Your favourite Aum lakorn

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sarNie Egg
"Rai Rissaya" is the first lakorn I've seen from Aum A. and I like him a lot. I think I'm gonna pay more attention to this actor.


anie's bb [c] D=
^^Hehe, so true. Everyone got the fever by now.


sarNie Egg
I never like Aum Atichard......I watch some of his lakorn beacuse I like N’ek or the story of the lakorn is good. Like I watch “Jum Leuy Ruk� because I like Aff, but the more I watch this lakorn the more I start to like Aum more and now I think he HOTTTT (never thought I would say this...hehehe).........This lakorn is so addicting. So my favorite Aum lakorn have to be.......JUM LEUY RUK........ Aum and Aff did a very good job in this lakorn and it look like it going to end pretty soon and I don’t want this lakorn to end yet...........


sarNie Juvenile
To me personally I like "Wiman Leh kulab" as Nadia as the nangake!
I love that lakorn because It deals with secert admirer and roses!


sarNie Adult
"Jum Leuy Ruk" because AUM AND AFF are so HOT together.


Expired Sarnie
i got to say jam luey ruk so far it might changed in the future...well i have not seen all his lakorn yet so it is hard to decide right now...