Why is Nadech always sticking around his Mom?

Discussion in 'Thai' started by maipin, Dec 27, 2018.

  1. Siti Hardianti

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    the difference between ny vs mk is kimberley's dad already died and she didnt spend time with her mother so she could spend all her time with mark and his family and yaya still has her parents thats why she also must taking care of her parents and not always spending time with nadech, if you used to see mk having pda its because no one could ever stop them and for ny yaya's mother always around and nadech respect yaya's mother so they never show pda so bluntly like mk
  2. Siti Hardianti

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    yeah only boring to you but not to ny fans
  3. NongS

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    Yeah, sometimes family tragedy has its benefits like this. /s
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  4. twister02

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    First of all, the thread is not even about MK or NY's PDA. It's about Nadech and his mom being around with him. Secondly, NY do PDA's too. Their recent Paris trip showed that. There's no wrong in showing love. NY love each other, MK love each other. Couples who love each other shows affection. NY are already grown ups. They know what's morally right and wrong. Their parents are just there to guide and teach them. It's unfortunate for Kim to not have her dad anymore but it doesn't mean that's the reason why she's affectionate with Mark. We don't know exactly the family dynamics between MK or even NY. Good thing NY have their parents around. It's hard not having it like Kim and good thing Mark's family is treating her as one of their own.
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  5. maipin

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    I don’t really get the comparison here about NY and MK. Are their fans enemies? lol

    So it is not just Nadech and a lot Thai actors do that. Good to know.
    Acting is another interesting topic about NY. I wish Nedech will find a breakthrough role and become kookin with other actresses. He has a lot of potential.
  6. Kayla

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    I'm at work, eating Chinese food, and reading through these comments is quite entertaining during my lunch hour.

    I think some may see Nadech as only spending time with his mom because he doesn't have his own personal IG to share moments that he has outside of his mom- his mom has one, so of course she's aways going to post pics of them togehter. A mother loves her son so she wants to share her proud moments, nothing wrong with that. About MK and NY, no matter what our opinons are about them, it doesn't change the fact that they are all friends in real life and all have been supportive of one another. If the fans can't get along, I'm glad they can still get along.

    Happy New Year to All!
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  7. Plutoh

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    I actually like that about Nadech. He is different from most of the pra ak. We don't see a lot of people who loves their family this much as he do in this generation. Plus I'm sure he and Yaya spend time together before the holidays start. They are balancing it out.
  8. ArabellaRose

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    What breakthrough role? What potential? You dont know? He already is ranked number 1 actor in having the most awards in the history of Thailand (more than 130 awards )and he was followed by a much older person and that person didnt even reach 100 awards. As to pairing with other actresses . He already did. His first was not with yaya. He also paired with Mew, Taew, and Kim and now hes doing one with Matt. You didnt know? Its true he did many with yaya but thats because he is offered this and the fans also wanted to see them.
    As to being with his mother.
    Nadech is not married yet. as well as yaya. Normally unmarried people spend holiday time with family. Well at least Most Asian people especially traditional ones does that. Its quite different in other places where family isnt as important as their significant others. Some people are more traditional and old fashioned than others. Most of the times the more religious a person is the more conservative and traditional he would be.

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