Ta Warit & Namfon Patcharin


sarNie Hatchling
namfon is sooo pretty, ta looks like a rock star from his hair. hahahaha but they make a cute couple :)


sarNie Adult
beatiful smile...i love namfon's smile, it's so shining and her eyes are also smiling striaght at you....


sarNie Adult
Awwwww. i love it :] i wish they were together. Thye're so cute. RAWR! Ta is a cutie & Namfon looks hottttt! haha


sarNie Juvenile
love everything about namfon just plain beautiful and gorgeous, one of my favorite actress.


sarNie OldFart
Sinlee, thanks for those photo's.
Gosh I can't believe Ta's hair used to look so ugly and long.
He looks horrible in some of those photo's.
Fon is super gorgeous as always.
Ploy and Mann are too cute together.
This shoot, Fon's make up and herself is beautiful all in one!
Ta is just ugly O_O He ruins this shoot for Fon >.<


sarNie Hatchling
shes soo pretty like that..i think shes prettier with darker hair like that than her normal hair color