Who Mint Chalida Should Pair With???


Who should Chalida pair with???? mmmm/....
Well from what i c... I think my Chalida should pair with
3.Pope (Again,Missing them)
4.Mark (Always)
5.Alex (Missing them like crazy)
6.Ken Phupoom
7.Bie Sukrit (I can totally imagine them together)
8.Maybe Rome


❤All that you are is all that I'll ever need❤
When it come to Chalida lol it a FULL hand!

1. Nadech Kugimiya
2. James Jirayu
3. Mario Maurer
4. Ken Phupoom
5. Mike Pirath
6. Pope Thanawat (agian but now as main lead)
7. Boy Pakorn
8. Grate Warintorn
9. Rome Patchata
10. Aum Atichart
11. Mark Prin (not always but u now wat i mean)
12. Ken Theeradeth

Top 12 for now lol this girl is a full hand cause she happen to match everyone she around with :D


sarNie Adult
My lists :)
1) Nadech Kugimiya ( It would be an interesting pair! )
2) Mark Prin ( I'm not satisfied with their last couples of works together! Need a good one! SOON!) ehe
3) Pope Thanawat
4) Boy Pakorn
5) Alex R. ( they cute)


sarNie Adult
Mark; I'm still waiting for a complete and satisfying lakorn from them ...until then, Mark's name will be stuck on this list xD
Boy P. 


sarNie Adult
James J
Ken T


Is your "nom" Fai-approved?
Nadech (I'm not sure I really think they're compatible but it would be interesting...)
Ken P (his acting isn't up to my standards but I find him adorable onscreen for some reason; I would want him and Chalida in something intense)
Mario (just too cute in my head)
Pope again PLEASE, they were the cutest thing I had seen in a while!
And maybe Rome...


sarNie OldFart
1.) Nadech, I always thought Nalida would make a beautiful couple. Their features are compatible <3

2.) Mario, the fact that Nong pulled out in the one with Mario, she better make it up to us fans lol

3.) Boy; I'm sure Boy and Chalida would be an interesting pair !!!! A comedy lakorn will do lol

4.) Ken T. *drools he'll be the first older generation pra'ek pick :)

5.) Grate and Chalida would also make a fun pair (;

6.) dum dum dum !!! James Jirayu !!!! I swear they'll make such a refreshing and cute pair !!!

&Mint sure did make it up to us fans hehe <3