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    Kurosaki (YamaPi)
    Vocation: kurosagi.
    Lonely with hidden inner wounds, an indifferent attitude prevents others from getting close to him. Does not believe in others and has no hope/expectation. Does not open up his heart to anyone. Becomes neighbors with Tsurara, who has rented his house.

    Yoshikawa Tsurara (Horikita Maki)
    A University student with a goal of becoming a prosecutor. Lives next to Kurosaki. Has a strong sense of justice and is strongly against to Kurosaki's actions.

    Shiroishi Youichi (Kato Kouji)
    Enigmatic shirosagi. Good at big projects with a variety of ways to commit fraud. Is smarter than Kurosaki, both keeps each other?fs existence in mind.

    Kashina Sho (Aikawa Sho)
    Is an elite in the police department of white collar crime. Pays a lot of attention to fraud cases, especially to Kurosaki whom he is always in hot pursuit of.

    Mishima Yukari (Ichikawa Yui)
    Is close friends with Tsurara. Is an ordinary university student with an optimistic attitude. Was saved by Kurosaki during a time when being cheated by a shirosagi, therefore, becoming Kurosaki's worshipper.

    Katsuragi Toshio (Yamazaki Tsutomu)
    Person pulling the strings of the fraud world from behind the scenes. Appears as the owner of a coffee shop. Has an unknown identity and past.


    Article - TV life - Introducing the characters in Kurosagi
    Pi has become the greatest con artist! [Conning VS Legal Loopholes!!]
    In the world, there are three different types of con artists. Ones that swindle money off of others are called "Shirosagi (white swindler)". Ones that play with the opposite sex's heart and mind are called "Akasagi (red swindler)". There are also ones who prey on the Shirosagi and Akasagi, called "Kurosagi (black swindler)", which is the kind of swindler that is Yamapi's role in this drama.
    In this challenging role, his father was cheated by a shirosagi, and it resulted in his family being destroyed. Pi's character vows to seek revenge on the con artists and become the greatest kurosagi in history. With cases being based on real events and fraud cases, Yamapi plays a different character with different careers every time; with attention drawing changes in his image.
    Horikita Maki?fs role is Tsurara, who is unable to agree with Kurosaki's way of lifestyle. With becoming a prosecutor as her goal, her path is completely different than the path of a Black Swindler. What changes will happen in her relationship with him (Yamapi)? Shirosagi Shiroishi's (Kato Kouji) relationship with Katsuragi (Yamazaki Tsutomu), the great figure in the world of fraud, is not to be missed. The face off between the Swindlers and the Legal Loopholes will be the blockbuster of this spring!

    YamaPi transforms into someone whose only goal is to become the most cunning con artist in history; Kurosaki!
    His father had been cheated by a shirosagi, and Kurosaki, being the only one to have survived, planned revenge on shirosagi. Kurosaki knows that Katsuragi is the culprit who destroyed his family, he stayed by Katsuragi's side to gather information against him......

    Episodes Download :

    Hardcoded Eng Sub : Clubbox

    Watch on YouTube :

    Ep 1. w/Eng sub : link

    Credit goes to soompi
  2. u-ph0rik

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    wooohoo a yamap drammaaa!!

    i wanna watch thisss! but i hve to much stuff on all of compss! =/...

    though i bet this is gonna be an awsome drama since yamapi is in itt... he`s such a great actorrr! =p

    maki as in the girl that played in hana yori dango??
  3. Nameless

    Nameless N i n j a

    Maki is the girl that played with him in Nobuta Wo Produce.
  4. bill

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    Thanks for sharing. Now all of a sudden I'm so interested in Japanese drama series. Hehehe this one looks good.
  5. ongtine

    ongtine sarNie Hatchling

    got any picture of it... wanna see it.
  6. amaymoua

    amaymoua sarNie Egg

    Kurosaki (YamaPi) - is hella hot... damn.. I haven't seen a hot ass looking Japanese actor in a long time... He's been the first in a long long long time....

    So far.. I love the drama... but i wish they didn't solve the problem so fast.. I would like it better that the whole drama is just base on one story no multiple like how they have it... but over all... WATCH THIS DRAMA... it's really good

    plus a hot ass Japanese Actor... don't hurt to try it...
  7. Nameless

    Nameless N i n j a

    I actually like the mutiple swindler cases. There is actually a sort of solid storyline because Kurosagi is actually gettin his sources from the one man who forced his father to kill his family. Which makes it all the more interesting.
  8. Nameless

    Nameless N i n j a

    This drama is getting better and better. I think more people should be watching this drama. It's not your typical cliche drama. Kurosagi(Yamapi) sort of reminds me of Akira from Nobuta wo produce. I think it's his hands and facial gestures.
  9. carmen

    carmen sarNie Egg

    this drama is really good... wish that kurosagi and Tsurara would have more cute part togther... so hope that they end up toegther at the end or i'll not be so happy with it... lol...
  10. meenia

    meenia sarNie Adult

    i like this series too.. it's good and he's hot... I have seen it to part 5 already ... it's really good.. I can't wait for the next part to come out in english subtitles... good series...
  11. DEGacktmoon

    DEGacktmoon sarNie Hatchling

    ah!... great movie!... i'm loving it!... yamapi is sooo cute!!! ^^
  12. Yume

    Yume sarNie Hatchling

    watch ep 1-5 from Kioku fansub and donwload episode 6,7 and 8 in raw because i can understand japanese
    omg i cannot imagine why YamaP was like that in episode 8 ..
    that is so ...omg!!!!
  13. yukihime

    yukihime Private

    I couldn't wait for the subtitles so I downloaded the raws too even though I could only understand 1/4 of it :p

    I'll rewatch it with subs later :lol:
  14. Preahya

    Preahya sarNie Hatchling

    the ending is so-so!

    Maybe there will be a sequel to this tv serie...
  15. KawaiiTennyo

    KawaiiTennyo THE KT OF SARNIES

    I got bored with the first episode I stop watching it lolz..
  16. Yume

    Yume sarNie Hatchling

    not sequel
    after 11 episodes it's complete like that ...

    i remember when the episode 11 raw be out in d-addicts i download immediately ..

    and i was satisfaction ..

    well it's Johnny boy's band ..so IMPOSSIBLE he die or something like that

    + IT'S YAMAPI!!!!!!! NEWS ..
    so one a most HOTTY guy from Johnny entert.

    ^^ now 9 episodes be out in sub ^^

    EDIT: ..well episode 10 and 11 by Kioku are out now ..^^;;

    last episode ^^
  17. Natsume

    Natsume sarNie Adult

    I don't like the shooting, trop de gros plan à mon avis u_u
    And I think Kurosaki's character doesn't suit Yamapi >.<
    He has a very cute face so i think he should play cute characters (like Akira :wub: ) lol

    But i did enjoy watching this drama :p
  18. Yume

    Yume sarNie Hatchling

    well YamaPi is sweet in Nobuta wo Produce
    ben il est vraiment bien dans Kurosagi ^^ ..c'est vrai qu'il est TRÈS!!! cute aussi

    il performait bient son rôle ...enfin de ce que je regarde

    il faut dire que je regardais très vite aussi la série loll
    il a trop de série que je dois me taper -.- imagine ..lolll

    enfin le ending est cute ..mais dans le manga .. c'est à peu près la même chose ...mais disons qu'il continue ^^

    la relation entre Kurosagi et la fille ..qui veut devenir Prosecutor ..
    humm.. disons je ne sais pas s'il termine ensemble ...
    parce que je ne crois pas que Kurosagi va terminer son travail ..^^;;
    enfin ..à mon avis
  19. Nameless

    Nameless N i n j a

    i didn't finish this drama yet. i was watchin' the kioku fansubbed ones. the lastest episodes haven't been released---at least not that i'm aware of.
  20. Natsume

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