Why is Nadech always sticking around his Mom?

Discussion in 'Thai' started by maipin, Dec 27, 2018.

  1. NongS

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    I'm sorry @Peace

    @sasuke06 Maybe I did and peace has always warned me not to bring them up, to her credit.

    I mean if you want to deliberately misunderstand where I just said I think they are being genuine right now, then I can't do anything about that. That was part of what I first said.
  2. Alichgo

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    Your intial post would have had more value had you not started your comment with shade to NY. So as you questioned their sincerities, I quesitioned your sincerity in your defense to your perfectly good reason why people spend their holidays with their families.

    See how much nicer this would have sounded?
    "People do tend to stay with family during festivals, and Asian folks do stay closer to family a lot more. I would assume Christmas isn't even a huge deal in Thailand considering that they are majorly Buddhist "
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  3. NongS

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    If anything, I should think my sincerity is reinforced because I have no earthly reason to say anything nice about them. i would have sounded nice but it wouldn't be me saying it. I would feel insincere saying it. Of course now I wish I hadn't said it but I gotta defend because I refuse to cave to this extra-heavy artillery that your comrades have brought on.
  4. sasuke06

    sasuke06 sarNie Adult

    So since you like to judge the others according to what they let you know on social medias. I wonder what do you think about all these celebrities? Because according to their instagrams, they all don't spend time with their other half lol. The whole world is fake and strategic, only MK are pure because they share every moments of their life to their fans sthg like this?

    Bella is not with Weir but with her friends so what? They are fake & strategic?

    Weir is still working and he's not on holidays with Bella so what? He's not a good bf and Bella/weir are fake and strategic?

    Taew & JJ on Christmas day uploaded a post of them together instead of Ton & Foam so what? They are a real couple because they posted a pic together? They are fake and strategic in being lovey dovey? No it's work lol

    I would like to know your opinion because you seem to be the kind of person who loves to judge someone's else life according to social media and what they let you know and see. Or maybe....only Nadech & Yaya have a special treatment?
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  5. NongS

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    And would you stop equating strategic and fake? Fake = absolutely non-existent, which doesn't apply here
    Strategy= leveraging existing resources to achievement of a goal. I DON'T THINK IT'S WRONG.
    If you want me to write you a thesis about celebrity marketing you're going to have to pay me lol
    I swear girl you really are wasting perfectly excellent ammunition on the wrong battleground.
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  6. fresh

    fresh sarNie Adult

    and others that I didn’t quote too:

    I’m so confused. I thought Christmas is when people spend time with their family. Nadech’s making merit with his mom (and probably praying for his dad’s health). He also gave scholarships and spent time with children to make them happy (he has many activities to help children during the year). What’s wrong with that??? Seriously, what’s wrong with some people nowadays.

    If someone is FAKE/Strategic meaning they take good care of their family and their loved one, be faithful in their exclusive relationship, and do good things to contribute to society then we need more people like that instead of being like others who LIE, CHEAT, FAKE sweetness with their costars when they’re in relationship with others in real life.

    Nadech has spent time and had many trips with his friends and his teerak during the year. He just didn’t post everything on social media. If you don’t follow his friends or no one share for him, you can’t know what he’s doing. If you don’t know everything him, you shouldn’t judge him. Nothing wrong if someone wanna protect their private life and image.

    I always wonder why many people who don’t really like NY (or not a NY fan) but like to talk about NY everywhere. They even talk and judge like they really know NY. Even NYFC who follow NY everyday can’t say they know everything about them because we don’t really know their private life.
    How can NON NY FANs talk like they really know NY??? Are they following NY all the time too??? If yes, I feel sorry that they don’t have more meaningful things to do in their life.
    If I don’t like someone , I don’t bother to waste my time to follow or talk about them.
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  7. sasuke06

    sasuke06 sarNie Adult

    Damn no answer or opinion on these celebrities? WHY HAHAH? A thai VS an inter fan like you? (555) I know much more things about MK than you. You should not deal with me, any kind MK fan should come collect your friend. Agree/ disagree is useless, it's about science, you're MK but you love talking about NY, at least, you show some interests with them, that's why NY are always the most talk of the town, you should check #ณเดชน์ญาญ่า too, they are used to trending loool. I think you will enjoy it and maybe, have more REAL insights on their relationship? SATHU :worship2::thumbup:

    You don't have to agree with me but maybe you will agree with Kim? As for you, NY are not sincere (which means being fake/strategic) but Kim takes Na as the standard of handsomness! She's right that's why Nadech is playing as a "มนุษย์ต่างดาว " and then a "เทพบุตร" :thumbup:. Handsome inside & out, that's Nadech!!!


    """"A thesis on celebrity marketing' :risas3: WTF?:risas3:""""" GO TO CALL AE SUPACHAI !!!!!

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  8. fresh

    fresh sarNie Adult

    The problem is people who don’t like NY like to talk about NY everywhere not just in a few threads. We don’t have time to check every thread to tell them not to mention about NY in unrelated thread lol.

    Most of the time, people throw shade about NY first then pretend to be victims when NY fans come to defend NY or talk about their favorites. For example, just checking NY lakorn threads with others. Some people claimed that NY fans attacked NY’s costars when they are themselves attacking NY first. So hypocrite lol
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  9. "peace"

    "peace" sarNie Tombstone

    no need to check every thread whenever you cross it do it like how i accidentally saw this
  10. maipin

    maipin sarNie Egg

    Guys!! The intention of my thread is not to create fan war or shade NY. I am a NY fan myself.
    Just curious about Nedech mum being around him all the time, at least the time I see. As a fan of Nadech, I just want to see him with other friends, just like how Yaya has other circle of friends.
    Maybe Nadech has his time with friends, just that I don’t know?
    PS. I didn’t even mention about Yaya here.
  11. Alichgo

    Alichgo sarNie Oldmaid

    If you are curious about Nadech then why not ask the question in the Likit Ruk thread? I am sure those that follow him for the past 8 years will provide more insight than most in these forum who do not even follow Nadech. If you said your question was in general then you clearly confused your post by asking specifically about him.
  12. m3lhouse

    m3lhouse sarNie Adult

    You're his fan, so you've seen him only with his mom but failed to see him on his many excurions with his friends? :risas3::risas3::risas3::risas3::risas3: TRY AGAIN

    Why is it when he spends x-mas with his mom, she's controlling him... Yaya's with her family for x-mas but she's normal lol
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  13. twister02

    twister02 M♥K

    and the war between MK and NY was tackled again just because an unfortunate MK fan is not a fan of NY and expressed her opinion about it.
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  14. sasuke06

    sasuke06 sarNie Adult

    Because as a Nadech fan, she ignores that he went to Vietnam with his friends, he went to Bali with his friends, he went to watch the World Cup in Russia with his friend, he went to Paris with Yaya without his mom, he went to Hong kong only with Yaya. She ignored everything but she's his fan loool. And this is only the official info we got lol. The problem is when people knows nothing about some people but they like to judge them. If you know nothing, please be smart at least. I have personally never had that feeling of being ignorant, then share my opinion and when someone call me out to say the thruth, I felt offended :risas3:. Also Nadech has no public IG, he's someone private so if you want to have real updates about him, you just have to follow his friends :rolleyes:





  15. Alichgo

    Alichgo sarNie Oldmaid

    There's no war between MK or NY. It's several comments replying to a particular MK fan.

    I think most NYFC don't even give 2 cents about MK to say anything about them because they are too busy thinking about NY. If only fanclubs stay in their own lane, there wouldn't be any heated discussion about MK or NY. The stars themselves get along, but it's the fanclub.:facepalm:
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  16. sasuke06

    sasuke06 sarNie Adult

    Since people are very interested in NY 's private life, you should know about their dates during the past few months. And hey, Nadech & Yaya are not fan service, most of these moments have been discovered by some randoms people who were kind and dared to share with us all these pics + infos :thumbup:. Also, it's funny, when NY are not together, they are not real, when NY are together, they are fake in selling Jin, I think the real problem is not NY, people should get a life and put their attention on the ones they love lool

    FINNNNNNNNNNN :icon12: :love: :icon12:





    But hey, keep following NY if you are so interested but stay behind and just stare at them :love:

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  17. twister02

    twister02 M♥K

    I honestly feel that the comments made on her was partly because she's a MK fan who happens to not like or have doubts about NY. Is it wrong tho that she happens to feel that way and express it in a language that is not even offensive? I'm also a MK fan but I don't want to make comments about NY because I know that there are a lot of NY fans here in AF that might misunderstood my intentions because they know I'm a MK fan.
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  18. maipin

    maipin sarNie Egg

    I did ask in the thread before, not the same question but no one reply. It is always interesting to know other options as well.

    I don’t know Thai and only follow NY recently. It feels weird to me to see a grown up guy following his Mum. It may just be culture thing. For Yaya isn’t she go back to Norway every year to spend time with her family?
    @sasuke06 Thank you for sharing.
  19. Alichgo

    Alichgo sarNie Oldmaid

    In all honesty and just puzzling to me but as an MK fan that she is concern with what NY does or did. She is not wrong for her opinions, but are others wrong for responding with their opinions? None of the responses to her were offensive against her personally. It’s interesting that she’s seem to find her way commenting about NY and this is not the first time I came across this.

    People shouldn’t give out life jackets, if they are also going to poke holes in it. Doesn’t help the cause.
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  20. siraphun

    siraphun sarNie Hatchling

    it's a Thai et thing. a lot of actors are with their mothers like bringing them to work and everything. moms help manage their work and take care of them I guess.

    nothing has changed for NY. still acting together when everybody else has moved way on with different experiences. they are too boring for me.

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