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  • Yo dude. I'm doing well. I hope you're doing the same. I've been talking to my friend and we concluded we want to be canadians. The dollar isn't even worth more than canadian money anymore and you have universal health care. No use in being an american anymore.
    hey luv, how goes it? i've been missin' u too. i just got back from vegas, hopefully ur havin' an awesome New Years too :)
    Just cuz I got a new phone and I'm tired of all the ppl calling my phone not requesting for me. Anyways...WTF NAMIE! UR PIC!! <33 LOL YOU'RE SO BEAUTIFUL! lol I see you're no longer mysterious. Damn, now ppl won't believe me when I say we're lovers now. :p
    Hey Namie! I miss you! Hehehe I'm changing my number soon (maybe tonight? I'm not sure yet) but I'll send you a text with my new number. <3
    Obviously, I meant wedding. But a "wetting" works too. I wet my bed every now and then so spring might as well be a good time.
    I'm getting married next spring. I want a spring wetting. It's so...monsoon-like. Oh, that'd be so awesome. *Swoon*
    Hi lover........what do you want?? Make it easy on me pleaseeeeeeeee...I don't know what i want...i forgot haha I had it in mind just a few hours ago :( But I forgot...what do you want? Tell me! I think by then I'll remember what i want =D
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