Who Is you Fav Celebrity!

Rose Tran

sarNie Hatchling
Male: Nadech, Weir, James Ma, Boy Pakorn, Mark Prin, Mario Maurer, Push, Pope
Female: Kimberley, Yaya, Nycha, Chompoo, Matt


I will stick with Ken T and Mario. Aff always too! Too bad she isn't active in the industry!


sarNie Adult
Change in favorite celebrity for me!:p

For women, I say Kate Winslet.. she seems so down to earth, fun, open minded and humble. I wouldn’t mind hanging out with her.

For men, of course Charlie Cox:icon12: He just seems so humble, kind, and plus he’s Hot :p Thing is, he doesn’t seem to care or know he’s hot, kinda like the quote “You’re beautiful because you don’t know you’re beautiful.” That’s why I like him too ^_^


sarNie OldFart
My favorite celebrity is Blackpink's Jisoo ❤ shes seriously gorgeous and is an amazing singer! Shes also such a funny, kind, and relatable person. Everytime i see her in a video or any pictures i smile so widely and laugh so hard. Sad that shes so underated in the group