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Hi, any news on her new lakorn, Ruk Jung Eoi, or a forum for it? It's oddly quiet, haven't heard much about it :(


Seriously Taew is 29 years old? Lol. This girl looks no more than 20! She’ll definitely pass as a teen! ;)

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I love Taew. I feel like she’s one of the few celebs whose sincere and humble towards her peers and fans! Hard to find such a person. I cannot wait to meet her. Does anyone know if she speak English fluently to carry on in a basic conversation? Lol ;)


her talent got me first and then i started following her..
Truthfully in the beginning I did not find Taew hot or anything. Lol. Physically I think she’s very cute. But what strike me about her is the talent! Since her talent shines so far she’s everything to me now. My type of physically and exotically hot is Poo from Channel 7! That girl is darn HOT! ;) Anyways it’s sad the Thai industry is more about popularity than talents these days! Thanks for following Taew! You will not be disappointed! She always nail her role.

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Hi All,

Just visit this site and stop by Taew discussions concerned the girl I like most. So kindly allow me drop links of recent activity of your girl "Taew Natapohn" here.

And I'd also like to give a trick for you to be able to search more about hers yourself by copy the Thai name "แต้ว" (Taew) or "แต้ว ณฐพร "(Taew Natapohn).


Hope you enjoy it.

Hilight of the Concert (Taew at 05:00-06:29)

Taew performs

Taew as a guest