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Discussion in 'Performances & MV & Singing' started by thatsouthernasianchick, Aug 18, 2013.

  1. maimyang

    maimyang In love with places I’ve never been to. ♡

    Wow! Keep up the great work!:love:
  2. thatsouthernasianchick

    thatsouthernasianchick ****************

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  3. Jinkookshi

    Jinkookshi sarNie Egg

    Your voice so good! You also made my older sister sings along with U!!! Your voice are so cool!!!!! {A+ for U!!!}
  4. Bieluvr

    Bieluvr Biemarkluvr

    I'm so in love with this song. Thinking about making my own cover too, but my voice won't be that good. LOL. :)

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