What is something you hate about lakorns?

Discussion in 'Thai' started by raymond_obsessed, Jun 9, 2008.

  1. raymond_obsessed

    raymond_obsessed Just plain obsessed

    I don't watch many lakorns, but from the ones that I have seen, I notice a common theme, where the P'ek does something wrong, the N'ek will get so mad at him...but if she does the exact same thing, it's okay...and it's an issue sometimes that people bring up...I notice while watching lakorns on Youtube, so I thought I'd bring it to the forum so we all can bring up different examples...it would be fun...

    Example one: Fhun Feung w/ Tik as Rattavy & Sopitnapa as Monitha aka Mon

    Okay, Mon pretended to be her maid so that her maid can pretend to be rich and snag a rich guy (who happens to be Rattavy's driver)...When Rattavy sees Mon, he immediately falls for her, whatever he sees in her, and then when he finds out she's his driver's girlfriend's "maid/god-sister", he agrees to pretend to be the driver for "Rattavy"....He does cute little things to try to get close to Mon, and even though she's a maid, he still likes her, because of her personality, and the fact that he has to try so hard to win her over...Later on though, Mon is the first to find out Rattavy's true identity, because they end up going to the same party, but it isn't until she sneaks into his house does she find out he's not really a driver. So she gets mad, thinking that he's messing with her and her maid, and schemes to get back at him.

    Meanwhile...Rattavy is so taken by her, because he's never really been interested in women the way he's interested in her...he's doing all he can to find out if she will love a driver, instead of a wealthy guy...Supposedly, she tells her Aunt that she wants to go to extremes to see if he will ever tell her the truth...Which he does, he finally tells her, "I'm Rattavy, I am not a driver, I"m wealthy...blah, blah, blah..." and what does she do? "I don't believe you, how can you mess with me like that?" and continues to lie to him instead of coming clean right then and there. She tells him that his family will never accept a maid for a daughter-in-law...while he tells her he doesn't care and that he loves her...So she continues to pretend to be a maid, even to the point where she's meeting his parents...To him only is she pretending to be a maid that is pretending to be rich...But the N'rai, Suzie comes in and tells the whole room that Mon is a maid, and that she lied to Rattavy, and that she's using him for her money...yada yada...But then Rattavy stands up and proclaims his love for Mon, even though she is a maid, he still loves her, and he doesn't care about her status...But Mon's maid accidentally blurts out that she's not a maid after all, that she really is wealthy...and that totally hurts Rattavy...He gets angry and humiliated because, aside from his parents, everyone in the room knew about her identity but him, the man that loves her...

    So, the issue here is that people didn't understand why Rattavy could be mad at Mon when he did it first, testing her to see if she would love him if he was just a driver...The only problem that I see is that Rattavy came clean, and he told her he'd still love her...but she couldn't just stop it from there, she took it too far...The poor P'eks always get the short end of the stick...Just because she's the N'ek, doesn't mean she can't do any wrong...and I hate that some lakorns portray that. He was honest and sincere with her, she wasn't...He admitted his feelings to her, she didn't...So he was justified in being mad at her for lying to him...

    Example two: Nang Sow Jing Jai Gub Nai San Dee w/Tik as Sandee & Aum as Jingjai

    So, from a lot of different situations, on different occassions, and because of two bored rich people with a bet to win....these two confuse the other for being wealthy when they both are dirt poor. The just assumed the other was rich, but no one wanted to tell the truth, because of fear that the other person wouldn't accept or love them...

    Anyways, when Jingjai finally finds out that Sandee is poor, she gets so mad at him, that she refuses to talk to him, even though she's poor too, and still letting him believe that she's rich...In her defense, she says he just assumed she was rich, but she assumed he was rich too...they both did the exact same thing, but she was mad at him...it's only until later on when Sandee finds out that Jingjai is poor, and she gets humiliated, but Sandee goes to comfort her...So they reconcile or what not...and Jingjai makes Sandee promise to never lie to her again, because she hates liars...blah blah blah....Later on, Sandee finds out that he's actually the son of a very wealthy man, some kind of royalty I guess...and his dad is sick and dying and all...He's going through all that, and the whole time Jingjai is telling him how she can't take anymore lies, and he wants to tell her the truth, but he doesn't know how to say it, because his history was already sad...His mom was forced to leave his dad after they were born, then she got her car stolen with him inside, and given up for adoption...So he's going through all that, then his dad dies...She finds out who he really is by attending Sandee's dad's funeral, and they reveal who he is...She gets mad when she sees him that she walks out...during the funeral, causing Sandee to go after her...which is freaking ridiculous...

    I thought that part was dumb...the guy didn't even know who he was, and when he finally found out, his dad dies...instead of comforting him first, then letting him explain, she gets mad for no reason...that was one of the things I hated about the lakorn...It's not like he was Kawee from Sawan Bieng...He was a nice guy with his old problems, but in her selfishness, she abandons him in his time of need, causing him more pain...

    Sorry, stuff like that bothers me about lakorns...

    Or, another thing...It's when the P'ek and N'ek love each other, and they both know it...But if one person were to ask or make them give up the other one, they'll do it, for whatever reason...They would easily give up the person they love or their own happiness...Like in Kan Lum Kong, where Lift's character forces Oil to give up Noon, and he does, even though they both had mutual feelings for each other....Just because the guy uses, "If you're my friend..." Or, I love JLR and all, but the whole Soraya stepping aside for Sansanee even though she knew Harit loved her and that he was just messing with Sansanee for revenge...she'd rather hurt herself just because her evil sister "saved her life"...

    Lakorns are just crazy like that I guess...and without it, we'd have no entertainment...but that's just something I needed to get off my chest....that's all...

    Any thoughts?
  2. SethT

    SethT anie's bb [c] D=

    hmm for me is basically the heaps of misunderstanding and those annonying n'rai.

    eg. kao ta pi
    god that lakorn pisses me of with the misunderstanding, gosh tik was so freakin dumb lol .. and the heaps of n'rai so .. lucky the cute scenes make up for it.
  3. raymond_obsessed

    raymond_obsessed Just plain obsessed

    oh, i know...wait, how'd you find this already?

    That one bugged me too, he never trusted her, no matter how many nice things she did for him, but he thought she was taking advantage of him and stuff...I hate that, but I own the stinkin' lakorn
  4. AmmatureKikyo

    AmmatureKikyo sarNie Adult

    The thing that bug me the most is the P'ake can never fight away the N'rai...like when she's all over him in front of N'ake, he couldn't just push her away or wat..STUPID..

    N'ke/P'ke always listen to someone elses...

    They're playing hard to get and doesn't want to admit their feelings for each other.
  5. cecilia

    cecilia Staff Member

    ^i couldn't agree more. i hate it when p'ek can't kick n'rai away.
    i understand, they're part of the p'ek accessory but damn, when it's too much
    to handle, push them away already. better yet, come up with a better excuse.

    So, i notice that you mentioned two of my dislike lakorns from p'tikker
    i don't like it for the same reason as well. they are so similiar to each other.
    pretty much opposite of each other .. rich vs poor.

    Noticed that his lakorn choice are as bad as OIL (to me) - i miss them good lakorns from them.

    ah, them fake pregnacy symptom lakorns !! always give me false hope (hahah. can you tell, i'm a fan of baby news)

    also -- them weakling n'ek who can't do anything ..
    they got too weak to the point where you just hate them too much and end up not finishing the lakorn.

    oh. and n'rai gettig away with numerous amount of murder w/out having anyone know or have a clue !!!
  6. hanjieun30

    hanjieun30 sarNie OldFart

    ^I also hate fake pregnancy symptoms!! I'm always happy when a n'ke gets pregnant, even if the baby is a product of :r-scene-pop-corn: doesn't matter to me as long as the n'ke is pregnant! :rolleyes:
  7. fun

    fun YGfamily

    oh this is such a funny thread. i cant help but laugh reading the long long comment and other's input.

    to be i guess what bugs me most is the chemistry. sometimes the pairing is way off ie. [tik/jeab] that lakorn also bugged me too but it was bearable to watch because of tik- the only reason why i finished it was to bitch at the tv scene and see his lovely face. hahahaha.

    and those rai getting away with stupid things. in song rao nirandon when may said she wasnt the one driver, it was her friend. and put the blame on aom's brother. it was obvious that may was the driver and had killed her best friend. and no duh there was a camera and no duh it was obvious that may had ran the red light and no duh the fault was not aom's brother.

    okay i guess i just hate stupid scenes when it is more than obvious, they end up too dumb to figure out the problem. i understand a few of those [neccessary] scene but it doesnt make any sense when it is basic common knowledge and even as dumb as it gets it takes them 3 second in the end to realize it.

    okay there are a lot of flaws in lakorns but i still watch them anyways. but there are some that i will never watch if it was to beyond the extend of stupidity.
  8. chngnsch

    chngnsch sarNie Juvenile

    I hate the lack of trust between n'ek and p'ek. Like really....
  9. cecilia

    cecilia Staff Member

    --also boring comedy lakorn. does that even make sense? lol

    funfun, i'm with you on that about tik/jeab. even nsjjgnsd still bug me with their stupid satires.
  10. Lalavonvon

    Lalavonvon sarNie Egg

    Hmmm, what is something that I hate about lakorns?

    Well, I have to say the annoying high pitch screaming of the n'rai when she does not get what she wants! Gosh .... this annoys the s%$# out of me! Oh, wait for more ... not only the soprano irritating screams but the stamping of the feet too! How irritating?!? So totally exagerrating and hateful about this.

    :) :) :)
  11. max

    max sarNie Elites

    I am probably repeating a lot of what others said, but...

    -I dislike Thai lakorns because they do not have English subtitles, unless they are fan-subbed which I am thankful for, but most of the Thai lakorns that I want to watch with English sub-titles are not English-subbed =(
    - When the pra'eke is too aggressive towards the na'eke... then at the end he falls in love with her and she falls in love with him regardless of how much he has mistreated her? Uhh... okay.
    - Rape...
    - Like a lot of people have stated before me, the annoying nang rai... and how the pra'eke seem to have no man power to push them away
    - When the pra'eke and na'eke misunderstand for more than half of the lakorn, and then make-up during like the last few minutes of the lakorn... the most annoying part! (Fark Din Klin Dao, Pleng Ruk Rim Fhung Khong... some of my very favorite lakorns, but followed this annoying storyline)
    - When the pra'eke is drugged and stripped to believe that he has slept with the nang rai or some other person
    - A weak pra'eke (Oil in Kaen Lum Khong)

    Just my opinion, but overall, I cannot complain too much because obviously I love watching Thai lakorns ^^
  12. raymond_obsessed

    raymond_obsessed Just plain obsessed

    See, isn't this fun? And now that I see the responses...I agree with practically all of them...but I still watch lakorns...
  13. raymond_obsessed

    raymond_obsessed Just plain obsessed

    That's true, I don't understand why all the P'eks do that...they let the N'rai hang all over them and do nothing...

    Yeah, I just want them to be together and stay together.
  14. raymond_obsessed

    raymond_obsessed Just plain obsessed

    I know, I love Tik and all, but his lakorns make me so mad...He plays the dumbest characters ever, that easily believes people...like in Kaew Tah Pee or Roy Leh Sanae Rai...but I still love him

    Oh, I like very few of Oil's lakorns...the one with Kate was good, because there was no drama, just comedy...which is expertise

    Yeah, hate weak N'eks too, that stand there and get slapped instead of slapping the girl or pushing them or something
  15. raymond_obsessed

    raymond_obsessed Just plain obsessed

    funny thing...i'm watching song rao nirandon, and i totally know what you're talking about...the psychos get away with a lot...like in sawan bieng, when crazy lee slapped herself and bit her lip to look like kawee hit her...that was crazy...
  16. raymond_obsessed

    raymond_obsessed Just plain obsessed

    I KNOW!!! I hate watching it with Khmer voices...but I don't understand Thai.

    I agree, I love Oil and all, but he made me so mad in KLK...He let Lift beat him and didn't even bother fighting back...and gave Noon up without a fight...if it wasn't for the singing, I wouldn't have watched it...then, in Satree Tee Lok Luem, he gets some cajones out of nowhere for no reason, to take stuff out on Noon who's already getting abused by other people...Talk about a bad lakorn...that N'ek was getting abused by everyone...and after the first time, you'd think she'd be stronger...shoulda pulled a Cherry in Rai Rissaya and got even...
  17. goinkrazy

    goinkrazy sarNie Hatchling

    OMG!!! you guys have hit it right on the nail!!!! i totally agree with what everyone is saying.... p'ke getting hte short end of the stick... the p'ke that never push away the n'rai (ive only seen krit do it), and yes, the damn misunderstandings piss me off the most! gosh... like talk to each other about it instead of friggin believing other ppl...
    if u trust that person, u wouldnt believe other ish talkers so easily! in keaw tah pee, i love the movie, but if i was n'ke, i would have left tik's character a long time ago... i wouldnt have stuck it out and keep forgiving him.... those misunderstandings makes me so mad... oh and i also the the whole sacrificing ur happiness thing... if that was me, i'd be like f*** you, imma go after what i want, especially when i know he loves me too
  18. ohitsnoyyy

    ohitsnoyyy VIP ♥

    weakass nang'ek
    screaming n'rai & their high pitch voice
    pra'ek trust issues with the nang'ek
    pra'ek stupidity for believing n'rai words
    babies ----> i'm sorry i love babies but when nang'ek gives birth to the baby, i just feel it gets in the way of the pra'nang. :lol: it's okay if the lakorn ends with nang'ek still being prego but once the nang'ek pops the baby, it gets in the way. <_<
  19. lady0fdarkness

    lady0fdarkness Professional Lakorn Watcher

    I love lakorns for what it is, but.. I guess if I had to choose; the only thing I hate is when Nang'aek doesn't fight the evil bitches off.

    For example, I was starting to get annoyed with Soriya for keep on catering to Sunsanee. Like.. Ughh! If I were Soriya, I'd rip her stupid uneven wig off of her head. Or take a scissor and even that hair out!
  20. ohitsnoyyy

    ohitsnoyyy VIP ♥

    :loool: oh tell me about it! San's hair was just annoying!!! it has got to be one of the ugliest haircut ever.... :loool:

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