What nationality is everyone????

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  1. sweetestchild707

    sweetestchild707 sarNie Elites

    Im pretty new to asianfuse and I was just wondering, are most of you Thai?
    Me personally I am Thai and can understand but can't read or write and its nice to read what everyone else thinks in a language I can understand.
    I don't mean this as an offense to anyone so please don't hurt me!!:hide:
    I was just curious as to the nationalities of most of you.
  2. Sreymao

    Sreymao sarNie Adult

    I'm cambodian. can understand thai n speak alittle but our family is all mix now
  3. yingerbug

    yingerbug Guest

    ima hmong and I can understand some thai and read some writing... Ima looking for a penpal...
  4. kialakornlover

    kialakornlover sarNie Adult

    Hmong... I can sometimes understand what Thai people are talking about... But when I watch movie, I need subs.
  5. huajaikaungtur

    huajaikaungtur - Marina ♥

    I'm Hmong :)I like to pretend that I know Thai,
    but actually I only know a few words from watching lakorns and listening to Thai music.
    I know how to read Hmong just not write it out.
    Although, I don't know how to speak Hmong well -.-"
  6. Katerine

    Katerine Butterfly123

    I'm Thai-english. i can understand thai, and read and write very a little.
  7. hanjieun30

    hanjieun30 sarNie OldFart

    I'm Filipino :) I don't understand Thai nor can read it but I still love watching lakorn and Thai movies :D I solely rely on the English subtitles :D
  8. lady0fdarkness

    lady0fdarkness Professional Lakorn Watcher

    My nationality is American and my ethnicity is Lao. ;)
  9. pangmoua

    pangmoua RujRasa Fan

    I'm Hmong but I don't know how to read or write in Hmong. I know a little of Thai but not all. I need a translator (my dad) when I watch lakorns at times however, by watching the scene and understanding some words, I can pretty much tell what they're talking about or what is happening (which i pride myself on a job well done because then i don't have to bother my dad as much as I used to). However, i would love subtitles, that is more helpful :)
  10. Cupid Candy

    Cupid Candy sarNie Coma

    I'm Cambodian. My ancestors were full Thai and Chinese and then they started marrying Khmer and here i am now. I can speak and understand 90% Khmer and i can speak 40% Thai but understand 70% of Thai. I know very minimal Chinese.
  11. PhoneO_5

    PhoneO_5 sarNie Oldmaid

    My fam is from Laos. I was born in Thailand as a refugee baby & got my U.S. citizenship a few years ago...so I guess my nationality is American now :p
  12. .creativegarden

    .creativegarden sarNie Egg

    My mom and dad are Thai, but I was born in Massachusetts. I can speak Thai, but can't read or write. My mommy is currently teaching me though lol...she wants me to audition for The Star next year.
  13. BaBeeLaiLai

    BaBeeLaiLai BaBeeLaiLai

    I'm Mien, I can understand and speak Thai. I wish I was able to read and write it too.
  14. triANGgo

    triANGgo lekie_lucious

    OMG!!! Me too except i'm half Hmong... my mom's side has some Chinese (cant speak it for crap lol) and my dad's side has some Thai (i can understand, barely speak, and read alittle) which all that's just some percentages that i dont think really counts..... so all in all i considered myself half Hmong and Laotian that's born from Thailand but is a citizen from USA haha :)

    OMG!!! really?? the star 8?!?! dang!!! you must be good than???
  15. GueSs

    GueSs TyziR

    I was born in America! My family is Thai/Lao... I understand both Thai and Lao pretty well... speaking it... it's getting worse lol since moving to New Mexico (part or the North America not Mexico) with my love and all these hispanics.
  16. paige

    paige sarNie Hatchling

    lmao at your New Mexico explanation as im a fellow American too. me? i can understand and speak thai (with some subjects limitations like politics, traditions, history...). been pampering my dad to teach me to read and write so i can been i finally go visit my birth country!!!
  17. pinkdisney32

    pinkdisney32 sarNie Oldmaid

    I'm Hmong American! I can somewhat write in hmong. Proud to be me. :dance1:
    But I wish I was my dad. He can write & speak Laos and Thai.
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  18. thai4ever93

    thai4ever93 sarNie Oldmaid

    So many cool nationalities and stories u guys have! i would love to try out for the star too! Haha :)

    I'm born and raised in San Francisco :) I'm mainly half Cambodian and Indian...if you want to count my grandparents then i'm also part chinese, thai, indonesian and english(British) LoL! Too much to consider. I speak fluent english and khmer, know some thai(not too much) I really wish I knew how to read and write in Thai, i even wish i was fluent in thai :( still learning!!
  19. GueSs

    GueSs TyziR

    You wouldn't believe how many people think it's out of the United States.
    My girlfriend applied to a well known college in Florida and they sent her a letter asking for her medical records and birth and all that since she was from a "foreign" country. She decided not to go there. Haha, it's like c'mon you learn about the damn 50 states in the 2nd grade.
  20. Ploy

    Ploy sarNie Egg

    I'm new here and I am of Moroccan origin but I'm living with my family in France.
    I'm a fan of asian drama but there isn't site web for lakorn (the most drama that are sub in my language are Korean or Japanese or Chinese )and the lakorn that I'm watch
    is english sub and I don't speak english very well^^
    (I wish you're understand me^^)
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