Wong Wian Hua Jai (Ch7 Kantana)


Hahaha they're going to get drunk on their wedding night. That should be interesting. Lol. Pinky looks so pretty in the dress and Weir, handsome in the white suit! Weir's face reaction in the "drunken" pics are super hilarious! Can't wait! Thanks for the pics!


sarNie Oldmaid
this scene was Pinky tried to get Weir drunk hahah don't know why she does it,her fans said wait to see it in the lakorn.
but my guess probably she don't want him to sleep with her. :unsure:
all these pics is making me want to see the lakorn faster. can't wait!


sarNie Egg
Pinky look very pretty with that hairstyle. I like their drunk pics. Vier and Pinky look very dorky being drunk. can't wait until the lakorn airs. btw, thanks for sharing the pics.


sarNie Adult
WOW, the second teaser is crazy! lol makes me wanna watch it more. i hope the kiss scene is longer than just a "KISS" hahaha i want to see some movements. lol