Who are your 7 Wonders?


sarNie Juvenile
'7 wonders' <-- it's a term in my circle of friends here in our hometown. It means our 'BETS' / crushes/ specifically TOP 7 CRUSHES. 
Well obviously, i already picked mine. (in my siggy.. XD )
1. Pope 
2. Nadech
3. Ter
4. Mark
5. James J.
6. Porshe 
7. Kao
my female '7 wonders' are:
1. Mint C.
2. Yaya 
3. Margie
4. Kim
5. Nao T.
6. Ice P.
7. Eye K. 
who are yours?  :pervie:


sarNie OldFart
Hehehe cute topic ah.


1. Mark Prin
2. Alex Rendell
3. Pope Thanawat
4. Ken Theeradeth
5. Tik Jesadaporn
6. Nadech Kugimiya
7. Beam Kawee


1. Mint Chalida
2. Donut Manussnan
3. Sririta Rita
4. Margie Rasri
5. Yaya Urassaya
6. Anne Thongprasom
7. Kwan Usamanee


Hm, here are mine.
1. Bie
2. Mark
3. Nadech
4. Ken P.
5. New W.
6. Beam Kawee
7. First
1. Kimberly
2. Noona
3. Mai D.
4. Best
5. Margie
6. Mint C..
7. Mint N.


Is your "nom" Fai-approved?
Hmmm... the ones I'm currently keeping up with are...
1. Mai D
2. Kim A. V.
3. Yaya S.
4. Margie R.
5. Taew N. 
6. Mint C.
7. Bella R.
1. Nadech
2. Weir S
3. Om A.
4. Boy P
5. Mark P.
6. Kane P
7. Pope T
And these are different from what I consider actual WONDERS (as in they're very impressive onscreen) because those would include Ken T, Anne T, Janie T, Num S, Kob S,. These can be my 8th Wonders lol


❤All that you are is all that I'll ever need❤
Here goes mine... :)


1. Nadech Kugimiya
2. Mark Prin
3. Ken Phupoom
4. Om Akkaphan
5. Ken Theeradeth
6. Aum Atichart
7. Rome Patchata


1. Kimmy Kimberly
2. Margie Rasri
3. Mint Chalida
4. Janie Tienphosuwan
5. Ann Thongparsarn
6. Chompoo Araya
7. Ploy Cherman


Live Love Laugh
Mine at this moment:
1.   Yaya
2.   Aff
3.   Anne
4.   Kim
5.   Bella Ranee
6.   Noon W
7.   Taew
1.    Nadech
2.    Tik Jessdaphorn
3.    Mark Prin
4.    Ken T
5.    James J  - the newbie
6.    Aum Athichart
7.    Por N


lol, Ive never heard of "7 Wonders" and I thought it was a boy band until I read your description! 555++
Anyways, I think mine are too obvious and I don't know if I actually have "7" in my Wonders lol but I'll try!!!
1. Mark Prin  :heart:
2. James Jirinyu (For now although I still have to judge his acting through SB Series)
3. Om Akapan
4. Aum Atichart
5. Tik Jesadaporn
6. Toomtaam (lol, he's a cutie from CH5)
7. Sonyuk (My first CRUSH from CH5 EVER!!!!!)
1. Kimberley
2. Mew Nittha (She can be a good potential nang'ek, just need to watch her and will go from there lol, like the next Aff Taksaorn LOL)
3. Taew Nataporn
4. Mint Chalida
5. Mint Nutwara
6. Chat Pariyachat (wished she had more promotion and lakrons with CH7!)
7. Min Pechaya
God, I realized I only have all newbies for the girls.  For oldies, Aff, Aom, Kob, Noon, Anne, Tik K, Ploy if they count. lol


It's easy to name the guys, but it's kind of hard to choose the gals. Haha.
Guys: I just have the biggest crush on these men.
1. Pat Patson - Obviously, because I love Pat. :wub:
2. Ken Theeradeth - I love his body structure; he's such a good kisser :blush:, and he's tall. 
3. Tik Jedsadaporn - If only he was a wee bit taller, he'd be before Ken, BUT Ken wins this time because Ken's taller. :ghehe:
4. A Pasin - The first time I laid eyes on him in Namtan Mai, I was hooked. Hehe. I don't know why he doesn't get the lead role because his acting is good enough.   :scratchchin:
5. Cee Siwat - I love this guy, his body, his face, his voice, everything. :crush:
6. Don Teerathada - He knows marial arts, he's athletic, good looking, what more can I ask. :spin:
7. Aof Aphichart - I knew him as Vichai, and he stole my heart. RIP. I miss him.  :cry:
Alright now for the female counterpart. 
Gals: I don't consider them crushes, I'm a gal HAHA, but these women draw me in for some reason. 
1. Anne Thongrpasom - Need I explain?  :wink:  
2. Aom Piyada - I don't know about you guys, but I just love her eyes, her dimples and the shape of her head. :lol2:
3. Bua Chompoo - She's probably one of the cutest actresses out there, well used to be, when she was active. :yes: 
4. Joy Rinlanee - Some like them, some hate them, but I love 'em voluptuous lips. Coupled with a beautiful smile, she possesses one of the most desirable lips, in my honest opinion. :thumbsup:  
5. Nanthida Kaewbuasai - There's something about her that draws me in. Maybe because she's a beauty?  :shrug:
6. Sinee Hongmanop - I've said it before and I'll say it again, she is one of the most beautiful actresses of her time.  :worthy: 
7. Naowarat Yooktanun- I love her. Well, when she was still young and active. HAHA. She's got a pretty smile, and a pretty innocent looking face, even though she's not that innocent, anymore. Did I mention my grandpa was a huge fan of hers? Yeah, he still is.  :p 
These are my '7 wonders' for now, but I don't know about later. HAHA.


sarNie Juvenile
DaisyDukes* said:
lol, Ive never heard of "7 Wonders" and I thought it was a boy band until I read your description! 555++
 5555555. I was like that @ first too. then I got used to it. Been using this tag for about a year now. 

Cupid Candy

sarNie Coma
1. Aum Atichart
2. Nadech Kugimiya
3. Mark Prin
4. Mario Maurer
5. Chakrit Yamnarm
6. Bee Sawis
7. Num Sornram
1. Yaya Urassaya
2. Janie Tienphosuwan
3. Namfon Kullanant
4. Kwan Usamanee
5. Pancake Khemanit
6. Joy Sirilak
7. Ann Siriam


sarNie Hatchling
1. Mark Prin
2. Toomtam Yuthana
3. New Chayapol
4. Kao Jirayu
5. Kong Sorawit
6. Boy Pakorn
7. Golf Anuwat
1. Jern Warunya
2. Bella Ranee
3. Wawwa Nichari
4. Mint Chalida / Kim Kimberly
5. Esther Supreeleela
6. Taew Nattapon
7. Eye Kamolned


sarNie Adult
My 7 wonders - male
1-Mark Prin
2- Nadech Barry
3- Alex Rendell
4- Ken Theradeth
5- Boy Pakorn
6- Om Akkaplen

My 7 wonderwomensss:)
1- Mint Chailda
2- Kim kimberly
3- Sammie Bunitha
4- chomping Araya
5- Kwan usamanee
6- pinky Savina
7- Anne thonprakin


sarNie Juvenile
1. Tik Jay
2. Ken Tee
3. Cee Cee
4. Nott Vee
5. Rome Pee
6. Krit Cee
7. Peter Cee
1. Ann Tee
2. Ning Kay
3. Pok Pee
4. Kob Ess
5. Aom Pee
6. Noon Double U
7. Yui Jay 
Just having some fun with there names. Lol. 


sarNie Adult
My list.

1. Mark Prin &hearts;
2. Nadech Kugimiya
3. Porshe Saran
4. Boy Pakorn
5. James Jirayu
6. Toomtarm The Star 7
7. Kao Jirayu

1. Mint Chalida
2. Yaya Urassaya
3. Gunjaesal Parntong
4. Margie Rasri
5. Kimberley Anne
6. Min Pechaya
7. Baifern


sarNie Hatchling
1. Cee Siwat
2. Mario Maurer
3. Aum Atichart
4. Chakrit Yanam
5. Peter Corp
6. Tye Nattapol
7. Phet Thakrit
1. Yaya Urassaya
2. Ploy Cherman
3. Kwan Usamanee
4. Sririta Jensen
5. Min Pechaya
6. Marie Broenner
7. Bella Ranee


- Marina ♥
Oh, I really like this idea! 7 wonders, never heard of it before xD It looks fun though!
2. Win Tawin (i miss his baby face so much!)
3. Beam Kawee (he's just so dreamyy~)
4. Kangsom (his role in Buang Ruk definitely got me)
5. Mouse from B.O.Y ("i'm sorry i hurt you..." me: "it's okay, i'm willing to be hurt for you" LOL xD )
6. Mark (ohlala, </3)
7. Cee (he shexxxy.)
1. Sara Legge (flawless girl, she's amazing & her looks are to die for)
2. Charebelle (so pretty </333)
3. Grace (she's such a beauty, wish she got more roles.)
4. Fang (i miss her so much!)
5. Mai (her eyebrows always captivate me ..in a good way, gorgeous)
Ehh... I can't think of two more girls. Oh well. My list changes often due to my always-changing obsessions, haha :)