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  • ahahah well yeah i been here for a long time and i dont got lots of views cus this profile thingymajig is still pretty new..and i haven't been on sworld lately too...ahah but if u wanna drop bai my..profile paige thingy i'd be glad to welcome u...just dont start stalking me...O__o
    wow you're popular as hell as a newbie. if you're gonna take a picture of your abs, might as well do it all the way. as in lower your pants so I can see the V-shape. that's the sexy part O_O. excuse me now.
    Haha, I'm doin good. I totally agree with S.W.I.T, you got all girl replying in here, where the guy?
    seriously stop hitting on me, oh btw, if you got any hot friends taller, like TALLER than five eight, tell them to hollar at a playa. HAHA
    doing superb........ i got done with cooking and now i'm finishing up my ice cream.... yummie... so what is up with u man? seducing all my lovers??? gosh, please dont show ur face... cause i dont want my heartbroken!!!! ohh not from u but from my girls, they might leave me to hit it with u...gosh!! so is that a deal?? lmfao
    yes listen to my mom I am not weird! and besides who says that I am your daughter? lol. u can't call me a daughter until i approve that u are my dad lmao.
    oooohhh wow how cute heheh man im totally blushing dude lol =p but I hope im good enough to keep you as a number one fan T__T lol thanks man hahah that helps me a little lolss cause i've never had a number 1 fan sad huh? lol =p and sorry for waking u muahah lol and also you should come by and chat with us sometimes or chat with me personally ;]
    Hello Fujin, your place are beautiful. How r u doin today? Btw, Welcome to Sarnworld! *wink*
    no my daughter's not weird fujin :p she's infact one of my cutest daughters...hehe! so don't corrupt her with your flirtatous words mr!
    ohh ur so wrong, stop checking out my profile, i got nothing intesting....... i'm just some old fart who loves to talk....lmfao!!! how are u doing today?
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