This or That


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Field of sunflowers, they are way taller & more stronger than tulips.

Kiss in the rain or kiss in the snow? Lol


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Kiss in the rain :icon12::icon12:

Lap dance or strip dance :)
Kissing in the shower after coming house from kissing in the rain :D

Hmmm strip dancing, no touch but one has to strip; lap dancing, touch but one doesn't have to strip...hmmm if for your hubby then I would say strip dancing, makes him look but no touch, like teasing him :D

Give your hubby a massage or have him give you one? :p question is inspired by Princess Agents :D


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No hair please, would love to put my face on his hairless chest :D

Dance the tango or waltz with your man?

Edit: waltz instead of salsa
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Flats! I don't like heels! They mess up your toes!

Bella or Preem?


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None I think I know neither of them. What 4HJHKK stands for? A lakorn, look familiar?

Peony or Rose?
4HJHKK is 4 Hearts of the mountain with Kim Na Mark and Boy the other series is the one with the 5 brothers Great, Pope, James Ji, Bomb and Jma

Since i'm here, roses

Salty or sweet


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Oh so my guess was right, I was thinking about 4 hearts of the mountain series lakorn but didn't know what it is called therefore the name was familiar to me. Ummm I still pick neither of them lol.


Oreo or Chocolate chip cookies?