Supporting Actors/ Actresses worth promoting!

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  1. phatman

    phatman POPE's #1 MIA LUANG

    I just realized that I've only named actors. Haha.
    Well, my next four are ALSO actors, haha:
    Pop Thagoon Karnthip
    What's wrong with CH3. He's clearly handsome, has a nice body, tall and talented. What is CH3 thinking keep him as a supporting actor. Give him a leading role already. He's much better than some current CH3 actors his age. 
    Got Jirayu Thantrakul
    Oh this man is hot. He's not the most handsome actor, but he's got really manly features, like very manly :pervy: HAHA. Plus his acting is awesome!!! I've only seen him in Pan Rai Phai Ruk, but his acting is clearly mesmerizing and impressive.
    Tar Navin Yavapolkul
    After seeing him Ngao Jai, I've completely fallen for him. He was the rai in there, but because of the way he portrayed him I actually liked him more than pra'ek himself. :ghehe: He still looks good, so I don't see anything wrong with giving him pra'ek roles now in his career and age. 
    Nat Thephussadin Na Ayutthaya
    I never thought he was handsome, but his performance in Sood Sai Pan totally won me over. I think he's quite deserving to be pra'ek despite his ability to play rai VERY good. HEHE. He's tall and has such a nice body too!!  :ghehe:

    PRINCESS AURA sarNie Hatchling

    tar so hot , love when he played role that show his pure evilness , he is born to be sexy bad guy, nat love his acting skills found him sexy with his own style must see them more as heroes  not just supporting roles , no offense but all supporting we mentioned above is  they deserve chance to shine
  3. Devylann

    Devylann sarNie Egg

    I really like Mint Thita (Junko from Rising Sun II, Madam Dun - Ploy's secretary). i hope she gets to play main lead. she's a singer. She's so pretty and cute. 
    [​IMG] here's she's with Mario in Madam Dun
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  4. p.smilez

    p.smilez SMiLeZ

    This gal is defffff talented !!! She can act, sing and dance :)
  5. "peace"

    "peace" sarNie Tombstone

    pop i think he deserve a chance as a pra'ek 
    cr pooyingwhanwhan
    and i want him to pair up with kim :ghehe:
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  6. phatman

    phatman POPE's #1 MIA LUANG

    Yay! Someone else who agrees about Pop!!! HEHE. 
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  7. Tik_lover

    Tik_lover sarNie Hatchling

    I think Nott Vorarit NEEDS to be promoted as praek. This man can act and act well too!! I think nott is handsome but not handsome as in like handsome right away but he is handsome deeply like the more you look at him, the more handsome he gets. He can act in any role. He is my number one supporting actor. I think Deaw Suriyon should also be a praek once. He is like the best supporting actor out there after Nott on ch3. Ch3 has a lot of praek that has the look but not the acting and ch3 also have a lot of supporting actors that are good looking and can act but those actors are never look upon. I hate how popularity comes first these days. If an actor is popular, they come first before any other actors.
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  8. Anonymous<3

    Anonymous<3 TooMo/TamMo = a matchmade in lakorn heaven ♥

    As always, Mo. Haha.
  9. phatman

    phatman POPE's #1 MIA LUANG

    Yay, another one for Nott! I fell in love with him after 365WHR. I was gonna take him with me
    if Lan didn't want him. Haha.
  10. Tik_lover

    Tik_lover sarNie Hatchling

    Nott is the best veteran supporting actor. He has chemistry with mostly all of his actress. I think him and Vicky and Sarah make a very cute couple. I loved him so much in Kon Ruk Luang Jai and Jai rao.
  11. phatman

    phatman POPE's #1 MIA LUANG

    Yep all those lakorns kept me going mainly because of Nott. I love his height and figure, although he does need to work out more. Haha. Anyway, if they can give him another pra'ek role I'd love for him to reunite with Matt!!
  12. x0unerthanlater

    x0unerthanlater คนไม่รักดี

    Man... they didn't promote Nott enough in his younger years. I think he had 1 or 2 lead p'ek roles. He had one with Anne too. I agree he is just so handsome and charming. His height,, his voice and tan skin is amazing. I don't understand why they just let him slip away from p'ek role... >.< 
    Pop is an evening lakorn p'ek. He and Sara Legge are SOOOOO adorable! Omg, you gals should check out their lakorn.
  13. Step

    Step Mrs James Ma

    :thumbsup:  :thumbsup:  :thumbsup:  Idk why Pop has not got P'ek roles. Pop and Kim are :spicy:
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  14. Anonymous<3

    Anonymous<3 TooMo/TamMo = a matchmade in lakorn heaven ♥

    Mo, Mo and Mo!
  15. Step

    Step Mrs James Ma

    Nott omg he acted like a real gay in NRTR. Jae is funny and cute :)
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  16. Prakaidao

    Prakaidao sarNie Adult

    Pop and PHET needs to be main prime time already. They both have the looks and TALENT, but I don't know what Ch3 is doing, promoting newbies who can't even pose for the camera. I love Bomb, and hope he improves, but if he doesn't prove it them he should trade places with either Pop or Phet. These two needs to be recognized, oh and Punjan!!!! Smexy P'Sang needs to become a main also, like I can def imagine him taking on a bad boy role (Harit, Kawee), and Beau, too bad she wasn't promoted enough before she became married, now it's kind of too late.
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  17. thatsouthernasianchick

    thatsouthernasianchick sarNie Adult

    I just want Donut back...and not in no body switching lakorn. I want her to shine again and reunite with Tye.
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  18. Maricon

    Maricon sarNie Oldmaid

    Nott Vorarit
    Noey Chotika
    Punjan Kawin
    A Passin
    First Parada
    Tah Warit
    Yoghurt Rawiwan
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  19. thatsouthernasianchick

    thatsouthernasianchick sarNie Adult

    Benz Nattida, our beloved nang'ek from Naree Rissaya. She'd better not be demoted to no supporting character here on afterwards!
    March Chatavuth
    Keenan Kullatida
    , the craziest psycho bitch from Beauty and the Bitches 2.
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  20. sarN

    sarN sarNie Granny

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