Who is your favorite actress right now????


sarNie Tombstone
Oy darling why pick on me. Jai rai jing jing

I'm just bored of her now. Especially with her marriage, i can't see her as a n'ek anymore.
I actually understand your expression about her atm if i was U CC i probably say the same thing i think atm i can picture Aff playing the n'rai as Jai-Rerng
in for Plerng Boon


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AFF - YAYA - Margie

I can never get sick of Aff :p
whether she's married or not i feel she's still N'EK material.


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AFF - YAYA - Margie

I can never get sick of Aff :p
whether she's married or not i feel she's still N'EK material.
Thanks Ceci. I love you so much. <333

As for me, Aff; now and always forever

Others: Taew, Donut, Matt, Vill


sarNie Tombstone
My current 3 favourites
Chomp, Ploy, Cherry
Followed By
Anne, Rita, Margie, Yaya, ect


sarNie Egg
in the 90's it would be mew lalita..

rite now my favorite are:
ch7 min p
ch5 view w

i dont have a fav from ch3 but i like almost all the actress from there

my all time favorite was pinky savika but now i just like her acting cuz of her scandel

aom piyada


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Wow each time is different hehehehe

Will hete i go for now hehehehe

1. Chompoo Araya: she da greatest rite now
2. Ploy Cherman: same as Chom
3. Ann Thongprasorn: she still Da queen of lakorn lol
4. Kim Kimberly: many find her ugly but i find her one of da best new babies
5. Kwan Usamanee: one of da best from ch.7 to mee tho
6. Noon W: love her
7. Margie Rasri: just love her
8. View Wannorot: one of da best in ch.5 now
9. Pancake Khemanit: never like her but like her lol it is all because of chance hehehe
10. Marie Broenner: she starting to grow on me

Sorry na most of my actress r from channel 3 but my childhood n'ek is Kob Suvavant...not Ann but Kob...i kindda found Ann late like in 1999-2001 around there na hehehe


sarNie Juvenile
Well , for me the actresses that have been grabbing my attention are Yaya (I just LOVE her as an actress and individual ), Anne ( love her acting ), Chompoo ( loved her with Ken T) and Matt ( good actress , so sweet with Grate )


sarNie Hatchling
Bee Namthip forever...I only watch her lakorn when she is a n'ek of course. She doesn't get that kind of role a lot lately though.