What song are you listening to right now?

does my laptop fan or the kitchen fan running count? :]
wonder what my dad is cooking or my mom. >.<"
my room sound soo dead w/out any music playing. :[
weird i know. :\
CLASH ft. Retrospect - ซา�คน (can someone translate that title of the song for me) thanks in advance.:]
hehe. thanks daddy. :]

im listening to BARNEY "I LOVE YOU" SONG. haha. don't hate :]

i love you, you love me.
we are happy family.
with a great big hug and a kiss from me to you.
why won't you say you love me too. :]


sarNie Adult
dunno tha name buh lil anwar sings it

alright its gunna be fine buh im so shy and i dun kno why .... i unno haha lame song


NLT - She said I said....... such an odd song but the meaning will do...... *sigh*

*i wonder if Sarath has heard of them yet??