Wimarn Mungorn (PJJ)


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happy ending!!! oil isnt blind anymore since he trip over the toys now a happy big family with 4 kids........... wimarn mungkorn


sarNie Adult
poor man all he ever wanted was his mothers love....i thought that part was sad...i wasnt expecting gimlim to die like that did what A-sam told her to do but i guess she deserves it.


sarNie Granny
love watching oil and pancake together....they make a really cute couple...wish to see them in another lakorn together...i liked this lakorn...the beginning was so cute and the ending was sweet...oil is such an amazing actor very versatile...and like pancake's acting....sweet and strong^^

**i really like how oil got his eyesight back...funny


sarNie Egg
this lakorn was good.. i like oil in this lakorn his role and the way he dresses in this lakorn made me like him LOL he's so cute haha
and in this lakorn pancake looks more mature compare to liem pret karat , plik din soo dow and her previous ones. except for sai narm sarm cheewit because she act as a mum in that one as well.


sarNie Hatchling
This is the lakorn that made me like pancake more, her n oil have great chemistry , u can see it in their eyes. Hope in the future they have another lakorn together.Her acting is really good .As for oil he is great as always.


It is so pretty. Those people who created the page is totally awesome. Too bad I can't read.


sarNie Egg
It is so pretty. Those people who created the page is totally awesome. Too bad I can't read.

lol i can't read it as well.. but it looks good..:D

i liked that song in this lakorn but i don't know what its called.. does anyone know? the song sung by a girl.. it came up on that part where she was sitting there crying in the bathroom.. after she saw his gun in the cupboard.


I was rewatching the first episode with my mom since she didn't watch it with me before, I started to laugh all over again. It's too funny.

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sarNie Coma
This lakorn pissed my mom and grandmother so much. They said things got really bad towards the end. I thought it was kinda good, kinda annoying but Oil was HOT in this. And the ost was so nice.


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the reason why this lakorn is sitting on my shelf b/c Oil's in there too .. i only peek in episode one and give up on it lOl -- it doesn't look good to me from episode and none of the scene capture my attention too .. sad but yeah, Oil's the only who save this for me lOl