture of Patricia and Nadech together. Is Pat afraid of YAYA's fanclub lol. Can't wait to see Pat and Nadech together.
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    [Ch3] Tang Duen Hang Ruk (Citizen Ken)

    I don't know what to think of this pairing Alec and Rita. I guess we have to wait and see how it will turn out. Glad Rita have another lakorn, but her p'ek is so young. I hope the lakorn is good, Noi's lakorn so far none of them is good.