tata young


sarNie Egg
too bad wang lee hom is going out with shu qi.... :( you can so tell that tata really likes him.... :drool: even at the mtv asia awards when she went to say her thanks...she mentioned about someone special??? :wub: we all know who that person is already..... she deserves someone better that notices her when she tries to give hints....unlike lee hom who just ignores it.... :lmao: ...what do u guys think???


Yunho's GF~*
First of all, Tata and Leehom are just close friends that's all...

Second, Tata has a boyfriend already lol
She sometimes talked about him.
Everyone knows about this~~

About MAA Leehom also mentionned Tata as one of his good friend when she was going to perform.


sarNie Egg
When Tata mentioned that someone special, I think it was her boyfriend not Wang Lee Hom. They were just friends.


sarNie Juvenile
in my opinion tata likes any guy she works with and loves to have the attention turn to whether or not they are more than jus friends

but yea... my wang lee hom is too good for tata.... i love how when he was on Samachom chom dao with tata he was more interested in the instruments than her

and yea... tata already has her own bf who i think shes been with for awhile now hasnt she? that prem guy?


yeah prim is tata's bf and when she's in love the world knows of it...

she's very passionate for her bf and i don't think she ever liked lee hom.

i think you may be a little confused...

but anywho, tata always gets with someone that treats her like a princess but she also treats her bf like a king. gosh i need money like that lol :D


sarNie Adult
from the samakhom chomdao interview, it looked like she might could like lee hom a little bit. i can feel it. but the only person that will really know the truth is tata.


sarNie Adult
how long ago was the samakhom chom dao interview?? didn't the show ended?? sorry lost here. wang lee hom is super hot!! and he speaks perfect english!! tata is cool lol i remember when she was all covered up now she's so provocative