Sua Sung Fah (Kantana)


Shut Preeyashut the nang ek from Autumn Destiny has first lakorn with ch 7....after signed a contract since long time, if I am not wring na^^´´


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Kelly and Chat Pariyachat are also in this lakorn too. Seem like Chat is going to play the n'rai.

Here some pix......I love Ying she getting so pretty. :crush: Aof and Ying are so cutie.

credit to: Ying fans site



sarNie Granny
wow :coolpix: i'm scared of dogs but, the dog that she's holding is very cute! damn aof looks hecka sexy holding that gun :gungirl: chat/shut whatevery her name is, she look very pretty, i'm interested to see her acting as n'rai. i', ---> looking forward to this lakorn, hope its good.


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whoever drew those tattoos on those guys
i want some too
it looks awesome
too bad i ain't an artist
so i could just draw it on myself
blowing up the pix to bigger size


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I feel that Shut should be n'ek instead of Ying
Shut has this n'ek aura that I couln't find in Ying when I see those pictures


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awwwe ying is so cute!!

i never realized that aof has ear piercing.. i must be slow @_@..

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I didn't see Chat once in the latest teaser. I wonder why? Thanks for sharing.
tipstar, you mean in the 4 teaser right. Chat is in there. Her scene was to fast...maybe you did see it. Its at :10 second...the scene before Aof took out his gun and Ying was behind.


Mrs. Kim Junsu
I agree... Idk for some reason i dont like her...
She looks old like a granny :coverlaf: . The other girl seems more suitable for the female lead role :thumbsup: . I swear they always picked the scary old looking girl to be the female lead :thumbdown: . Sorry fans. LMAO........