Who are your 7 Wonders?


sarNie Egg

1.James Jirayu
2.Mark Prin
3.Boy Pakorn
4.Thunwa Suriyajak
5.Great Warintorm
6.Gun Napat
7.Nadech Kugimiya


1.Bella Ranee
3.Margie Rassi
4.Sammie Puntitha
5.Preem Ranida
6.Aff Taksaorn
7.Noona Neungthida ( She's singer but also a actress )


Updated List

1. Pat Patson
2. Ken Theeradeth
3. Tik Jedsadaporn
4. Weir Sukollawat
5. Aum Atichart
6. Tui Teerapat
7. Es Kantapong

1. Anne Thongprasom
2. Aom Phiyada
3. Pok Piyatida
4. Joy Rinlanee
5. Noon Woranuch
6. Jui Warattaya
7. Matt Peeranee
I think Kan is slowly creeping up my list.


Mine changes all the time but at this moment:
1. Mario
2. Toomtam
3. Ken P.
4. Nadech
5. Bomb
6. Rome
7. Ken T.
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방탄소년단 x Bangtan Sonyeondan x JiTaew
Can I redo my list? LOL

  1. Bie Sukrit
  2. Ken Theeradeth
  3. Sean Jindachot
  4. Thanwa
  5. Ken Phupoom
  6. Mario Maurer
  7. Toomtam
James Ji, James Ma & Push came close. My list isn't in any actual order, tbh. I like them all equally. lol

  1. Noona Nuengthida
  2. Mint Chalida
  3. Taew Nattaporn
  4. Namtarn Pichukkana
  5. Vill Wannarot
  6. Kwan Usamanee
  7. ...? Maybe Ann Thongprasom
A few people got knocked off my list. Honestly, I enjoy watching these people's lakorns but not all the time. I just like looking at them. lol I don't really have any favorites now that I've kind of stopped watching lakorns, sadly. :(


sarNie Oldmaid
Not sure if these are my true dedicated seven, but here are the people whose lakorns I at least always make an effort to check out/follow (in no particular order):

1. Mint Chalida
2. Kim
3. Mo
4. Mai Davika (mainly with Kan)
5. Margie
6. Yaya (would not have included her before, but after Khun Cheevit probably will try to watch her more)
7. Sammie

1. Nadech
2. Toomtam
3. James Ma
4. Kan (mainly with Mai lol)
5. Push
6. Mik
7. Mark P


❤ BTS ❤
James Ma (His personality is just genuine, sweet and shy. Like something I don't see much in the industry, he doesn't have a big ego)
Nadech (He's a great actor and obviously very good looking)
Tootam (This guy is a total hottie and his voice :icon12::icon12: )
Mick T

Anne T ( Smart, mature and very respectful even during her acting days)

Picks are based on personality, acting or looks.


sarNie Egg
1. Mario Maurer - So cute, pretty and handsome with a contagious and slightly wobbly smile.
2. Willie Mcintosh - Pure handsomeness. Definitely the best looking Thai actor I've ever seen

I think I might like 1 & 2 equally tbh, but I have seen more Mario lakorns/movie. I'm obsessed with both of them, moreso than the rest of the list.

3. Andrew Gregson - Cute and talented. Best at acting. Impresses me everytime :thumbup:
4. Toomtam Yuthana - The most passionate acting towards the nang'ek I've seen so far.
5. Son Songpaisarn - He has a cool looking face.

6 & 7 I liked at a certain point in time, not so much now.

6. Dome Pakorn Lum - I know he can't act, but I liked him for his face alone lol.
7. Push Puttichai - I liked his looks and he is good at acting. I feel Push is super handsome when you first watch him but slowly becomes less attractive the more you watch.

Special mention: James Jirayu - I find him super cute and his acting is fine (but his roles feel similar and his lakorns tend to be slow). The only fault is that he looks too young. It's also a bit weird that he resembles a young Gloria Yip.