What is something you hate about lakorns?

Discussion in 'Thai' started by raymond_obsessed, Jun 9, 2008.

  1. fun

    fun YGfamily

    that was the craziest thing i have ever seen in a lakorn. nampeung is a pro, it looked like she really had to beat herself up. freaky. lol

    hahahaha she has to do all the work while pra ek sleeps. lmao inorder to have
    wonderful/good/hot sex
    , both partner must be active. lol you guys know what i mean. lol

    i like the gay/homosexual ect. i think thai lakorns are the only one that portray them constantly and i like it. i have nothing against gay marriage or anyone that prefer the other sex.
  2. skies

    skies sarNie Adult

    i totally get what you're saying raymond_obsessed ...
    anyways, i like watching thai series...they're more like movies but much much more extended...cause here in the US we have soap operas and heck, they look boring and they are boring....
    anyways, something that i hate about lakorn....not meaning it in a negative way though....and at the same time makes the series even more intense... :D

    the layers and layers of misunderstandings especially between the main guy and main girl...and even though, ignorance is suppose to arouse jealousy and misunderstanding which leads to more misunderstandings, sometimes it can be a little stupid i would say...like how everything the main girl or guy does is wrong or mistakenly taken the wrong way....sometimes too much makes the characters look and sound stupid....like how ignorant can you be....

    anyways, i would love to see a lakorn where the main guy or girl is smart and doesn't listen to everything that comes out of others' mouth... :D
  3. unanalyzed

    unanalyzed sarNie Egg

    ^I agree with you so much on that, lol. :lol:
  4. solin

    solin sarNie Adult

    I totally agree with you !
  5. lady0fdarkness

    lady0fdarkness Professional Lakorn Watcher

    I hate how Nang'aek or Pa'Aek overheard something about each other, and they rationalized on that alone!
  6. skies

    skies sarNie Adult

    so true! :D
  7. sajenna

    sajenna sarNie Oldmaid

    the p'ek is dumb and meant, never believe the n'ek. i want more sweetness, more kisses, more willing and more r'scene.
  8. tonethsang

    tonethsang sarNie Adult

    one thing i don't like about thai lakorn is that they are so predictable
    u could always predict what is going to happen
    but u still want to watch it
    i hate sad ending and when the p'eak is afraid to let go of the n'rai
    i don't like other things but can't come up with any right now
  9. tonethsang

    tonethsang sarNie Adult

    oh i don't like when the the n'ang and p'eak over heard something that they said and miss understand
    it is hard to explain but it is like the p'eak started off with bad stuff about n'ang and the n'ang overheard and then when she leave he started to said good stuff about her
  10. dreams_x

    dreams_x sarNie Oldmaid

    i hate when:

    - the p'ek always listen to the n'rai saying things that are not even true about the N'ek. then the p'ek
    believes it..

    - hate when p'ek doesnt trust the n'ek n thinks that she is a slut or whatever.. he is always pushing the n'ek away..

    - hate how p'ek can never chase away the n'rai... always letting them interfering into his life with n'ek

    - hate how p'ek is telling lies to the n'ek, n then tells a totally different story to the n'rai
    Ex: In satroo koo kwan.. Oun is telling lies to yui that he loves her n everything, n she is beliving every
    bit of it.. then to his girlfriend it is a totally different story when she ask who yui is and everything..
  11. none3

    none3 sarNie Hatchling

    I hate Thai lakorn that are superficial. I remember, back in the early and mid 90's they have real life issues that Thai's were going through. Lakorns about prostitution, drug lords, child slavery, thai kick boxing and survival in the salam (the ghetto) how they have to sell flowers or newspaper in the street of Bangkok etc. Those lakorn were always awesome because it taught us the reality of what "real" people in Thailand had to face. I love those lakorn, always brought tears to my eyes and loved it when they punished the bad guys. Vice versa, today's lakorn is so focused about money, the clothes we wear, the car we drive, stupid stories about inheritance cheating and gains huhhhhh, it sad because this is called the "mateiralistic" world. It affects every nation.

    Ya'll get my drift... :D

    I miss those lakorn.
  12. raymond_obsessed

    raymond_obsessed Just plain obsessed

    After watching Ruk Sorn Kaen, I had to bring this up:

    I hate it when the N'ek decides to take her revenge out on the P'ek when he's completely lnnocent and nice to her...same goes for P'ek, when he does it for no reason on an innocent N'ek...but this is what bothers me...

    In RSK, the first thing Paul does is try to get revenge on Pat over his mom, who he doesn't know is totally evil...but he ends up getting amnesia, and they bond and Paul falls in love with her all over again, because they get to spend time away from everyone...but as soon as they get back, Paul's mom and the N'rai Prim get back to their old tricks to separate the two...it doesn't last long, because Paul realizes how much he loves Pat and how he wants to ferget about everything else to just be with her...but he doesn't know that by that time, Pat is already scheming to use him to get revenge on his mom for her mom...Paul is being totally sweet, and loving, he changed from being violent and unreasonable to the sweetest gentleman on the planet...but Pat is totally using him for revenge, even though she loves him too...It's so sad to watch, and in the previews, when he finds out, just the look on his face is so heartbreaking to see...He just couldn't believe what he hears.

    I hate when the N'ek chooses a time where they both can get peace and start over, to get revenge...and the P'ek never knows about it until later...It's sadder to watch the N'ek take advantage of the P'ek's love for revenge than it is to see the P'ek do it to the N'ek...because you half-expect it from the P'ek, but you don't expect a woman to take advantage of the love the man has for her to use it for revenge...
  13. nophankh

    nophankh sarNie Adult

    For me, it's music selection. Compared to korean and other asian dramas, we only get 2 tracks while they get 12 or more. What's up with that.
  14. transcend89

    transcend89 sarNie Adult

    when they don't give us what we want to see the most
  15. Queen_sin

    Queen_sin sarNie Egg

    I know what i hate.....I hate Hopeless N'ek..that ALWAYS cry! Stop crying... FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!!!
  16. aiya

    aiya sarNie Hatchling

    i get very annoyed when they make nang'ek too selfish or stubborn...
    or they make the p'ek like he's the last guy on earth.....
  17. cocochaneln7

    cocochaneln7 sarNie Egg

    i hate how sometimes the lakorn drags for soooo lonnnnng. it just like get to the climax or iteresting parts already!
  18. raymond_obsessed

    raymond_obsessed Just plain obsessed

    Sounds like Kwarm Lub Kaung Superstar...it's up to 28 episodes and it still hasn't ended...They dragged it on for nothing, it's the longest and most frustrating lakorn to watch...I'm sick of watching the P'ek stand there while the N'ek is getting beat up by the crazy N'rai, even while she's pregnant...I couldn't believe Parn just let Nate beat her up like that? What kind of woman can't defend herself against another woman? She's crazy and all, but still...They barely started to change the storyline and make it interesting, but it didn't have to take 28 episodes for that to happen...Look at Ruk Sorn Kaen, it was 12 episodes, but everything ended nicely, and it all came together well...Grr...KLKS irritates me, but I can't seem to stop watching...It took the girl to get pregnant for Mos to finally let his feelings show, but even though I know he loves her, he has never told her so...
  19. Heart_of_Chocolate

    Heart_of_Chocolate sarNie Oldmaid

    that things that irritates me is not seeing what i what to see... lol.. i sometimes hate how they rush everything at the end.. and the pa'ek and the n'ek onl gets like 3 min of sweet scenes at the end.. that's what makes me so mad... I the ending is what makes me mad... as much as I love the storyline, the ending kills it...
  20. kymlyteslykefyre

    kymlyteslykefyre sarNie Egg

    at first i was like whadda ya mean?
    but from ur examples, yes! i agree.
    u gave very annoying examples too :p
    well and like what the others said, i also hate how the n'ek and p'ek misundertands eachother for like half the lakorn and then at the end, they fix it all in just a few minutes, or so it seems :p
    but yes, i just keep watching lakorns regardless... :DD

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