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sarNie Juvenile
preview of Big Bang's 2nd Mini Album Hot Issue

I can't wait til I get my album in the mail next week.


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dtok lhong kuer prom likid chai mai.................... chun kor dai mai....... dtok lhong hai rao ruk garn chai mai......

currently tuned into:

Big Ass-Prom Likid


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Lookpad - Plor Ruk
Ja Bpen Yarng Rai Bork Jai Mai Torng Glua
(No matter what will happen or take place tell the heart to not be afraid)
Wan Nee Kwarm Ruk Ard Bpen Pieng Fan Saen Glai
(Today love may seem like a dream that is too far to reach)
Kor Pieng Mee Kwarm Marn Jai Torng Tarm Dai Sark Warn
(As long as their is faith or belief then it will be reached someday)
Praw Ruk Tueng Yorm Toom Tay Cheewit Jid Jai
(Because Love I Give All My Heart and Life Into It)
Ja Sia Arai Gor Yorm Dai Took Yarng
(No Matter what there is to lose I will give anything)
Mae Ruk Kuer Fai Ron Rang Tao Rao Gor Tarm
(Even if love is a burning fire I will still give into it)
Ja Fah Jah Fan Hai Bpai Sood Tarng
(I'm gonna fight and fight till the end of the road)