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  • lol.. thanks for the compliement girl, now and day's all i want to do is be mean to people and stick out my tounge... see ----> :p hahha anyways how are u doing nong'nai?? i miss u deary :)
    Yeah, I've changed my mood of the day. By this sunny day... oh yeah :D (No... I've changed it last night at 3 a.m), but thx :p
    Oh oh oh Chen Chen Chen, win the '150' bucks at the end of school ok ? :D (Please, let's share after, put 75/25 each :p)
    You told me yourself that my mob pic was weaksauce! That's why I went with the cowboy one. It brings out my eyes.
    damn you have a long list of visitors
    thank you sweeite for the comments
    about to fall asleep... will try to watch some
    haha....i always blush my sweet dear nong nai! at least i never have to wear blush make!*hugs* mommy loves you and don't don't have to make fun of me again because i took that pic out....haha!
    LOL at you my little nong nai!*hugs* and i'm not *blushing* because your mommy hasn't committed any crimes yet...haha! and yes i do know fujin...he might be a little weird but i'll handle him for ya sweety!
    my sweet dear nong nai...mommy's not malesting hello kitty ok...haha! mommy is just hugging her...she's so cuddly you see...hehe!
    hi hi dear the spam is back but remember dear they are really internet flowers...:)
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